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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the fifteenth Literary Challenge: Temporal Soundings
For the past couple of weeks, you and your crew have been assigned to patrol the Neutral Zone. While you have been working longer duty shifts due to your first officer being on shore leave, you have enjoyed the extra time getting to know some of the crew of the Delta Shift, including a science officer from your hometown. Just as you decide to retire for the evening, this officer stops you from leaving the bridge by exclaiming that Tachyon emissions have been detected in Shuttle Bay 3 and an unauthorized shuttle launch is in progress. What is going on, what happens, and why?

This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
  • A few other important reminders:
    • Please heed the rest of the forum's rules when submitting your entry! All of them apply to these posts.
    • Each poster can have one entry per character. Feel free to edit your post to fix typos or add/ remove content as you see fit during the next two weeks.
    • After two weeks time, the thread will be locked and unstickied, as we move on to the next challenge.
    • We'll have two threads: One to post the entries in and one to discuss the entries. **Cross-linking between these two threads is acceptable for these challenges ONLY!!**
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# 2 Visionary
03-21-2012, 10:57 AM
The Shuttle Departs as you order a Tractor beam to be placed.The beam has no effect and the shuttle warps away.You order your First Officer to find out who or what was on the shuttle.You depart the bridge to your Quarters,you dim the lights but suddenly you here a voice it mumbles "we are many" you hesitate and then you appear inside ops at DS9 Kai Opaka Walks in and tells "you are of Bajor". You Awaken in Sick Bay Where your Chief Medical Officer Tells you that you were in a Coma When he found you.You Return to the Bridge And order your Helmsman To Set a Course for Ds9 Maximum Warp.You arrive at Ds9 Order Your Helm to dock ,suddenly you Return to your state as you were in your Quarters. The Prophet Opaka Appears And Says"Our Temple has been violated by those not of Bajor". You Awaken Again In The Infirmary of Ds9 you bolt up pick up a phaser stun the Bajoran Deputies and take the turbolift to ops you stun Captain Kurland and begin using the console.5 Minutes later the station emits a"Anti Chroniton Beam" Forcing The "Violated Ones" out of the Temple,Meanwhile Odo asks you "how did you figure out what happened to the shuttle" You respond saying It was the Prophets....
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# 3 Preposterous. I know.
03-21-2012, 03:38 PM
"Sometimes I believe Starfleet has us out here chasing sensor echoes in the Neutral zone." Captain Lisarran speaks aloud as he changes into his night clothing. "The Arcadia is a warship, it should be on the front-lines fighting the Borg Unimatrix Vessels when they attack. Instead we play cloak and dagger with the Romulans."

"Bridge to Captain Lisarran." The intercom interrupts, startling the Captain.

"Go ahead." He replies promptly.

"Sensors have detected unusually high Tachyon emissions in Shuttlebay Three. Requesting permission to send Science Team 3 to investigate." The explaining voice belonged to Commander Cavar, relief first officer from Delta Shift.

Science Team 3 comprises of several Delta Shift officers, including an up and coming junior science officer, Rebecca Harmon, who had grew up in the same town I had. Only two years apart, and yet never having met when they lived in Bozeman, Montana. Though he knew fraternizing with a member of his junior staff could cause trouble, as long as any romantic attachment never appeared there should be no problem. Though, because they had so many things in common, the Captain had planned on seeing her later that night.

"Go ahead and send the team. I will be on the bridge in two minutes." The Captain responded.

The walk to the bridge was filled with worry for his crew. Unexplained emissions were unheard of inside the ship and after the loss of the other shuttle in their bay, leaving an empty space beside Shuttlecraft Lupo, he worried another shuttle being lost would be an extreme problem for the ship this far outside Federation space.

The turbolift stopped at the bridge and opened, light filling the lift as the Captain walked out.

"Status report." The Captain stated to the bridge. Several officers waited to reply.

"Science Team 3 reports that the shuttlebay is sealed with a force-field and Tachyon emissions are continuing to build." Science Officer Jenetri reported.

As soon as the words were out, the tactical officer Mungege turned and faced the captain. "Sir! Phaser and disruptor fire has broken out near the shuttlebay." she reported with a look of sheer shock. "The shuttlebay doors are opening!"

"Sensors indicate that the tachyon emission is leaving the bay. Captain! It's a Scorpion Class shuttle, Reman design." A calm, but stern report from Jenetri.

The viewscreen then showed a de-cloaking shuttle speeding away from the Arcadia at full impulse.

"Tactical! Bring cannons to bare on that shuttle. Scatter Volley pattern, those shuttles can be slippery." ordered the Captain.

"Too late sir!" Jenetri replied as the viewscreen showed that the shuttle streaked into warp.

"I want a report on that incident in my ready room in one hour." he barked. "Bridge to Science Team 3, reply please!"

The intercom seemed to fuzz for a moment before a voice replied. "Sir, this is Ensign Grant. We have casualties. A Reman ambushed us, and we were not armed. We took a phasers from the armory across from the bay. However, the Reman ambush took out Retex and Harmon before we could react."

The color drained from the Captain's face, as his new friend was now dead. The next hour went quickly, until the briefing room was filled with the senior staff.

"I want answers!" The Captain shouted. "How was there a Romulan shuttle in our bay?!"

Jenetri stood and walked to the screen in the briefing room. "I believe I have an explanation for that Captain. The last battle we had with the Romulans, they had launched shuttles against us while we brought our shuttles in from the planet. The shuttle was destroyed, and we closed the bay. At this time, the hypothesis is that the Reman shuttle was used by the Romulans to board the ship. Our sensors were damaged and the pilots kept the ship running using the bare minimum life support and to not trip our pressure sensors on the shuttlebay floor, kept the thrusters operating at again, the bare minimum. Preposterous I know, but that is all we can tell. Their cloak must have become unusable and began to leak Tachyon particles in the bay, necessitating their escape. They were able to download our tactical database before they left. I recommend changing strategies in upcoming battles."

