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04-06-2014, 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by angiewilliams View Post
Noobs that can't hack it in the ignore aggro lines method on IGE. Cmon noobs step up your game. Ige has been easy for 2 years. I can kill one group on any class myself easy why can't you other 4 noobs handle 2 workers on the other side?
Anyone, who snipes the Borg in IGE is a wussy to me. Run in in an organized way, take out the groups, save the officers. Win. EZ.

[10:20] Your Lunge deals 4798 (2580) Physical Damage(Critical) to Tosk of Borg.
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04-06-2014, 01:14 AM
Originally Posted by fenr00k View Post
Hmmm, these days the worst STF experience for me was one a few weeks back where my connection decided to go south on me whilst I was already in ISE. I ended up with such bad lag that I had no control of my ship and the borg vessels were loading with place holder names rather than actual names, luckily I DCd fairly quickly, but odds are it left the pug I was in thinking that I was a shoddy AFKer who then rage quit on them....

It's bad enough when you have a team member not pulling their weight, it's even worst when through no fault of your own YOU are the team member not pulling their weight...

Just thought I'd change things a bit from complaining about other people. Gave me more of an insight into how sometimes maybe the pug member acting like an idiot doesn't actually have any say in the matter. Like the time I was doing cure space with my old fleet, lag (didn't know I was lagging until it was nearly too late) had my screen showing me attacking the probes under the first cube, with my fleet asking me what the heck I was doing, when boing suddenly my client caught up and I realised I was actually shooting the probes under the last cube.....

Just to note, any time I experience lag like this I log out of the game and start doing repeated tests on my connection and don't log back in until I am confident I'm not going to lag. Wish some other folks would learn to do the same.

I agree with this completely.

Usually every other hour or so STO on my computer becomes a white screen at worst and at best every ship in sight glows blinding with pixel's everywhere. So, a day or so ago I am doing The Breach we take out the hard points and Breach the hull. STO, video Card, or whatever trigger's and the explosion becomes blinding pixel's. Regardless, I never make it through the giant hole. Being blinded by a white screen and what looks like an opening I log off.

Log back on, somehow still their, and the problem seems fixed. I make it inside, catch up, enter the first large chamber and the whole lower floor is glowing. Then some of the ships and the further I went in it got worse. No lag, just hard to operate when parts of the wall are glowing heavily. I was effective as I could be despite one too many things glowing. So, yeah. I was the worse one in this thing. I'll admit it and apologize to the people I was in it with. I'm sorry, really.

However, because of things like this happening to me I don't get mad. Sometimes you are the best and sometimes your off the mark in a Fleet Action. Then their are cases when the game or your computer decides to go haywire on you. In which case your just going to look bad because of it.

Otherwise, as far as worst STF's go. I was in the Azure Nebula Rescue tonight. A player in a Scimitar spent half his time spamming team chat about how overkill he was in the most arrogant way possible. Yes, your in a Scimitar Dreadnought, all hail your mighty skill and shinny weapons. Flying a giant "I win button" in a low level Fleet Action require's so much skill clearly.
If his chattering wasn't bad, he kept dumping off the disabling of the Tractor Beam's on other player's so he could rush to the next kill. Then, he would gloat about picking up all the dropped gear. Regardless I was glad when this match ended.

I did some other STF's and when the cool down ended I went back into Nebula Rescue. We cleared around 11 Romulan ships with the Scimitar pilot. I went in the second time around their was no Scimitar, just three cruiser's, Avenger, and a Romulan Temporal ship. We cleared 15 Romulan ships without Mr. Scimitar overkill. Working together is far better than any single ship or Elite douche in his Scimitar Dreadnought.

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04-06-2014, 01:26 AM
Originally Posted by knightdmosaic170 View Post
Usually every other hour or so STO on my computer becomes a white screen at worst and at best every ship in sight glows blinding with pixel's everywhere.
if this is what i think it is, next time it happens, type this in your chat bar, hit the enter key and it should fix that: /tex_memory_unload_threshold 200000000
Originally Posted by pwecaptainsmirk View Post
*reassuringly strokes your hair*
Hush now, you will be back kicking Neelix and killing those nasty Vaadwaur soon enough... hush child.
*pat pat on your head*
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04-06-2014, 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by shadowfang240 View Post
if this is what i think it is, next time it happens, type this in your chat bar, hit the enter key and it should fix that: /tex_memory_unload_threshold 200000000

Thank you. I'll try this next time my game goes white and bright on me.

