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04-08-2012, 08:28 PM
today lost cure space normal in less than 2 minutes has to be a record

one stayed back griefed ships ontop of kang while rest of team was wrapping up first cube

i f by kang invest in heal ablities hazzard team and extend shields use those and click on kang you heal it do the same to ne drop ship
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This one dude went hopping into the first IGE room, as if that could make him any less of a target? I could literally see the look on the Borg's faces as they all open fire on hop-along-cassidy.

He was vaporized before his feet touched the ground. The crumpled corpse in mid-air was enough to force me to spend the rest of the match trying to contain my laughter...

It was epic. The hopping - that got worst. First hop - straight into the lava.
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04-09-2012, 10:17 PM
Yesterday I played 6 Khitomer STF elite (ground and space). Because I wanted getting "Quadra Sigma Superior Service Medal" accolade (Complete Khitomer Accord - Ground or Khitomer Accord - Space 50 times).
All of khitomer I played one or two people left at the final part. 4 Khitomer STF, one poeple left before the middle part and we didn't get the optional. 2 khitomer ground STF we gave up because 2 people left and we were not enough to kill the node. For all of Khitomer STf (space or ground), there was weird people. The first I played. At the final part we were 4 but there was a guy who played without any gear nor kit neither. He just used martial art. It was like we were 3 because he wasn't useful. As you can guess we must give up. In another STF I played. One guy said he will fight the probe. We failed the STF because when we realized he is incompetent, it was too late. Another STF, one guy didn't want follow the team. He made everyone mad and after he left. 1 minute later someone was tired and left. We gave up.
Yesterday was my worst day for STF.
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04-10-2012, 08:09 AM
alright here is one marking a vet as a problem. we get into the lobby for CSE. He starts ordering what was going to happen, take out probes, right to left, then cubes left to right and he would sit on the Kang.

Game starts and for some reason the group foes left and starts hitting the probes, he has a **** fit because the group went left and not right. Never did he realize his plan could work either direction. Then he spent the whole time yelling it was taking too long and why were we not going quicker, mind you he never left 1km away from the Kang to maybe help out with knocking down some probes between BOP. Actually I have never seen someone type so much in a STF as he did.

It was won, but no optional because of timer. Course he raged on that. But to be honest I am over worrying about optional, the loot is generally exchange fodder anymore, tech is what I need.
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04-10-2012, 02:33 PM
I think I played the worst STF I ever played.
4 guys took the probe and they gave me the cube. After a while we failed the STF because 10 probes passed out...
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04-10-2012, 06:42 PM
This is a great thread. I love reading these stories and seeing that we have all had the same experiences. It's good that everyone can look back and laugh, at least for the most part. Players not responding in chat and doing their own thing are terrible, as are the skittle boats, but I think the rage player is the absolute worst. I find it very distasteful when a player uses foul language and blames his whole team for a poor performance, even though sometimes they are correct.

I, like many others here, shied away from the ground STF's. I did around 200 space missions before I even tried ground combat. I read all I could before attempting any ground mission and after I was comfortable with normal I moved on to elite. I saw how much team work was required in ground and was very uneasy about elite. I was surprised that most of the PUG groups I was involved in would regularly get the option and breeze through the missions. Maybe I have been lucky or it is just my imagination, but ground elite STF seems to attract a more polished player.

All of this said I had my worst STF experience on an elite ground mission. I was playing Khitomer Accord ground, which is the easiest ground in my opinion. Everything started out okay, we made our way down the first two levels of caves. It was obvious that the team lacked in firepower and the option would probably not be obtainable, but everything was still going ok. Right off the bat we had a rage player calling everyone noobs, I just ignored him and didn't see any real problems.

At the top of the ramp that leads down to the Borg boss room everything fell apart. We cleared out the entrance and when I finished and looked around only 2 of us were standing there at the top of the ramp. We waited and waited and I even asked where everyone was and got no reply. The rage player was flying off the handle, but I wasn't even sure where he was. I checked the map and saw that 2 players were making their way up the opposite side of the cave levels clearing out all the borg and obviously having a hard go. The player I was waiting with than opened fire at the borg on the ramp. No problem, me and him clear them out. This brought the rage player to a whole new level. He was upset we didn't just jump down and for go fighting them, not a big deal in my eyes, but he was losing it big time.

The name calling continued and was ignored by all. After we cleared out the top of the ramp the player I was with back tracked, presumably to try and retrieve the two lost players. At the bottom of the ramp the rage player was just waiting the whole time. He finally got tired of waiting with me and ran in and started the timer on the nodes. I than followed and we started clearing out the entrance to the node room. After he aggroed all the borg he ran back to the entrance and left me to die and respawn. He than started in on me with the name calling and rage. I finally had enough and me and him had a good back and forth. After a few minutes of pointless name calling I noticed most of the team had quit and was replaced by some unlucky new players. He continued to rage and even the new players that joined ended up quitting. It was pointless and I left as well.