"That IS preposterous, but I cannot deny that the mere idea is plausible. I will have to give those Romulan pilots their due." The Captain said, puzzled at these events. "From this point forward, if we come under enemy fire, the shuttlebay is not to be opened at any time. Shuttles will remain planet-side until we eliminate any threat to the ship."

"Understood." All officers in the room responded.

That was the last time a Romulan ship invaded the Arcadia. The last time the Captain would lose a friend.
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# 4 In the Line of Duty
03-21-2012, 05:19 PM
Captains Log; for the past few weeks I have been without my first officer. Commander Komika has taken shore leave to visit family on her home world. This has given me more time on the bridge than I am normally used too. With the side benefit of getting to know more members of the Delta Shift, Lt. Otoshi in particular has a far more brilliant mind then file gives her credit for. We have been able to enjoy several long hours of rousing debate on many finely varied scientific topics over the last few weeks. I believe she also has the makings to become a fine senior officer in the future. The Lt. is just one of the many new officers I am getting to know since taking command of the U.S.S. Tesla. Though this vessel is far larger than any vessel I have commanded or served on. I am still morning the loss of my last ship. The Tesla was a fine science vessel. Star Fleet Command giving the current times have slowed scientific missions in attempt to bolster our defensive forces, has given me command of an Akira class starship. With permission to rename her: Tesla. I can see the need to have more classes of starship that can hold better in combat be on the line at these difficult times, though I am saddened that a crew who was dedicated to science has been put on patrol duty. This war with the Klingons has many of us on greater edge than normal. The situation would be better if relations with the Romulans were going better. I must be honest though that with as little time as I have spent in this region of space I am looking forward to what our passive scans of the region will reveal in scientific interest.

“Computer End Log.”

Captain J’soph leaned off of his desk. Taking a moment to look around his ready room once more the young Caitian Vulcan hybrid captain sighed. He was far too used to commanding a smaller craft. Remembering his first command a Runabout outfitted as a science craft operating in near the Briar Patch. His second command a Nova Class Starship that was lost while saving an unaligned world from utter destruction. The ready room on his last ship was small but well adorned. This new room was large and seemed empty to him. Too much of the walls left bare. Moving towards the Replicator near the far wall the young Caitain Captain ordered two cups of green tea hot. A second later two glass and plastic mugs appeared on the small receptacle pad of the replicator. Taking them and strolling out of the ready room onto the bridge he shot off a crisp order before taking his seat and offering one mug to the chief duty officer.


Ensign Trevors spoke up first. The young human looked quickly over his readouts from Tactical as he reported them to the captain.

“We are running a standard maintenance scan on the forward phaser banks. We have also been detecting intermittent Tachyon emissions.”

Captain J’Soph looked over at the young tactical officer.

“Have you done a full sensor sweep of the area?”

“Aye sir, full sensor sweeps on all bands, we are currently running a sweep of the ship for more tachyon signals.”

The young officer stepped back a little from his station to straighten his Uniform tunic before retaking his place. The Captain had noticed over the last week that this was a nervous tick of the young Ensigns. Turning to his duty chief after taking a sip of his tea, the Caitain gave her a thin smile before inclining his head for the rest of the report.

“All else is quite on the ship sir, we are holding steady on our course along the Neutral Zone and should be arriving at star base 397 in twenty-three standard hours.”

The Duty Chief leaned back in her chair with a soft smile. The Captain nodded once then stood moving towards the turbo lift tea in hand.

“Well seems all is well here then, I will leave my ship in your hands Lt. I trust you can handle her well, I will retire to my quarters to start crew reviews.”

A few faces looked a little sullen at the mention of crew reviews. J’Soph was about to step into the turbo lift when the automated yellow alert started to sound. Turning on his foot pads J’Soph gave a steady look to his crew for immediate reports. From tactical Ensign Trevors spoke up in a rushed tone.

“Shuttle bay three has started to open, internal sensors show Shuttle Six in pre-launch. I’m also detecting heavy Tachyon surges in that shuttle bay.”

The Captain turned back towards the turbo lift taping his combadge.

“Senior Officers to the Bridge, Mister Wolf you have the bridge once you report in. Out. Lt. Otoshi you’re with me, mister Trevors have a security detail meet us at shuttle bay three.”

With the duty chief next to him the captain ordered the turbo lift to the appropriate deck for shuttle bay three. Upon arriving the captain took up a phaser offered him by one of the security officers who then hefted a phaser rifle up ready to fire.

J’Soph hit the door controls, the heavy blast doors for the shuttle bay opening to reveal a Romulan moving in what appeared to be displaced time, after images of his body trailing behind him into a fissure of energy. Holding up a tricorder the young Captain marveled at the readings. It was a temporal rift leaking Tackyon particles that matched those used by Romulan cloaking devices. The readings showed intermittent life signs on the other side of the fissure, with what seemed to be a core breach. Thinking fast J’Soph had to come up with something that would seal the rift.

“Phasers to max, narrow beams focus at the corner of the rift.”

A moment later six beams of phaser fire seared forth impacting the rift.

“Keep your phasers on rotating frequencies we must destabilize that rift.”

The concentrated phaser fire started to slowly have an effect on the rift. It’s edges slowly closing in till the rift was nearly gone. In this space of time Shuttle Six had left its holding pad leaving the shuttle bay. Looking at his tricorder readings the captains fur almost seemed to pale. Quickly tapping his combadge and barking orders for everyone to evacuate the area.

