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10-02-2012, 03:17 AM
Had one of those that you just know is a fail waiting to happen yesterday.

Queued for ISE - none of fellow Fleet members were available, so simply joined a queue with a non-fleet member friend who was free.

So it was a Galaxy class, a Defiant class, an Armitage class, my friend in his Prometheus class and me in my Wells class.

As I said, it looked like a fail from the start. The Defiant class player had his ship fitted with rainbow beams (what a waste!) and the Galaxy class player seemed content to fly into weapons range, shoot his antiproton beams a few times (literally) and then fly out of weapons range again. And the Armitage launched some fighers and didn't do much else.

Anyway, got to the transformer/generator (thanks to some hard work from myself and my friend in his Prometheus) and someone typed '10%' in chat, to which someone else replied 'of course it is!' Sadly, it still didn't happen as the Armitage player, whilst shooting a transformer, had also launched a bunch of fighters which kept shooting after he'd reduced his transformer to 10% - not really a problem as such, except that the Galaxy class player hadn't reduced his to 10% so had to assist with that.

Anyway, the nanite spheres made their unwelcome appearance - we gave the generator a good pounding, but it's health wasn't decreasing quickly enough and I therefore broke off and intercepted the nanite spheres, giving them a gravity well and a Chroniton torpedo spread III to chew on. Still wasn't enough - I returned to assist in the attempt to kill the generator, and we got it down to about 8%, but the closest nanite sphere had recovered by then and healed the generator.

And sadly, what ensued was a fail of catastrophic proprotions. Every attempt to kill the Nanite sphere failed, the Defiant spent far more time in respawn oblivion than actually doing anything useful. Heaven knows what the Galaxy class was doing and the Armitage seemed to think that fighters were the answer to all things.

We hung in there for a good while, but a third attempt to kill the generator failed (mostly thanks to the fact that the only two players 'on the field' at the time were myself, trying to slow the nanite spheres and my friend giving the generator everything he had. Still wasn't enough - we both got our backsides kicked and respawned to find two of other three fighting numerous normal spheres and failing miserably, with the Galaxy class simply sitting at the respawn point with us, having probably been there a little while. No-one was communicating

I don't usually bail on STF's - I'd say that, usually, the bad ones can still be retrived. THIS one, however, was a lost cause - we flew in one last time to see if it was possible to pull this one together, but the Defiant went boom again, the generator was STILL at 100% and
there were spheres everywhere. So we decided the leave the incompitent trio to it and bailed. What a mess!
Personal T6 Ship Wishlist:

Nova/Rhode Island class with Hybrid Pilot BOFF seat.

That is all. (guess this wasn't really a 'list' after all!)
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10-02-2012, 04:05 AM
something similar happened to me yesterday. two people insisted in splitting. When finally they got together we managed to get the 4 generators on one side, they started on the spheres (the regular ones) so there was no way to bring down the tranformer before the nanite probes and spheres overwhelmed us. sigh. It helps if two people get the nanite probes/spheres, an two should be enough on the trasnformer, specially if there is 1 science with photonic fleet.

On the other hand I have had two fails since yesterday on the cure ground. The double turret gate. People don't seem to undrestand that 1) once the first node is activated you are on a timer for the whole thing, 2) nodes need to be protected, and 3) they guy setting the charges on the turret needs some cover. You need to distract the turrets: shot once, once it turns on you, cover your ass, as soon as it turns on someone else, get out and fry it. That way it never does too much damage to anyone.

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10-04-2012, 04:35 AM
well heres mine........ but to be honest its pretty short but completely stupid (this is on Elite btw).

*sigh* joined a infected space que, 4 of them were from the same fleet some German fleet or something.

anyway two went left two went right, completely bypassing the cube and the spheres at the start.

then suddenly in chat "omg why cant we attack is it bug?"

other fleet mate of his: "yes i think its bug"

so they just fly around for a little bit and im here with my MACO set and elite anti-proton weaponry just thinking hmmm should i even bother?

then suddenly in chat

"we have to destroy ships first?"

naturally i raged because i was sitting there for 10 minutes just watching them talk to each other like they never played an STF before.

and so they came to destroy the ships and much like the OP's story they had multicoloured rainbow show beam arrays and 2 sets of projectiles.

okay so after 10 more minutes of them some how finding it incredibly hard to kill a cube with 5 of us. well....... in this case "1" of us (me) we finally made it past the cube and spheres.

and this is the kicker........

they all grouped up and ignored the cubes above the transformer and the nanite structures and went straight for the transwarp gate and so they ended up shooting at the gate.

after 10 minutes of watching them and trying to explain to them how to play (obviously cant read) one of them types "omg its bug lets leave" and so they left...................

if there was ever a time to hate noobs that was the time lol
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10-04-2012, 12:29 PM
^^ That just reached new hights in stupidity. Even the daftest person would attack all possible targets before bailing... that is just incredible.
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10-04-2012, 05:12 PM
I just came from doing a CSE pug just to see fails in action. There were three feds (including myself), and two klingons, all tacticals. The saddest part was I was the only escort. The closest was one Raptor. There was also a star cruiser, a (presumably fleet) heavy cruiser, and some klingon cruiser I didn't care to identify. So let's just give these people some names for reference (these are not their real in game names):

