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04-08-2012, 12:37 PM
Shaka, when the walls fell.

I never understood why everyone needs to have shorthand abbreviation for most everything in a game. I can understand if your are in chat in game and too busy to write it out. But these syntax's and other jargon are for the most part tribal knowledge. new gamers enter and have no idea what is going on and have to painfully learn all that one can and the tricky part is that form site to site there can be variation

and then there are memes. a lot of us older players will get a chuckle when someone asks 'Wheres Sulu?"

Now I'm appreciative you Teddy trying to make a master list of all the short hand everyone uses, but i will tell you, you're trying to heard cats. No two groups of players use all the same abbreviation that any next random group of players would use.
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04-08-2012, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by Elric71 View Post
it is syntax used in the game
Oh? Where does it say Toon in-game?

When you log in it says 'Retrieving Characters', not Toons.

Here I have the option of creating a new Character - again not a new Toon:

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