“Captain to bridge, jettison everything in shuttle bay three NOW! Captain to all crew on decks 4,5,6,7,8, and 9 evacuate, to any other deck Now. Captain to all transporter rooms beam as many crew from those decks as you possibly can to safety all hands brace for impact.”

As the captain stepped off the turbo lift onto the bridge the ship rocked heavily from a massive explosion in shuttle bay three. Red alert sound as all other sound died away systems going offline until auxisilery power and back up systems kicked on. The captain pulled himself up from the deck holding his arm, it showing that it was clearly broken. Moving with measured steps to his chair J’Soph sat slowly at its edge.

“Is that shuttle still in the area?”

Lt. Commander Wolf called a stiff Aye from his Tactical station.

“On Screen ready a tractor beam if we still have one working, and phasers. Dissable the shuttle, beam its pilot to the brig and just toe it till we have everything handled here. I want Damage reports, and injury reports.”

J’Soph stood wincing looking out the view screen at the shuttle as phaser fire slammed into its impulse engines and the blue hue of a tractor beam latched onto it. Mister Wolf at Tactical called that the pilot was in the brig under heavy guard. The Captain turned looking around the bridge or what was left of it. Consols had exploded part of the floor buckled upwards showing part of the decks below. One crew man was not moving while others were still picking themselves up from the floor.

“I’ll be down in the brig, Medics to the bridge we have several wounded. Otoshi you have the bridge.”

With that the captain marched from the bridge only to find the turbo lifts inactive.

“Computer sight to sight transport main security holding, energize.”

Materializing in the main brig the captain turned scowling at the rather bloodied Romulan in cell one. Turning to sit back on the security table J’Soph Shifted so that he looked steadily at the Romulan.

“Welcome aboard the Tesla, I am Captain J’Soph. I am sure you can understand why I have detained you in a holding cell. You appeared on my ship through a Tachyon rift, stole a shuttle craft. And the rift you appeared through set off an explosion that has dealt considerable damage to my ship. Now I want to know how you got here, and why?”

The Romulan shifted uncomfortably on the bunk before standing straightening his clothing, placing his hands behind his back; before addressing the captain.

“I am Sub Lt. Tenrif, second shift engineering commander of the Romulan Star Empire. My ship was conducting maintance on our cloacking device and main energy core.”

Looking at the Romulan with a slight frown before speaking sternly, J’Soph crossed his one good arm over his lap.

“I know a bit about Romulan technology, it has always been of intrest to me. The cloaking device and power core are on the same system, to test one the main system would have to be taken down. Now what I think happened is that you were trying to boost power to your cloaking device by directly linking it to your power core. Something must have gone wrong; a power serge through the cloaking device. Rupturing the Tachyon field that your ships use for your cloaking devices. Feasible that this caused a feedback loop into your power core matrix resulting in the tachyon fissure and the resulting eruption of your power matrix that fed back into our ship causing the great amount of damage to our ship.”

The Romulan blinked before sitting back looking at the captain. He pondered his response for a long moment before speaking.

“You have great intuition good Captain, I will be honest with you, since you have captured me fairly. You have proposed correctly at to what happened aboard my ship. I would request that you allow me to return to Romulus and report about the fate of my ship.”

J’Soph stood moving towards the holding cell his face grim. Reaching out to the control panel on the holding cell; a moment later the force field of the cell dropped.

“You best come with me, there is much to talk about. Romulus was destroyed by a supernova in 2387, the current year by the standard Earth calendar is 2409. I am sorry but you are trapped in the future.”

J’Soph led the time displaced Romulan towards a turbolift, the mood along the corridor and between the two of them most somber. Upon reaching the turbo lift the Captain ordered sick bay as their destination.
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“Captains Log supplemental. Our journey back to Starbase 397 has been slow, once we had subspace communications back online it was a simple matter of hours till a tow vessel from the starbase was able to assist us. We have been docked at the starbase’s repair station for a week now with another month of heavy repairs and retrofitting to be done. Our Romulan captive has been reprimanded to Starfleet Command for debriefing. While the damage to my ship was severe the damage to the moral and to living spirit of my ship suffered the greatest. In all of the 450 crew I lost 86 valuable members of this ship. While having only been in command for six months of this ship I will be etching the names of each member of this crew that I have lost into my mind. I will be contacting their families personally to deliver this tragic news. It is not something I am looking forward to but must do myself. Starfleet though despite the loss of life, wants copies of all our sensor logs. In commands own words ‘As tragic as this event has been it has given us a most rare and unique event. This has shown an event with Tachyon particles that has never been witnessed before. Our science teams will be going over this date for some time to come.’ My optimism over this is not the same as theirs. End Log.”

(it was too long to put all into one post.)
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# 6 Time To be a Hero
03-21-2012, 05:33 PM
Personal log Stardate 88216.13

This is lieutenant Mallio making a last minute recording. I've been awake for nearly three days. I'm exhausted, in pain, and I can't seem to focus. My mind keeps wandering but I NEED to tell this before I die. Near as I can tell this all started after I visited the Engineering lab. Captain Donovan had me filling in as a Tac Officer since Commander T'pal was taking her first vacation in about 6 or 7 years. I asked some one on duty what made her decide to go now, and all she would say was that it was personal, I hope everything is okay. It was shortly after we had dropped her off on Vulcan that The U.S.S. Geist Had been ordered into the Neutral Zone. This is the first time I had managed to work on the bridge, sure it was Delta shift, but it was on the bridge all the same. In fact it turns out that Lieutenant Molyse is from the same GeoStructure. Kind of funny happen stance on a ship like this. I can see now why people usually confuse us.

