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11-07-2012, 03:55 AM
Well, the new 'Hive Onslaught' deserves further mention here - certainly the Elite version anyway.

Though was fortunate enough to find myself on one PuG which managed to complete it, I don't bother anymore - every instance before and since was a dismal failure, with team-mates either bailing without notice or simply despairing and group-agreeing that it was a waste of time and team-quitting. And I, personally, don't find sitting in respawn oblivion courtesy of one-shot kill spam, and the STUPID respawn timer, ANY fun at all.

If it remains as it is when it hits holodeck there will be a LOT of disappointed players who could end up treating it in the same way as many of us treat the Crystaline entity mission - namely 'AVOID'.

It is, to be fair, somewhat more enjoyable on normal though.
Personal T6 Ship Wishlist:

Nova/Rhode Island class with Hybrid Pilot BOFF seat.

That is all. (guess this wasn't really a 'list' after all!)
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11-07-2012, 04:08 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Well, the new 'Hive Onslaught' deserves further mention here - certainly the Elite version anyway.

Though was fortunate enough to find myself on one PuG which managed to complete it, I don't bother anymore - every instance before and since was a dismal failure, with team-mates either bailing without notice or simply despairing and group-agreeing that it was a waste of time and team-quitting. And I, personally, don't find sitting in respawn oblivion courtesy of one-shot kill spam, and the STUPID respawn timer, ANY fun at all.

If it remains as it is when it hits holodeck there will be a LOT of disappointed players who could end up treating it in the same way as many of us treat the Crystaline entity mission - namely 'AVOID'.

It is, to be fair, somewhat more enjoyable on normal though.
I haven't played any of the newer missions due for S7, don't like to spoil the suprises before release.
but I can understand what you mean and from my previous experiences with the original STF's and the new part 1 and 2 STF's.
I can imagine that some of the Elite STFs where held in equal regard, when I first ran an Elite Cure "the current version" I vowed to actually avoid it, but after sometime I learnt one of the few tactics to complete it.
just give it some time, there will probably be a tactic figured out by a fleet and or elite players and will eventually be common knowledge.
much like the Infected Elites 10% rule, the Khitomer blow up both gates at the same time rule, and the Cures left, middle, middle, left, right tactic.

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11-07-2012, 06:45 PM
I'm not confident enough to play elite. Yesterday I thought I'm bored and decided to play Infected space normal. It's not rocket science. The patrols die quickly dies quickly and I'm thinking this team is quite good.

However thing began to go wrong, I asked what the plan was, and they said 10%. the first set of generators get popped and the transformer blown, so far everything going to plan. But soon it all falls apart, half of the team get distracted by the normal spheres and there is combat taking place all over the map leaving me to deal with generators and transformer, nobody even bothering to shoot down the nanite vessels. My poor fleet patrol escort is trying her best even with the agro from other spheres and we fail stupidly, with some players dying at least 4 times. It got really stupid. I'm literally trying to kill the the transformer and some genius tells the team to shoot at the gate, talk about a facepalm moment there, I'm requesting some backup and no one listens. what taken maybe 10 minutes took 45 minutes and all i got it was junk.
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11-07-2012, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by theraven2378 View Post
half of the team get distracted by the normal spheres.
That's typical in the STFs in which NANITES are present. The half the people go after spheres rather than NANITES. The other half will be using rainbow/technicolor beams so they don't have the DPS to kill a NANITE.

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11-08-2012, 08:03 AM
Haven't encountered the hippies/rainbow warriors yet
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Well my worst experience was a few days ago.

I wanted to get a few EDCs and couldn't be bothered to ask my fleet for help because I was lazy, so I decided to hop into Cure Space Elite, because I'm a masochist like that. Full disclosure: I've never successfully pugged CSE.

Anyway, so I warp in. I see:

1) Odyssey. Turns out he's a rainbow dream boat. With what appears to be a single turret.
2) Patrol Escort. Wearing beams. And not using Fire at Will.
3) Science ship. I didn't get a good look at it, but it didn't seem to be using the regular science abilities you'd expect like Gravity Well. I'm honestly not sure WHAT he was using, whatever it was it didn't have a clearly visual effect like Grav-Well or Tyken's or Repulsors.
4) Advanced Escort. Destroy the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.
5) me. Tactical officer in a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship.

Ok, I knew I was in trouble when I saw this setup, so I offered to guard the Kang. "I'll take the Kang", I say, mind full of trepidation.

Lo-and-behold, all 4 of my team-mates, without a word, follow me like lemmings. "What are you doing?" I ask, although I really did not need to. Not that I got any response. Finally, realizing these four were not going to leave the Kang, I slip away and begin the long, arduous task of destroying the probes on my own.

To my relief the four immortals did not follow, instead opting to remain behind and "guard" the Kang. By the time I had managed to destroy the first top probe along with the corresponding spawned Neg'var, I receive across the top of my screen red text indicating that the optional objective failed.

