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# 1 Torpeda Ramming
03-19-2012, 09:02 PM
A favored tactic of mine in stfs is to simply sit on a cube's nose and watch it immolate itself. I think fun could be had with an oddy specifically set up to do that. I am thinking of something to the effect of this
All guns are tets
Fore: 2 torpedo, 2 dbb
aft: 4 turrets
Omega engine and deflectir, mack shield

Aux SIF 3, epts 3x2 epta 1x2 rsp2x2
Bo1 Apr 1
polarize hull 1, tss1, and either tach beam or cpb

Basic idea is to strip shields heading to the cube and torp the hull till it decides to kill itself.
Any thoughts on how to play with this design to either strip shields faster/survive more hut?

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