As far as patrol missions go this was pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary until I had to drop off a Duty Roster to Engineering. In retrospect i should have just sent it over the computer, but Chief Engineer Fine was on duty and any chance I get to see her I take willingly. She's what you would call a "Liberated" Borg. She'd been out of the collective for a few years now but still have a few implants left, but my word those eyes... I'd give my internal respiratory device for a chance that she would notice me. As I entered engineering with P.A.D.D in hand I found her working in one of the Nacelles on a plasma conduit. She had that Wraith fellow assisting her. He's an odd one, He's not very tech savvy since he's never really had any formal schooling, but he seemed content Handing Chief Fine tools and keeping her company as she worked. I guess I was watching her more than I should have because I had managed to knock over a tool box, which Wraith had carelessly placed on the edge of the opening, which must have hit the exposed conduit.

When I woke up, I was in sickbay, with those big beautiful eyes looking down on me. Apparently I had been the only one seriously hit by the blast. Both her and Wraith were full of those nanoprobes, so the radiation burst didn't effect them as hard as it hit me. I received a dose of Hyronalin to counter any radiation poisoning. Benzites aren't usually known for being the toughest of people. Which makes it a bit frustrating that the Federation put so much pressure on us to stop genetic engineering but then allows an "Augie" like him to stay on board. Probably as the Captain's Pet. heh.... As i was right about to talk to her "IT" reminded her that they needed to finish the repairs and she left. The Nurse started saying something but i couldn't understand, apparently the radiation had knocked my translator offline. Beyond that the day had progressed as I had planned up until the end of my shift. Poor Molyse had to listen to me rambling the whole time about why that wraith guy creeps me out and my crush on Fine. As I got up to leave He detected some kind of Tachyon emission in the shuttle bay as one of the shuttles was prepping for launch. I grabbed to security officers and went to investigate. Right as we got there I saw what looked like Wraith climbing on Board with what appeared to be a Romulan! How many times can this guy ruin my day?

I rushed my team down to the second shuttle and prepped it as fast as we could. No way we were letting that traitor get away, especially after the day I'd had due to him. As we began closing in the shuttle was rocked suddenly to the sound of a huge explosion. It was The Geist! As we turned about all we could see what the ship being destroyed in some kind of temporal singularity. It was hard to watch the ship twisting and contorting as it seemed to age and break. The three of us just stared silently in horror when I was dropped to my knees with a sudden pain in my chest. Things seemed to fade to white momentarily before I found my self in Sickbay looking up at Chief Fine again. I tried to speak, and all I could hear back was this strange noise... My Universal Translator was offline again. And there on the other side of the engineer and nurse was that traitor.... I lunged at him swinging as hard as I could... only to have him dodge it like nothing. I slipped and managed to fall over a table hitting my head getting a nice welt in the process.

After having the Nurse calm me down and check my wound it was only a minute before my translator reactivated. as I received a double dose of Hyronalin I tried relating my story to them but they told me I must have been dreaming after the conduit burst. I needed more information. Benzites are patient and meticulous if anything. I would get to the bottom of this and save the ship from that Conspiring Augment traitor. I would show the Captain my evidence as well as prove to Chief Fine that I could be just as efficient as she could be. As I went on Delta Shift I began monitoring all of his movements as well as monitoring for tachyon emissions. Nothing. Not a damn thing. I'd wasted my day while all he did was go to his quarters up until an hour before my shift ended. Needless to say that I got quite the Lecture from the C.O. since I'd neglected most of my duties, just another thing to blame on that blasted Augment, but this was more important. This time I would get to the Shuttle bay before he did and catch him in the act. I pulled Molyse to the side and told him to notify me of any and all Tachyon emissions in the area. He looked quite surprised as I asked him to trust me on this. I decided to Follow Wraith from his quarters to the hanger. Before we got to the hall before the Bay I snuck into a near by Jefferies tube and made my way to the launch room. As I Climbed out of the tube I was hit hard over the head and blacked out.

As I came too the shuttle was launching. I ran to the shuttle and launched as fast as I could. As I flew to a safe distance I began a detailed scan of the ship. This time I wouldn't miss what caused the ship to explode. Same as last time The Geist was destroyed. The source seemed to be coming from the docking bay itself. That THING must have planted a Romulan device of some sort before boarding the shuttle with his Romulan friend. I turned the Shuttle about just in time to see a Romulan War bird Decloak right as the pain hit. It made sense now. Wraith had sold us out to the Romulans. As the pain washed over me I blacked out again. This time when I woke up there was no one there. It was dark and I was alone in sick bay. My body was burning and every muscle ached. When I asked the Computer about my condition it only responded that I had severe radiation poisoning. When i asked the time it was 2300 hours. I had little time to get to the Shuttle Bay and stop that Abomination from destroying the ship. I loaded a hypospray with enough pain killer to get me moving again, but my body still felt sluggish and dull.

Computer, pause recording.

Computer *cough cough* resume recording:

It took me forever it seemed to get to the shuttle bay. This time I was too late to stop the shuttle but I can still stop the bomb. While I was able to record the events of the last few days it turns out I was wrong, Horribly wrong. The Bomb wasn't Wraith, it was Molyse *cough* He's an impostor. The Tachyon emission was him beaming in a Temporal device. He claimed it would wipe The U.S.S Geist from history all together. Every time line, every universe, gone in one horrible moment. *COUGH COUGH COUGH* As best as he could figure the Radiation I had taken worked like a magnet with the Tachyon emissions from the Warbirds singularity. Each time they decloaked the Pulse was enough to push me back to the initial exposure. *Cough cough* He's out cold, and I think I'm dying from the radiation buildup. I can't deactivate the bomb, but I can alter it just enough to save the ship. If I adjust it enough I should be able to create a tachyon pulse big enough to only take the device. Just in case I've recorded this on my P.A.D.D. I figure it was hit with the radiation as well as accumulates more each time the War bird decloaks. That way they can still stop Wraith after the bomb is dealt with. Either way just one last tweak and I'm home fr----