Bob - (fleet?) heavy cruiser
Bill - Star cruiser
Joe - Some raptor
Jim - Some klingon cruiser

So, we start off and I say hi, no response one person goes left, two go right, Joe stays at the spawn for a minute. I go and hit some of the middle bops and ask who's guarding Kang. Joe says he can. So I finish with my two bops and go to the right probes. I shoot a couple of them, get one shotted by a negh'var and respawn to find bops circling the kang. I fly in and kill off the bops, meanwhile Bob and Joe are the only ones doing somewhat average damage. So the rest of the mission continues with me flying around and killing bops all over the place because these guys have no sense of coordination. They were loosely going after the right probes... sort of.

Joe has been saying one word things occaisionally such as 'ow' and 'lucky'. At some point after I mopped up bops coming down the center he says 'go right it hurts less'. I have no idea what that meant. And I am continuing to kill bops all over the place, firing attack patterns, CRF, beam overloads, subspace jumps, you name it. And I spammed all of my two ally heals on the Kang. Now sometimes things would get out of hand and bops would swarm the kang. One time a whole bunch got to it with a Negh'var and after barely staying alive to finish them (with the Kang at around 50%) I see Bob and one other shooting at the right cube.

I knew at this point they were going to kill it eventually and release raptors from the other two launch bays, so since I had just killed off the newest spawns I hurried the inevitable. I did a consecutive beam overload two-shot on the cube's open shield and killed it. I whipped around knowing what was coming. And it was then I realized my terrible mistake. The raptors had spawned like I expected from both launch bays, but what I didn't count on was that four bops and a negh'var were bearing down on the kang!

I go and open fire at the bops coming down the center, killing them. But the raptors, remaining bops, and negh'var are at the Kang. I fly in to shoot them down, but thanks to my dps I draw all the aggro at me and I'm dead. So I quickly repair my injury and close my status page to see no Kang, a massive cloud of borg ships, and a leaver button.

All in all, quite a fun game but that team was a complete fail. It was a hysterical 20-25 minutes.
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10-06-2012, 09:48 PM
Originally Posted by xenification View Post
then suddenly in chat "omg why cant we attack is it bug?"

other fleet mate of his: "yes i think its bug"

I've seen that on many occasions. They bypass the first group and can't figure out why they can't attack the second. It's gotta be a bug.

Even worse, they can't figure out why their rainbow/technicolor beams aren't doing any damage. It's gotta be a bug.

And finally, tons of ship damage and they die at a near miss of a Borg beam. It's gotta be a bug!


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10-07-2012, 09:51 PM
I had a bad CSN today.

I joined a pug and only 4 ships showed. I figured it was still winnable. So I fly off to the right and start shooting.

So this guy, I'll call him Skittleman, starts telling everyone they need to go to the Kang and protect it and he will take care of the nodes. I saw his skittles and know instantly there is no way he is going to have the fire power needed to complete the mission. One ship, a Klingon, heads off to the Kang. He's doing a great job protecting it but Skittleman is really peeved. He wants everyone to protect the Kang.

Skittleman is doing little or no damage to the Nodes while two of us are doing all the damage. The other ship that's helping out just says screw this and bales. I guess he just got tired of listening to Skittlemans rants.

So now it's Skittleman and me at the nodes. I did the best I could but I didn't kill al the nodes quick enough and lost the optional. So now the Klingon who was protecting the Kang bales.. It's now Skittleman and me. Skittleman throws a few more insults and bales.

Now it's just me. I actually hung around and tried to complete the mission by myself but the Kang did go boom and the mission was lost. I think if we had killed the second cube before Skittleman baled I could have done it.

Oh well.
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10-08-2012, 04:38 PM
Infected Ground Elite.

All that needs to be said.
Why not just beam up the survivors and destroy the star base ~Infected Ground Logic.
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10-09-2012, 01:15 PM
This isn't a bad one.

I joined a CSN pug and was amazed at how quick it went. There were no Klingons, rainbows or skittles. One escort protected the Kang while the rest of us killed the nodes and cubes. Another escort was practically one shotting any ships spawned by the cubes. The cubes were all dead in about 5 minutes. The Kang never recieved a hit. It was amazing. Then the carrier showed up and died in just a couple minutes.

I pulled a rare borg salvage and two of the regular Borg rewards.

I wish they all were that fast and the teams were at least half that good.
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10-09-2012, 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by nelly1956 View Post
This isn't a bad one.

I joined a CSN pug and was amazed at how quick it went. There were no Klingons, rainbows or skittles. .
Lol had a similar experience. The difference? we were all KDF and there were no feds.. fastest run in my life ever.
We still live!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaa! We live and we will conquer!!!!! Hahahahahaaha!

-Roach, when asked about Klingon extinction!

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