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04-06-2014, 04:12 PM
ISE. This morning.

3 complete idiots, an elite guy in a ship I didn't see, and me in my Scimitar. Only, it was my RP set (thalaron gun, MK 12 purple protonic polarons and a quantum torp, no elite consoles), not my epic DPS loadout.

So I grit my teeth, buff up, and do a decloaking alpha that melts the cube in 3 seconds. The three idiots (a Prometheus, a Klingon dyson ship, and something else) get killed by the spheres.


I launch my (regular) drone ships and melt the spheres in 5 seconds.

Elite dude takes the left cube while I melt a generator with an epic crit alpha. I get the other gens and have the transformer on 50% health when I realize that it's healing up because the idiot in the Dyson ship didn't even grav well the healer spheres.

Get this. He was on the far side of the transformer taking potshots at the cube.

So Elite Guy has a tantrum and leaves. I grit my teeth, other three guys in respawn waiting room, and melt the spheres with a cannon barrage in about ten seconds, then eat the transformer with a thalaron crit just for show.

Some guy in a Sovvie with the free Reman shields warps in; he's going to be important later.

We go right. Two idiots still in respawn hell.

I melt the cube but it takes 10 seconds because my best buffs are on CD. I hit two gens and then take spheres.

The other guys have a COMBINED DPS of 1k at this point. Which is just hilarious; I'm pushing 10K DPS and this isn't even a good loadout. My alphas are hitting 20k, more if I crit.

Sovvie guy at least spreads a little warp plasma, but I still draw a ton of aggro and reverse shield polarity is on CD, so I pop. Respawn, heal the injury, melt spheres, blast a generator into oblivion, waste spheres, eat transformer because the other 4 guys FINALLY have the last gen down.

Tac cube spawns. I go beast mode and hit every buff, eat the remaining spheres and get it to 75% hull before I pop.

It takes me like 10 minutes to get it down to 10% hull (because I die another 2 times and I'm out of components because I forgot to stock up), at which point I die about a second before the idiots kill the gate.

They rush over...and are useless. The cube is on 15% hull and half shields on all sides by the time I get back up. While I'm dead, I finally get fed up and call the other guys idiot n00bs and tell them that their DPS is pants and they can't tank worth beans.

Cloak, buffs which are finally all back up at the same time, alpha, melts in seconds.

Sovvie Guy whines at me, says that he's not a n00b, he's just been playing for only 17 days, and what do I mean his gear sucks, how can I possibly be doing so much damage without his elite superguns.

His elite superguns are MK XI green single disruptor beams.

MK XI green single disruptor beams


I take my loot, leave, heal my ship, and queue for IGE to try out my shiny new MK 12 OMEGA ground set. In which I get 1 sci and 3 idiots in white gear who keep ruining every single room by rushing in and claim to be doing it "for fun", despite wiping in literally every room, in even the weakest encounters.

Not the best day ever.
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04-07-2014, 02:47 PM
This is kind of the opposite of bad:

IGE run. Hardest STF in the game, except maybe Hive Space Elite. I have only ever gotten the optional ONCE on this.

Team of 5, two in adapted MACO gear, one in Dyson, one in elite fleet stuff, and me in KHG MK 12 gear.

We go in, and tear the mission apart. Coordinated, methodical, lightning-fast attacks.

We get 9/10 crewmen. 9/10. Just barely missed the last.

We're tearing apart the boss room, and my lag spikes, rubberbanding me into the plasma. 10 rezzes later, I'm back on my feet and shooting. We get the boss out on the first try (even though it's close), and we nuke her in 20 seconds.

Pure awesome.

I got 11 BNPs from that.

Really epic, thanks to the other guys for a monster team.
Founder and Grand Vizier of the Sovereign Ba'al joke. Hail Ba'al! Our theme song
My official eternal issue: Why no muscle definition slider? Let's have some equal-opportunity sexiness, Cryptic!
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04-08-2014, 02:40 AM
Had a joyous batch on Sunday. I didn't start in the best of moods (just bored of the repetition) so I was hoping for a quick night. I cursed myself there

ISE. Good start, everyone's in position going through the motions. One gets bored and leaves. No explanation, nothing gone wrong, just flies away and off the map. And it all went downhill from there - my connection cut off for a bit, landed me back in the map half an hour later and we were still going with spheres everywhere.