Captain's Log Stardate 88216.89

A few Days ago I dropped off My First Officer to Vulcan to handle some.... Personal matters. Before departing we were ordered to bring a Romulan delegate back to a Rendezvous point by the Neutral Zone. It was all supposed to be very hush hush after there was an attempt to replace him on Vulcan. I personally flew the shuttle with Wraith and a security escort to deliver him safely to the IRW To'bar, but two things are bothering me. We've found out a crewman never made it back on board when we left Vulcan, although no one seems to be able to explain how this happened. Also Mr. Sabin had found a Highly irradiated P.A.D.D. in an empty bunk, But after putting it through De-Con he said that there was too much damage to pull anything from it. I'm having a team put together to investigate both matters......
Captain James Charles Donovan

End Log
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# 7 Snared - Part 1
03-23-2012, 09:00 PM

Captain’s Log Captain Gre’en aboard the USS Gemini reporting.

Gre’en. We’ve been patrolling the Neutral Zone for the last few weeks. We’ve been seeing more and more Klingon vessels in the area. The Empire is getting bold in their activities. However, the crew has been exceptional in the performance of their duties, while operating without the leadership and supervision of Mr. Brot, my first officer.

Gre’en. Sometimes, I wonder what exactly he does around here. I may need to ask him when he returns from shore leave. Gre’en.

With the constant threat from the Klingons, I have been unable to root for more than a few hours at a time. For a botanical life form such as myself, taking root is the equivalent to sleep or hibernation that many of you animalian species undergo routinely. If I’m to bloom at all this season, I really do need to spend more time rooted.


However, it has given me an opportunity to get to know my crew a little better. Gre’en. The crew of the Delta shift are an interesting example. They work well together, and it shows through the shorthand and the intuitive nature of their interactions. They seem to know exactly what each other are thinking in nearly every situation. It’s a most fascinating spectacle to behold. I suppose it helps having a couple of Betazoids and a Deltan on the team. Gre’en!

Gre’en. Most interestingly, I discovered another Gre’en amongst my crew. I wonder why Mr. Brot didn’t mention to me that there was another Gre’en on board. Gre’en …Gre’en’ has a firm stalk, a pleasing color, and appears to have blossomed sometime in the last few lunar cycles. Gre’en’ is a fine science officer to boot. However, her prowess as a science officer only became evident in a recent event that occurred on board the Gemini. Gre’en.

I was on the bridge with Delta Shift. We were sharing stories of childhood and seedlings with one another. The Gemini was traveling at high warp towards Sherman’s Planet and Deep Space K-7 to take on supplies, when the ship suddenly lurched to a stop so fast that the inertial dampers didn’t have enough time to compensate. Gre’en. Each of us was thrown from our seats onto the floor. I asked for a status report, as I checked myself for breaks and cracks in my stems and branches. I was fine, but everyone else wasn’t as lucky.


“We’ve got minor injuries on all decks,” Lotorro, the Delta Shift’s Deltan Tactical Officer, reported once he was able to return to his station.

Purina, the Caitain Helmswoman, announced, “Engines arrre at full, but we’rrre not moving.” Concern filled her feline eyes, when she said, “They’rrre starrting to overrrheat. I suggest we thrrrottle back for now, before we burrrn out a warrrp coil or two.”

“Gre’en,” I replied with a nod. Purina reduced engine power a little at a time. I turned to Gre’en’, who had been analyzing sensor data since the accident. “Do you perceive anything?” I asked.

Gre’en’ turned away from her console and reported, “Gre’en … Our port nacelle seems to be snared on some kind of subspace fissure. Gre’en.” I approached Gre’en’ as she continued to study the sensor data. “According to these readings, the nacelle is registering different chronometric measurements at various points along its electro-plasma network.”

Hashanna, the Delta shift Engineering Supervisor, called out from her station, “The warp coils aren’t getting enough continuous power to maintain a warp field. Request permission to head down to Engineering to give them a hand.”

“Do what you can. Gre’en,” I replied as I continued to scan the sensor logs from over Gre’en’’s shoulder. “Are those Tachyons accumulating in Shuttle Bay 3?” I exclaimed.

“Gre’en,” she replied. “I don’t know where they’re coming from, but something is definitely happening in Shuttle Bay 3.

“Captain, Shuttle Bay 3 reports that an anomaly with a definite Tachyon reading is forming near one of the shuttles,” Lotorro replied. “The ensign on duty reported that someone just emerged from the anomaly and has boarded a shuttle. It’s powering up its engines.”

“Gre’en!” I exclaimed. “Prevent the shuttle from leaving. What in the name of the Great Redwoods is going on down there?”

“The shuttle has left the shuttle bay,” Lotorro continued. “I don’t know how, but they were able to override the shield frequency to escape.

“Get a tractor beam on that shuttle, now!” I commanded. “Don’t let them escape. Gre’en!”

“Got them!” Lotorro said. “They’re not going anywhere. Should I return them shuttle to bay 3?”

“Not yet,” I ordered. I want a security team to report to Shuttle Bay 3. Once they’re in place, you can bring them back aboard. Gre’en’, join me please. We’ll be in Shuttle Bay 3. Purina, you have the bridge. Gre’en.”
Gre’en’ escorted me to the turbo lift. We rode the lift to the Shuttle Bay in relative silence, only exchanging a singular word, heavy with meaning, concerning our current situation, in our native language. Gre’en.
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# 8 Snared - Part 2
03-23-2012, 09:01 PM
When we reached Shuttle Bay 3, security was already in place. The anomaly was clearly visible and swirled like cloudy vortex in a corner of the bay. Outside, the shuttle was coming into view as it was being passed from one tractor emitter to another. It passed through the forcefield unchallenged and set down nearby. Gre’en’ and I approached the Ensign, who appeared surprised and a little nervous as he stared at Gre’en’ and stuttered incoherently. His hand went to the phaser at his hip, and fondled the grip with his fingers, as if knowing that it was there was a comfort.

