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# 1 New Oddyssey Ships
03-19-2012, 04:22 PM
So They have been out for a few days and I really like the look and feel.

But I have made a few obvservations and wanted an opinion.

First the soucer seperation. From a looks perspective that did a great job, but from a functional stand point not so much. It seems to do pretty good DPS when it actually shoots. I have noticed many times it either just sits there and does nothing, if flies around and does nothing, sometimes it comes right up the target and kisses its hull and does nothing. And then sometimes it finally shoots. I did notice that it uses anti matter spread which is nice.

Second the butt escort is awesome again from a looks perspective - it does seem a bit more functional then the soucer but when you need it to shoot it does not. Again I see it sitting up against the hull of a target doing nothing.

I understand this is the first release just curious to see if others have noticed the same thing. These are suppose to be the flag ships, they have awful turn rate, I really don't see much better hull. So the only thing going for these are the extra things they have. In my mind these extra things should really make them more powerful.
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# 2
03-19-2012, 06:52 PM
Definitely noticed this, and on the other side the BOP pet for the Bortasqu tends to float around in limbo a whole bunch of the time. Often I'm engaged with some force and I forget about the poor little BOP until I randomly spy it off in the distance just hanging out, then need to recall it for the cooldown. When it does decide to fight, it's pretty cool to watch in action, not too sure of the effectiveness but it's there...
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# 3
03-20-2012, 09:22 AM
And of course, there is one of the most glaring problems with these ships...

"Hey, I hear you got assigned to one of the new Flagships." - Grizzled Engineer at the bar.

"Yup! Odyssey II class! I can't wait to take her out!" - New Admiral just sitting down and looking at his old friend.

"They have them new photonic security officers, don't they?" - Grizzled Engineer, frowning in thought.

"Um...yeah. Why?" - New Admiral, looking a bit confused. "Ever since that incident at that penal installation whateveritsnamewas, Starfleet has been clamouring for them. Don't need food, don't need sleep, and if one goes down, you just re-rezz them and they come back fully ready to take on whatever just took them down."

"Remember the Decelleron?" - Grizzled Engineer, taking a long pull from his drink "She has photonic security on her, too. You remember what happened there?"

"Actually, I don't." - New Admiral

"Seems the problem is that Starfleet lifted the code for these photonic officers straight from the Federation penal system, so they still have alot of the routines that were programmed into the prison guards. Seems every time the ship gets hit by a weapon on the shields, the security guards think its a prison break, and start trying to subdue escaped prisoners. And, of course, because the only unsecured people around happen to be the crew of the ship...." -Grizzled Engineer, looking sideways at the Admiral.

"You mean..." -New Admiral, looking a bit scared now

"There's a reason why them new Flagships have a high turnover of medical officers. Last I heard, in a typical battle, over ninety percent of the crew gets put into sickbay by ship's security. Decelleron tried to apprehend a smuggler with an old malfunctioning mark one mining laser. By the time the smuggler escaped, every single member of the crew had been taken out, and the Admiral aboard ended up flying the ship back to base alone." - Grizzled Engineer

"That's.....that's impossible! Why would any Admiral let that happen on his ship without stopping it??" - New Admiral, sputtering as his drink goes down the wrong pipe.

"The Admiral's barkeep is on the same program, and I hear it makes a mean cup of Earl Grey. And you know how Admirals feel about their tea...." -Grizzled Engineer.

Now, if only Starfleet could figure out how to let Odyssey crews live longer than their shields....

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