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I am writing this to let you know that the Federation Reborn fleet will be welcoming Romulan refugees with open arms in May.

The Romulan Republic is an attempt to escape the yoke of the Tal-Shiar and the Military and live free as a part of the galactic community.

Throwing off tyranny to establish democracy is something that the Federation should wholeheartedly support, being fundamental to the Federation's own ideals.

And we of Federation Reborn support those ideals. Therefore we fully welcome the Republic as allies and support them in establishing a democratic society, trusting that we will endure as friends and one day live as brothers and sisters.

So if you're planning on playing a Romulan in May, and if you choose to ally with the Federation, I hope you'll keep Federation Reborn in mind when you choose a fleet.

About Federation Reborn:

We are a small Federation fleet guided by the principles of the 4 F's: Friendship, Freedom, Fun, and Fair-Play

There are no membership requirements other than agreeing to abide by the 4 F's, and casual gamers are welcome. We are also very alt-friendly. Most of our account-holders are in North America but we are open to any English-speaking player.

We currently have a Tier 2 Starbase (about halfway to Tier 3) and have started an upgrade on a Tier 1 Embassy.

Fleet permissions are restricted for the protection of our fleet members, but they are fair. We've adjusted our ranks and permissions as needed to keep up with the state of the game and the needs of the fleet. You can check out our Fleet Manual to see how we're organized.

We have our own forums located at and visitors are welcome. You may register as a "Visiting Diplomat" if you choose and there is no requirement to join our fleet to participate in our Non-Member subforums. Feel free to browse and check us out before you decide to request an invite.

~ Bluegeek
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