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# 1 Aquarius
03-19-2012, 04:45 PM
Having tested the New Odyssey cruisers on Tribble, I find myself with a request for the Dev's. I love the new bridge and wonder if its going to be released individually on the C-Store.
Also the Aquarius escort....I find myself oddly drawn to its charms and humbly ask the Dev's to consider releasing this nifty little ship as an individual vessel on the C-Store, either as a high end small craft (like shuttles and runabouts), but with the quad phaser cannons and torpedoes foward, phaser turret and torpedoes aft.
Even as a small escort vessel perhaps with scaling hull strength dependent upon level (though in the interest of not making it overpowered perhaps a little lower than the standard strength of the tactical escort retrofit or a fleet escort). As a special ability it could have "assault mode", in which its nacelles withdraw into the hull, cutting power to the warp drive and diverting it to impulse engines to provide a boost to speed, turn rate and defense (so the enemies shots miss more frequently). The ability could either run for a limited time, or be sustained, like the MVA mode, but with an auto disengage in order to exit a system (can't enter warp without the nacelles). The ability would then require a cooldown period.
As you can tell, I've given it some thought and would love some feedback either from players or in an ideal world, Devs.
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# 2
03-19-2012, 06:22 PM
Why would they break it up when they can force you to pay $50 or go without? They're not interested in 400 CP purchases with your stipend, they want you spending 4000 CP.
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# 3
03-22-2012, 11:13 AM
Well granted the bridge slots into that point, the aquarius doesnt. It's a non playable vessel with the Odyssey tactical cruiser so making it a playable vessel is, to a degree, a viable financial opportunity. Players who want the Odyssey my also want the Aquarius, ergo, more CP needed and more money spent.
Me, I simply refuse to pay that amount of money for the Odyssey bundle or individually since I already pay subscription fees and the odyssey really isn't that great anyways, sure it looks cool, but its a lumbering space whale. However, I'd definitely buy the aquarius.

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