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# 1 Engy Cruiser/Escort advice
03-20-2012, 01:41 PM
A few questions up front here. This is my first character here. An engineering fed.

Are there any benefits to leveling past 40/41 during a gold period (used a collectors box I found on the cheap). As best I can see there are no more respec tokens or extra BOFF to be unlocked even at 50? So use my time to level up a 2nd char?

I'm not finding respec tokens in inventory but I saw them awarded. Is it just held character/account wide elsewhere and I don't know where to look?

I've noticed sometimes my quantum torp fires two at once... without using torp high yield II. Is this a bug, or is it because I have a projectile Doff? (which says reduce recharge, but trying to figure out why this happens).

The starship weapon targetting would seem to hint that excess accuracy turns into extra crit chance. Is this only for the skill? Or would all sources of accuracy stack up (accuracy quality, weapon +hit, starship targetting)? (can't seem to find an answer to this searching the forums).

Right now I'm looking at getting the assault cruiser. Then probably buy a l4 escort as well to dabble with and experiment. (hence the split weapons... both energy and torps).

In terms of abilities. Are attack patterns generally worthwhile for a cruiser pilot? The one in particular seems to help counter tractors, increase tanking, and increase damage making for a nice panic button. In the PvP threads at least cruisers seem to focus purely on beam overload, FaW and tactical team. It strikes me as also useful as most abilities don't help all the weapons on a ship at once... something which a broadsiding cruiser would benefit from more I'd think. To the escorts I can see how they become quite important.

Am I missing any critical skills in here? Focusing mostly on shield/hull heal strength with solid skills while I experiement. Then specialize the build later when I settle on a ship. Do people tend to make a single ship for a single character to fine tune their builds/ships/boffs?

Thanks for any/all help to this newbie.

Hmmm... site isn't really responding well... so I'll do it this way instead, just cut/paste instead of linking direct.

ship=Assault Cruiser
skills=StarshipAttackPatterns=6|StarshipWeaponsTra ining=9|StarshipEnergyWeapons=9|StarshipProjectile Weapons=6|StarshipManeuvers=9|StarshipTargetingSys tems=9|StarshipThreatControl=6|StarshipEnergyWeapo nSpecialization=6|DriverCoil=3|StarshipHullRepair= 9|StructuralIntegrity=6|StarshipWarpCoreEfficiency =9|StarshipElectroPlasmaSystems=6|StarshipImpulseT hrusters=6|StarshipWarpCorePotential=6|StarshipEng inePerformance=6|StarshipHullPlating=6|StarshipShi eldPerformance=6|StarshipArmorReinforcements=6|Sta rshipAuxiliaryPerformance=6|StarshipWeaponPerforma nce=6|StarshipFlowCapacitors=6|StarshipShieldEmitt ers=9|StarshipShieldSystems=6|WeaponProficiency=3| PSGenerator=6|Repairs=6|Generators=6|TurretsandDro nes=6|CombatArmor=3|ModificationSpecialist=3|
boskills=EmergencyPowertoShields|ReverseShieldPola rity|AuxiliarytoStructural|EngineeringTeam|Emergen cyPowertoShields|DirectedEnergyModulation|EjectWar pPlasma|TacticalTeam|BeamOverload|TorpedoHighYield |ScienceTeam|HazardEmitters|

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