The ensign’s strange behavior pulled my attention from the anomaly and the shuttle. “Gre’en. What is wrong with you, Ensign?”

“Sir, that woman,” he said without taking his eyes off of Gre’en’. She’s the one that stole the shuttle.”

“Gre’en. What are you talking about?” I demanded. “She has been on the bridge with me for the last two hours. She couldn’t have stolen the shuttle. Gre’en.”

“I can’t explain it, sir. But I know what I saw, and I saw her emerge from that anomaly over there, override the security lockouts on the shuttle, and take off as if she ran the place.”

I glanced over to Gre’en’, who was more surprised by the recent turn of events than I was. “We’ll get to the bottom of this,” I said, as I walked away from the Ensign and headed towards the shuttle. Gre’en’ followed.

I entered the override code for the shuttle’s hatch as the security teams took positions around the shuttle bay with the best view of the shuttle’s interior. When the hatched opened, Gre’en’ (another Gre’en’) stepped out with her long slender branches raised above her head.

“Don’t shoot,” the other Gre’en’ replied. “Gre’en.”

Turning back and forth between the pair of Gre’en’, I studied them closely. They were nearly identical. Only subtle differences were evident. The Gre’en’ that emerged from the shuttle no longer displayed the tell-tale signs of a recent blossoming. I asked the alternate Gre’en’ to identify herself.

“There’s no time. Every moment that we are caught in the subspace fissure, more of the aliens perish. We need to get the ship out of the spatial rut immediately.

“Aliens? What aliens?”

“I met them when I stepped into the anomaly, or will meet them. I hate temporal mechanics,” the other Gre’en’ replied. “They’re some kind of non-corporal entity that lives outside of space and time. They were exploring our universe when the Gemini collided with their … with their vessel?”

“That’s some kind of ship out there?”

“Not exactly, but that is the best way to describe it.”

“You said that you were with them? How long were you there?”

“A few weeks. I’ll be glad to tell you all about it, once we’ve dislodged ourselves from them,” Gre’en’ replied. She turned towards her younger counterpart, and continued. “It’s time for you to join them. Be sure to pay attention. They have a lot to share with you?” Gre’en’ motioned for her younger self to step closer to the anomaly.

“Gre’en. Why does it have to be you?”

“I don’t know exactly. Perhaps, it was just dumb luck. I was scanning the anomaly, or will scan the anomaly, when it pulled me into it. I don’t think it was intentional, but they are waiting for me, I mean her to step through,” the other Gre’en’ replied pointing to her counterpart.

She stepped towards the anomaly, without another word. I reached out to stop her, but before I could order her to stand down, she disappeared into it. “Gre’en! This is highly irregular. It’s a Captain’s duty to handle all first contact proceedings with an unknown alien race. I should be the one going.”

“You can’t, Captain. Gre’en. They don’t want you, at least not anymore. Now, if you will allow me to complete my task, I’ve got to get us out of the subspace fissure.” As she spoke, the anomaly slowly dissipated.

I considered everything she had told me. By all rights, I should have her escorted to sick bay or the brigg. If what she said was true, there wasn’t any time to waste; we were killing them and Gre’en do not kill. “I don’t know that I can fully trust you, so I’m coming along. Gre’en.”

Gre’en’ laughed. “I’d enjoy your company,” she finally replied. “You have nothing to worry about. Besides, where else would I go? This ship is my home. Gre’en.”

We boarded the shuttle. Gre’en’ took the seat at the con and initiated the shuttle’s launch sequence. As “Captain, I’m going to need you in the second chair,” Gre’en’ replied as she piloted the shuttle between the massive bay doors and away from the Gemini. “Gre’en. I’ve already configured the deflector to emit the inverted graviton pulse. It’ll seal the fissure. However, we have to see it first. Can you order the bridge to eject a dense stream of ionized hydrogen particles from the bussard collectors?”

“Gre’en. The ionized hydrogen will be pulled into the fissure. The shuttle’s sensors will pick it up and we should have a clear view of the rift,” I said understanding more of her plan.

“Gre’en. Exactly.”

I hailed the Gemini and relayed the order. The port nacelle belched a thick cloud of ionized gas that glowed pale blue through the shuttle’s forward viewer. The gas slowly began to expand outwardly from the nacelle. The leading edge of the cloud found the rift. It began to bubble and churn; caught in its pull, the gas began to swirl round and round as it slowly fell through the tear in the fabric of the universe. Moments later, the jagged outline of the rift appeared on sensors.

“Gre’en. There it is,” I remarked. “It’s a big one. Gre’en.” When the Gemini snagged the tear, it continued to rip through subspace for half a light year. The ionized gas only illuminated a tiny portion of the rift, but it was enough to reveal exactly what we had to do to get the Gemini out safely. Gre’en.

“If we start to seal the rupture at this point and fly along the nacelle, the inverted graviton pulse will pull the edges of the rift together like a suture.” Gre’en’ said pointing to the view screen, “As the rift closes, the Gemini will be squeezed back in the direction it had come. They will have to adjust their pitch and velocity with thrusters until they’ve cleared the rift. Gre’en?”

“Gre’en. I’m ready to fire the deflector pulse, as soon as we’re in position.” I opened a channel and directed instructions to Purina and Hashanna as Gre’en’ slowly turned the shuttle toward the subspace tear and came to stop just meters from the rift and nacelle. “Now!” I announced over the open com. Channel as I pounded the panel in front of me.