Surprised, I ran back after destroying the Neg'Var to discover the Kang barely hanging on at 40% hull and no shields. Giving it what little pathetic heals I could (a single Auxiliary Battery-boosted Hazard Emitters I and Transfer Shield Strength II) and a tactical team, I proceeded to destroy the Borg Birds of Prey that apparently the four immortals had some difficulty with.

By this point I believe I'd seen two of the four immortals die at least twice. One of them (the Odyssey rainbow warrior) must have died more times than that as he was still in respawn oblivion. Having mopped up the Birds of Prey I returned to the cube and destroyed the rest of the nanites, taking care not to destroy the cube.

By this point, I had doubts we would finish at all, but if they had this much trouble with Birds of Prey I didn't want to know what would happen if Raptors started spawning. I move onto the next cube, running back occasionally to help the four immortals, when I noticed they were down to three. What had happened to the skittle boat? I looked about and suddenly I spotted him ... shooting at the cube.

"Stop!" I cry, trying desperately to get his attention. I knew we wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of success if he destroyed that cube and managed to spawn the raptors. But my shouts fell upon deaf ears as Mr. Skittles continued to fire upon the cube.

Hoping that his DPS would be too low to bring down the cube fast enough, I continue working down the probes on the center Cube, shuffling back and forth between the cube and the Kang, and somehow managing to keep it all together. By this point, the Rainbow Warrior Odyssey seemed to be in permanent respawn purgatory, and the science ship was milling about, firing its beams not seemingly not doing much of anything.

The beam boat Patrol Escort, bless his heart, was doing his level best, but he wasn't sufficent DPS to bring down the BoPs alone. I was of half a mind to just give up, but deciding to just soldier on through, I Evasive'd to the final cube ... only to have three raptors greet me.

To my chagrin, it seemed that Mr. Skittles had managed to destroy the cube after all, despite what must have been 6 injuries on his vessel and who knows how many respawns. I silently placed my palm upon my face and groaned, but decided to try anyway, and proceeded to destroy the three raptors in front of me and return to the Kang, knowing that if they couldn't handle Borg Birds of Prey, there was no way in hell they'd make it against Raptors.

I hit Evasive Maneuvers and book it back. I was within 15 Kilometres of the Kang when the text flows across my screen: mission failed.

At this point I was beyond caring. I had worked so hard I was just exhausted and wanted to leave the match. However, I couldn't help but notice (now that I wasn't having my butt shot off by the Borg) the ... rather salty language going on in zone chat. Beyond the usual profanity though, one thing caught my attention.

"Hey [ertihan's handle], you're a n00b! Learn 2 play, nub!"

... note this was said after the mission failed despite my best efforts. I was just laughing at this point. The absurdity of it all. With games like that, is it any surprise I'd never successfully pugged Cure Space Elite?
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11-08-2012, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by theraven2378 View Post
Haven't encountered the hippies/rainbow warriors yet
Have no fear...

You will....

You will......

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Originally Posted by rachelj88 View Post
this isn't my worst "I've posted previously its somewhere in the archived bit" ANYWAY!

this was an Infected Normal, last one before sleep.

just killed the first cube and had two spheres left, I say in team chat "running left" my friend who'm I Q'd with replied "okie dokie". both spheres are destroyed and wham! the other three players go right.

everything is going really good with me and my friend got all 4 gens down to 10% and from what I can tell the other side has popped a gen a little too early and nanites are on the way!
"still no team chat from them"

a player leaves on the optional failing, one of the other team members realises that we're fairing better and joins us. "still no team chat from either of the two other players - not even local or zone".

anyway get both transfers down and a fresh 5th joined us. completed the run had tea and buscuits. fun, fun.

Ahh, fun times indeed.
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11-08-2012, 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by ertihan View Post
Hoping that his DPS would be too low to bring down the cube fast enough ...
Fat chance, I run CSE about 2 days ago and I knew it was not going to end well when there were 3 Kang defenders but what causes the end of it was the mysterious destruction of a Cube, me and another player weaken it to 10% and left it and move to another, by the time we were half way into clearing another shipyard that weakened Cube just gone boom, and when I looked to see who was the responsible for that I saw nothing over there ... at least nothing that registered as a contact on my HUD, I think the answer to the mystery come when when moving to intercept the second group of Raptors I see a tiny beam firing at one, to me it seems clear the cause was some Fighter pets that managed to bring it down.

Needless to say, it also failed.

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11-08-2012, 06:43 PM
CSE. The bane of ALL pug players. I have only had maybe 4 successful CSE pugs out of the 60+ I ran before joining an actually active ESTF channel. But I had one that was just... well read on and find out.