We never even made it into the node room. I was amazed that 2 players, that obviously never played the mission before, would attempt an elite and not even follow the lead of the group, but I was absolutely livid at the behavior of this rage clown. Probably the first time I was really upset playing STO. The only good I took away from it was now whenever I see someone being a loudmouth I can say, "at least they aren't as bad as that guy from Khitomer ground".
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04-10-2012, 07:06 PM
My very best run was finishing Cure in 8min. 45 sec.

I've been looking for that group ever since.

My worst/ Well, there is the time that the group I was with on Cure failed the run in 3 minutes because no one was watching the Kang. They would fly right past it, so I had to constantly break off from any of the Spheres and try to stop all the waves of BoPs. That was so much fun.

Then was KA were that last 4 3 minutes while the two morons in the group decided to constantly fire at the gate. Not once did they realize that NOTHING WAS HAPPENING TO THE DAMN GATE! ten spheres got through in record time, and I stopped playing STFs until recently. That really ticked me off.

So, I am for a fleet dump button, instead of having to eat an hour's worth of time because some clown/s don't know or don't want to learn what to do.
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04-11-2012, 02:43 AM
I am a PUG supporter and an avid mentor for those new to STFs but that being said I could share one or two 'interesting' experiences as well.

There was once in Cure where I played Kang Guardian because the rest of the team flew off happily to attack the first shipyard and cube.

My flak cruiser made mincemeat out of assimilated BoPs and raptors while the 4 of them did their thing. Or, I thought they did. They looked quite coordinated and were flying in tight formation, so it was a premade team with voice comms.

Halfway through destroying the ping pong balls below the cube, the other ships decided to 'help' defend the Kang even though it was under no danger at all, being covered by a satellite turret and full time Extend Shields III from me.

Suddenly, the roles reverse as the entire team inexplicably abandoned their attack on the shipyard to 'help' me protect the Kang for whatever unknown reason.

I soloed the first two shipyards blowing up the half-damaged first cube and steadily demolishing the middle shipyard when I noticed the four ships guarding the Kang were facing severe problems.

Instead of using "CEC" style coordination to focus fire, each individual ship in the group engaged a single Raptor and that created one heck of a huge drawn out battle without actually destroying anything. In fact, the Raptors were having an easy time blowing them up!

As I detonated the second Cube and a pair of Raptors with my cannons I noticed none of the other 4 ships bothered to heal the Kang from stray enemy fire, thereby failing the optional.

I also had to mop up all the Raptors and the Negh'Vars now closing in on the Kang, and managed to repair the Kang just in time before it blew up. I wonder what the other four were actually doing, and what weapons they had on board ship. They were producing so little DPS I suspect they were using standard Mark 8s.

For the third shipyard the rest of the team FINALLY knew to stick close to me so I can extend shields and engineering team, and they properly focused fire on individual targets I designated in turn, rapidly destroying the last cube.

While the team showed poor performance by virtue of some sort of attention-span issue during the first cube assault, they did mesh well together and finally did know how to synchronize fire on individual targets to destroy them rapidly, so I wasn't ****ed at all but wished them the best on their next STF run.

They preferred experiential learning, after all.
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04-11-2012, 04:25 AM
All my Cure space elite STF failed today. I must have played 4 or 5 times of cure elite.

with the public team of course.

Each one of them failed, the last looked promising actually but failed nonetheless....

I'm playing cure elite alone because I only need the Mk XII engine.

I have got MACO Mk X full set as well as MACO Mk XI full set. For Mark XII I only need the engine left. But so far it's been very very frustating.
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# 100 The wonders of Kang
04-11-2012, 01:53 PM
In case nobody's noticed I enjoy Cure Normal Space more than most of the other STF's.

There i wss........

This time I wasprotecting the Kang.

No problems at all.

I fly up about 9k away from the oncoming borg and shoot them out of the sky.

Then I'd zip over 9k from the next and do it again.

No problems at all.

The other 4 are rainbow and skittling away at the cubes and nodes.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, All 4 of the other ships are parked next to the Kang doing NOTHING!

Everything was going fine before this.


They just set there.

So I go off and continue where they left off on the second cube.

And what happens???

Boom! No more Kang.

They let it die.

4 ships on the Kang and they couldn't protect it.

We would have won but they had to be noobe.

Oh Well...

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