The shuttle’s tiny deflector glowed brightly and fired the inverted graviton pulse at the rift. Slowly, it began to close, but it wasn’t enough. Gre’en! I pulled up Gre’en’s deflector control program and adjusted its power utilization curve and firing frequency in order to fire multiple low yield deflector pulses. Their accumulative effect should be enough to get the ball rolling.

“Gre’en. We’re trying again,” I said over the open com channel. I initiated the new deflector configuration. A half dozen deflector pulses in quick succession pulsed from the shuttle deflector. The rift slowly moved together, a little faster with each pulse. I fired another volley, and another. Soon, the Gemini began to reverse under the pressure of the closing rift. The Gemini’s thruster control system engaged. The massive ship began to slowly slide out of the rift. A few tense moments later, the Gemini emerged from the rift. Gre’en.

With the Gemini clear and moving away from the rift under its own power, I fired another volley of deflector pulses to continue sealing off more of the rift. Gre’en. We returned to the Gemini. Utilizing Gre’en’’s deflector specifications, we successfully sealed the subspace rift. Gre’en’ is currently writing up an extensive report on her weeks long visit with the aliens. I’m including the specifications for her deflector pulse with this log. It appears that we now have a method to repair damage to subspace. Gre’en.
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# 9 Priceless Pt 1
03-28-2012, 01:01 PM
Captain Zadari Iminei rubbed her temple with her fingers, and blinked through the blurred exhaustion that threatened her consciousness. Her footfalls clacked against the crude metal deckplating of the Ursva III, and echoed across the ancient bulkheads as they creaked under the strain of the environmental controls. Thirty six hours of straight consciousness. Even her symbiont was starting to complain.

Ever since Mr. Karlo returned to the Klingon Defense Force, both she and Madame Jane Nori had been hard pressed to find a replacement. For a Lethean he had been far more useful than she had given him credit for. In the interim, Jane's sister Tevnu had come aboard as a temporary fill-in as Executive Officer. Tonight had been her first night aboard, arriving on Madame Nori's ship, the Zephyr earlier this evening.

Tevnu was a lot different than Jane both in attitude and appearance. The younger Nori sister was shorter than Jane, but nearly stood even with Zadari. Her sharp, grey eyes held back a more aggressive wit, and her body was instead of sleek and demure, was curvaceous and muscular. Both displayed high degrees of scientific aptitude, but in different areas. Jane seemed to show more interest in things such as gemology, whereas Tevnu was into more exotic forms of research and even dabbled in medicine.

This wasn't the USS Majestic, or even her own ship. It belonged to the Nori sisters, and the primary function of this old Vor'cha class rustbucket was to deliver high profile cargo to its destination: This time somewhere in Romulan space. Unless it had something to do with turning a profit, this ship would not be performing any research, or responding to medical calls.

Despite her abrasiveness, Zadari liked Tevnu more than her older sister. She was far more patient, less flamboyant, and bluntly honest. There was also a way that Tevnu carried herself that commanded respect, and even intimidated the rest of the crew. She was the kind of person Zadari valued, especially as her right hand on this glorified cargo hauler.

She reached the door to the brig and exhaled slowly, trying to breathe more energy into her aching body. Before it was time for bed, she had to check on her cargo one last time. She reached out with a gloved hand and typed on the keypad. A rush of air hit her in the face as the air from the compartment swirled into the rest of the ship. For a moment, she felt an extra rush of life.

To keep her subject subdued she had ordered the Brig on minimal power. Just enough for the forcefield, environmental controls, and toilet functions to operate. The rest was cast in dull reddish orange light, and long shadows. On purpose she had also put the subject at the farthest room from the door, to make escape seem a more difficult task than it was, and to give her the fear that came with uncertainty when someone entered the room.

Normally, she never questioned her assignments from the Nori Sisters, no matter how bizarre, but this one had topped the list. Not just because the nature of the assignment, but her familiarity with the dangers involved. Why someone would choose this as a target, she couldn't fathom, and in asking she had only been threatened with death. Though, in the back of her mind Captain Iminei knew that death was the likeliest end result anyway.

She finally reached the final cell that contained Captain Vaihuu e'Hvalli. Stopping, her eyes traced over the Romulan/human hybrid's exotic facial features. Her fair skin glowed angelically in the pale light from the forcefield emitters and was marred by a long gash along her forehead, bruises on her cheekbones, and lips from a struggle with T'sss. Her long, raven colored hair swirled around her neck, and rested gracefully on the shoulders of her tattered Starfleet uniform covered in dried green blood.

She didn't know Vai personally, but knew of her both from the old days in Starfleet, and her days as a smuggler in Romulan space. She was the only daughter of Vice Admiral Kim Sharp and the late Senator Ynala t'Hvalli. She was also the step daughter of Colonel Sevak Kh'via, one of the most respected officers in the V'Shar and rumored to be one of the leading assassins during the Dominion War.

Undoubtedly, someone like Vaihuu was important to the whole of Starfleet, not just the Sharps or the Hvallis. Captain e'Hvalli had been exiled permanently after she tried to assassinate Empress Sela, while a young member of the Tal'Shiar. She a former protegee of the Romulan Empress, which meant she was in a position to know her well, as well as be a thorn in her side. Rumor had it, Sela still had an open bounty on her head. Zadari guessed initially that was why Jane had been eager to capture this woman, however, standing here, staring at her as she shifted against her chains, her wrists raw against the naked duranium restraints, she began to wonder about Jane's true motivations for kidnapping her.

Despite the controversy over the Hvallis' involvement with Praetor Taris, Starfleet showed no signs that they would stop protecting her. They had decorated her well, and had rewarded her with a shiny new science ship to command. Such a pretty ship it had been too.

For someone like Mistress Nori, a job such as this one had to be personal. But why? Jane never hid the fact she worked for the Hvallis twenty years ago "keeping their books" as she liked to put it, and it seemed she had been considered a member of the house. There were also rumors around the company that Admiral Sharp was a high profile client.

