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# 1 CHALLENGE: Technician Build
03-20-2012, 08:35 AM
So it's easy to make a beam boat build and label it "Dragon" and people to think it's something new or original... but what I want to see is something that's truly unique or different... and I think a good place to start is with the "Technician - Space" duty officer.

Technician - Space duty officer reduces cooldown of all Bridge Officer abilities by 4/6/8/10% (depending on DoFF quality) every time Aux2Emergency Battery is used. But you can use 3 of these guys... for a total of -30% cooldown.

Aux2Emergency Battery is a skill that's hard to use, so I'll try to explain it's ups and downs: it drains your AUX into your other 3 subsystems. It has a 10-second uptime and a 20-second global cooldown. It's main drawbacks are that (a) your aux-based power will be at zero aux for the 10-second uptime and (b) your Emergency Battery skills go on global cooldown along with your Aux2 skills [basically Aux2Emergency Battery has 2 global cooldown systems instead of 1].

Each of the other subsystems gain around 2 points for every five points of AUX.

But, what's good about it is it boosts your other 3 subsystems, and the Duty Officer allows you to run single copies of a variety of powerful skills as fast as (ideally) their global cooldown allows. If you chain 2 copies of AUX2Emergency Battery together, then every 20 seconds all your BoFF skills get -10%x3 cooldown... Beam Overload 3 will have a 12-sec cooldown (but really 15 cause that's it's GCD) instead of 30, etc, etc.

Anyone have any good ideas how to build a ship around this DoFF?
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# 2
03-20-2012, 08:45 AM
I would also like to point out, that you may be able to incorporate the 'Photonic Studies' Duty Officer and run Photonic Officer (maybe 2 DOffs? 3?), If you are a tac captain you can also throw in Tac Initiative into the mix as well.

2 Photonic Officers?

What about using this in conjunction with the DOFF Warp Core Engineer?

Someone needs to start getting some ideas in this thread, their might be a viable build here that no one yet has either

A. Thought Of
B. Tried it and failed, hehe

Another thought,

3 Damage Control Engineers, in theory, when cycling 2 EPtX, this should give you a 100% chance to reduce the CDs by 50%, this would then free up 2 eng slots in cruisers.
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# 3
03-20-2012, 08:57 AM
Good idea... here's my attempt to get this started:

This build is designed to provide max DPS for STFs… should be fantastic for burning down probes and static borg installations.

Odyssey Science Cruiser
F: Dual Beam Bank, Torpedo, 2x Cannons
R: 4x Turrets

Use MACO set if possible, to give your skills an additional 5% cooldown boost. Or use the OMEGA set for tetyron glider… this has a lot of rapid-fire energy weapons to take advantage of that.

E: EPS Console, 3x Neutronium Consoles (possibly 2x/2x instead of 1x/3x)
S: Borg Console, Worker Bees, +35% Shield, Flow Capacitors (use flow cap console only if you use Tety or Polaron weapons – or the OMEGA set - it boosts the extra effect)
T: 2x +DAM Consoles (depending on your flavor of energy weapons)

Duty Officers:
3x Technician
2x Photonic Officer

Bridge Officers:
Tac: TT, CSV, BO3
Tac: TS (or HYT?), AP:B
Eng: EP2A, Aux2EmBat, DEM2, RSP3

So, obviously use EP2A right before Aux2EmBat, use aux-based healing (TSS/HE) while Aux2EmBat is NOT running.
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# 4
03-20-2012, 04:23 PM
I haven't gotten my Sci up high enough yet, but I was thinking of running full power to Aux and using that skill after firing Sci Powers to switch to combat mode.

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