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The reason I am making this post, is that I was searching google for the exact thing in the title. And I could not find anything. The top search, was a link to a post on this forum, of a guy that linked to a text file of all the commands from /cmdlist. And yeah, it is a pain in the *** trying to read them in game.

So here it is for everyone, since I could not find it anywhere from a google search. And his post link is 404.

For a list of commands, type /cmdlist.

Here is a link to that list in a text file. (Maybe some day I will make it pretty and put it in a html file. And categorize the commands)
But my link wont ever 404. I've had my server for years, and it is not going anywhere. If the file ever moves, which it wont. It will be redirected.

Also, sorry I could not put this in the correct forum - My account is currently unprivileged (this will change soon) So if someone wants to move the post (and remove this) or when my account is privileged it will be fixed. Though this will now come up in forum search (I searched.) And should come up on google. (the last guys did)
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03-21-2012, 08:56 PM
For what it's worth, there is a page on command on stowiki.

At the bottom of the page, it links to an open Google Doc that contains an extensive list of the commands.

I really like what you've done, and perhaps it would be helpful if the community gets that information onto the wiki (unless this is not the primary wiki that folks use for this game?).

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