"Enjoying the view?" Vaihuu asked sarcastically. Her melodious voice pierced through the stale air, and dashed away Zadari's musings.

"You won't get far."

"I doubt your mommy will find us before we can deliver you, so I wouldn't think about it too much." Zadari replied.

"I wouldn't count on that." Vaihuu shifted on the bench, and moved her wrists against her shackles, the chains attached to the base of the bulkhead behind the bed to her right clattering against themselves.

"These are a bit much aren't they?"

Zadari shrugged. "You put up so much of a fuss, I felt they were warranted."

Vaihuu chuckled, and leaned forward, giving Zadari a daring glare. "You should be afraid of me."

Captain Iminei was suddenly hit from behind by an energy weapon blast, and fell to the deck unconscious.

Vaihuu turned a surprised emerald eye to a young Romulan woman whom she didn't recognize clutching a disruptor. The intruder alert alarm began to sound, causing her to jump. The Romulan quickly bent down and grabbed Captain Iminei's disruptor, and then stepped over the two. She typed on the forcefield keypad, releasing it.

"Come on." She said. She reached to Vaihuu's wrists and removed the shackles. Grabbing her by her hand she pulled her to her feet and shoved the disruptor at her.

Vaihuu grinned. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. She took the disruptor and fumbled with the controls, changing its settings to a narrow beam and heavy stun.

"My name is T'Vel. I've disabled the internal sensors, so they can't detect us for now."
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# 10 Priceless Pt 2
03-28-2012, 01:19 PM

Commander Tevnu Nori flashed a piercing gray eye at Korgok as the older Klingon man typed on the operations console.

"I'm sorry, Mistress. Whoever disabled the sensors did it in such a way, I can't override it."

"Seal off every deck from here to every airlock." She ordered.

"Commander, I am detecting an unauthorized shuttle launch." Dala said, the young Orion woman, her breathy voice sounding almost uncharacteristic.

"Lock on a tractor beam and beam them out of there."

Korgok's hands flew up the console. "I have them, Mistress, but there is a scattering field in place that's preventing us from beaming them."

Tevnu frowned as the the space behind the shuttle started to shimmer, and the starfield became distorted.

"Commander, I am detecting a large tachyon field, and a large concentration of chronitons in front of us." Said Science Officer Ranek.

The distortion cleared, revealing a large, menacing warship. It was black in color, and somewhat resembled a Mogai class warbird, but much larger and instead of a single set of wings there were two. The windows and running light trimmings glowed a bright greenish color, as did the markings of the Romulan Star Empire.

"They've locked their weapons onto us, and we're being hailed." Korgok said.

She turned her head to the Yridian at tactical who shook his head.

"We're definitely not a match for that." He said quietly, and typed a few buttons on his console to prevent Commander Nori from seeing his hands tremble.

The door to the turbolift hissed opened and Tevnu's eyes fell upon the figure of Captain Iminei, clutching to Lieutenant Xaro. Both the Bolian and the Trill turned their attention to the viewscreen.

"Get to your station." Zadari said, her voice breathy as she pushed Xaro to one of the aft weapons stations.

Everyone on the bridge was staring at her, some with relief; some like Commander Nori, with disdain. She turned her pale blue eyes to Commander Nori, and stared at her as she ascended to the command platform.

Tevnu rose slowly from the command chair, keeping her hand on the soft Targ leather back, and her eyes locked with Zadari's. She distinctly felt the presence of the Alhalan dagger on her hip. Zadari was quite a fighter by the look in her eye, but there was that little hint of hesitation that Starfleet had ingrained into her. Though, she had a clear advantage, now was not the time to argue.

"On screen." Tevnu said, cautiously, still facing her.

A small smile crossed the thin lips of Captain Iminei and she turned from the Orion woman to the view screen. The image of the Romulan warship was replaced with...it couldn't be. Zadari frowned in confusion. Vice Admiral Kim Sharp?

Except, this was not what she expected. The last time Captain Iminei had heard, Vice Admiral Kim Sharp was still attached to Starbase 23, not at the helm of some Romulan monstrosity. She also was still in Starfleet. This Admiral Sharp wore the ceremonial robes, and the crown of the Romulan Empress. In fact, the emblem on both the crown and on the breast of the dark green robe bore the crest of the Hvalli house. The Empress of the Romulan Star Empire was not a Hvalli, nor was it Kim Sharp.

The human female's chiseled features held a dark, dispassionate expression, her eyes cold and ruthless. This was not the face of someone recently married, or promoted. Either something terrible had happened and the Admiral had lost her mind, or this wasn't the same version of Kim.

"I am Empress Kimberly t'Hvalli of the Romulan Star Empire. You have ten seconds to release the shuttlecraft or we will open fire." Her voice was flat, piercing, and cold with aggression.

Tevnu opened her mouth to reply, and was silenced by Captain Iminei's firm hand on her arm.

"Release the shuttle." Captain Iminei said, not taking her eyes off the viewscreen.

"Tractor beam disengaged." Korgok said.

The human female on the viewscreen smiled cordially, her cobalt blue eyes flashing menacingly.

"I am detecting a transporter signature." Korgok said watching the shuttle disappear in front of them. His voice was quiet as his heard thudded nervously in his chest.

"Thank you, Captain." Empress t'Hvalli said. She lifted a muscular hand and waved her fingers mockingly. "Ta ta!"

The viewscreen switched off and the ship slowly shimmered from view.

Tevnu glanced over at the science monitor against the aft wall, noting the rise in tachyons and what appeared to be a temporal displacement field of unprecidented size. She turned her eyes back to Captain Iminei.

"Now what do we do?!" Korgok growled.

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