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# 1 Engineer Ground kits, PVP
03-20-2012, 05:58 AM
I'm an Engineering Vice Admiral first and foremost, love mah Cruiser and Fleet Escort and I just finished equipping them with almost all very rare MK XI gear.

I'm looking to start getting back into ground combat too. Here is what I have so far:

Shield: Jem'Hedar very rare MK XI
Armor: Jem'Hedar very rare MK XI
Weapons: Jem'Hedar R MK XI Autorifle (for the set bonus really...may ditch for sniper)
Antiproton VR MK XI Pulsewave assault
Kit: Bunker MK X rare

Weapons...really I'm gonna pick up a sniper rifle, always liked them earlier in my career and the autorifle is lackluster.

The real question is Kit...the Engy kits ALL LOOK SOOOOO GOOD. I've read around and I think most people for pvp either run Equipment, Fabrication, or Nuetralization. What are some hard data behind these kits? Right now my skills are put into drones/turrets, shields, weapon damage, and I can't remember but either combat armor or Modifications.

I'm looking at either running for PVP either Nuetrailzation or Fabrication, and swapping bunker for PVE...any thoughts or opinions on the most advantageous kit for engy?

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