CSE pug

Me (Tactical Captain, Fleet Tor'Kaht Retrofit running full Disruptor Cannons and Turrets)
Some Dude #1 (Science Captain, Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. Running Skittles (polaron, tetryon, and... wait for it... plasma, and a phaser. And these are all DCs, not DHCs. And no turrets, just 3 mines. I $%^& you not)
Some Dude #2 (Tactical Captain, Odyssey Operations Cruiser. Full Plasma Beam Arrays. And the full retro borg set)
Some Dude #3 (Engineering Captain, Tholian Recluse Carrier. 5 Phased Tetryon Beam Arrays, 1 Thermionic Torpedo Launcher, 2 Widow Fighter hangar bays.)
Some Total IDIOT #4 (Tactical Captain, Neg"Vhar Heavy Battlecruiser. Full Turrets. Full... *shudders* plasma turrets).

For the sake of being concise, I shall refer to these players by numbers.

So upon warping in, I see the ship comp, and see what kind of pilots they have, and am thinking "Ok, we have a fleet defiant, an oddy, a neggy, and a recluse. This is viable/Doable." So #2 calls kang, and #4 immediately full impulses off to the left. I watch his trail blow past and just shrug and head mid. Literally 5 seconds later I see #4 dead. What? Turns out he got hit by a tachon beam and then a heavy plasma. Sucks to be him. Meanwhile #3 heads off to the right and starts murdering the BoPs and nanites. #1 is not moving.

About 2 minutes in, #4 has kicked the can 3 times already. I am starting to wonder wtf is going on, so right before death 4, I watch his stats as he engages the nanites. Then I click on the cube by accident and see that one of it's shields are down. The idiot has been attacking the cube the whole time... And then he dies. I saw 3 things missing when he went down. 1) Tactical Team. 2) ANYTHING RESEMBLING A HEAL. 3) Any BOff abilities for that matter. He respawns, and guess what, hoofs it back and starts shooting at the cube again. At this point, I just facepalm and go back to killing mid.

Meanwhile, #2 is sitting there firing on the BoPs that are coming from the left since #4 is too busy dying to do anything useful. #1... you guessed it, still at spawn, only he's cloaked now. Ooook then...

So I clear out all the nanites from mid, kill the neggy and the raptor (not at the same time mind you), and then check on #3. To my complete surprise and amazement, he's not only killed all the nanites, but has his cube down to 50%. Faster than my Tor'Kaht. Dayum!!! I then check his accolade points and see +10k, so I figure he's probably quite experienced. XP I check back on #4 and see him FINALLY firing on nanites. After 8 deaths. Bout bloody time... He kills one, then kills the one above it, then gets mauled by the neggy. Why am I not surprised? And to my complete and utter horror, the neggy makes a beeline for #2 and the kang. Then suddenly... #1 moves!!! He comes sweeping in and starts attacking... my cube. Not the neggy, not the raptor, not nanites, but my cube. Which I carefully brought down to 1%. That's HARD in a full cannon turret ship.

Sufficed to say, he killed it. #3 sees this happening and quickly levels his cube. He also starts on the raptors. I am not worried about that side at all, so I turn my attention to the neg'vhar bearing down on the kang. I move in and kill it with some help from #2, only to have the worst possible thing happen. Right as it died, it fired it's iso charge at #1. Who died. Instantly. From the first hit. WTF??? Then the iso charge hit #4, who lost all but 10% of his hull, hit me (insta kill), and then hit #2, who also died. Which leaves #3 and #4 still alive. #4, instead of attacking the 3 neggys now bearing down on the kang instead starts attacking the nanites. The cube 2 shots him. He dies. At this point, #1 says: "I do all this work, and you noobs can't even handle a single borg ship? Screw you idiots" and then leaves. Um... right then. #2 respawns and rushes back to the kang, and then starts firing on the neggy's, who despite #3s best efforts, have almost reached her. #4 has died so many times that he's still dead. #2 is still firing. Then I see the numbers above the neggy he's firing on. 200-250-25-227-221-200... He's not even at 100 weapons power... At this point the fail is so great that I am laughing more than anything. And now for the grand finale. #3 finally kills off the second neggy (he wasted the first REAL fast), and #2 starts firing on the third neggy. #4 respawns. And then flies behind the neggy. Opens fire on neggy. TBR the neggy to the kang. I think you guys know what happens next. Iso charge. Kang first, me next (I barely live), #2 third (he's a goner), then #3 (he's quite dead). I hit BFI, but a plasma torp wastes what's left of my hull. #4 goes rushing in to the rescue... and is destroyed hilariously fast. Leaving the neggy and the kang by themselves. Neggy starts blasting the kang, and just as I and #3 respawn, the kang is almost dead, we both rush over, and get there in time to see a plasma torp end Jar'rod's miserable existence.

And here's the best part: #4 says "GG, wp, too bad you guys all suck. I am the best one here." And leaves. *facepalm. #2 simply leaves. Leaving myself and #3. We have a short convo, mostly about what just happened, and then we both leave.

Welcome to CSE pug.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
Why the Devs can't make PvE content harder. <--- DR proved me wrong!

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