There were two left in there all that time still going - gotta love that determination, but not exactly a great night all round.

Only needing five marks to bump up a tier, I jumped into the Cure Found... and everything went well until the third cube, and then suddenly everyone became immune to finishing it off. I figured I'd just go shoot it down, only for someone to smash the keyboard with rage and anger that no one was taking the cube down - despite them being in the perfect position to do it and not firing a shot.

Considering I was already completely bored with the repetition of these, I think I'll give it a miss for a while.
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04-08-2014, 03:11 AM
The worst so far was in mirror event elite.

Right from the start 1 guy left (perhaps a d/c you never really know) that never came back.
Not 30 seconds later, 2 others left.. definitely not a dc in those cases.

So stubborn me and stubborn last fellow, finished it together.

Still had like 50 or 60 marks out of it.
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04-10-2014, 12:37 AM
This last one was just weird. And no Scimitars in the group, mostly Starfleet cruisers... and yet I didn't see a ton of FAW either... very odd.

Anyway, it's Infected Space Elite. Pop the first cube & spheres, no problem.

I noticed some other guy just hanging out, but not moving to either side, really. Handling a side is okay with just 4 as long as the one guy doesn't pop a generator, so whatever.

(On my Romulan, I run an Ar'kif right now, still testing builds... so weapons are kind of crap (Phased Tetryon DHCs, DBB, turret, borg cutting beam, the tractor mines... but at least it's a focused build, even if it will never be a top DPS ship with those weapons. And as for the Tractor Mines: Ar'kifs have a Universal Lt. Com, but just an Ensign Eng, so if you don't use the Lt. Com for Eng, then your options to heal are all on the Sci side, and they all kind of trip each other's cooldowns. I can grab Grav Well if I slot Sci in the universal, but then I get screwed in other ways. So the Tractor Mines are the emergency tool, even if a turret would give me better DPS.)

On the left, one generator pops really fast. The other generators, not so fast. By the time I'm cycled back over towards the Gate, at least 2 generators are still up & Nanites are halfway over. So I shifted to stall the Nanites... even though I had just the Tractor Mines to do it.

No grav wells in the PUG, I guess (or at least they weren't used on Nanites), so even though I've halted a couple Nanites with my Tractor Mines, that was it. I didn't see anyone drop a grav well. Eventually, they get through, and that's the end of the Optional... but I did what I could to stop them.

Anyway, we wrap up cleaning up the mess on the left. Most of us, anyway. One guy (the complainer) is bragging how far he got the right down by himself before Nanites showed up over there.

I didn't quite understand that part. If he was so hot, how did the left go so slow with the generators so that Nanites were almost on top of the transformer with 4 of the 5 PUGgers on the left, and yet the right got down to 30% with just one person solo?

Then it spiraled into DPS bragging & how much I sucked at STFs.

I guess the complainer didn't notice my Tractor Mines or something, but he was annoyed that I went after Nanites. If I didn't shift over with my mines, the Nanites would have been on top of the Transformer anyway... but whatever. It was a mess.

With all those cruisers, it wasn't a good DPS group, so burning a single generator down without a little more coordination was just silly. Sometimes, when you race to finish the STF, it takes longer.

I need to go back to ships with Grav Well, I think. I remember being in one Infected with a Nebula-class, and I was the only one who dropped a Grav Well while clearing the left (on my KDF, with a Mirror Negh'var or a Hegh'ta)... the Nebula didn't do it until after the Optional got blown.

Are people too fixated on DPSing the things down? Not all of us run Scimitars!
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04-16-2014, 03:44 AM
I've just been through the worst CSE in a long time.

It looked good at the start and within the first few mins me in a Vesta and a Wells class are hammering the right side whilst the other 3 are on the left and middle cubes. All the first wave of bops were dead in seconds and the probes were getting killed fairly well too.

Then suddenly its like whole map gets aggro'd by someone so there's suddenly Bops everywhere and also the other 3 player on the right and middle seem to drop their dps by half at least as they can't seem to kill anything spawing on their side.

Me and the Wells are trying to take out Bops on our side whilst healing the Kang and taking out the waves of Bops coming from the other cubes because by now the 3 players over there have started ignoring the spawning ships and are just trying to kill the probes and cubes with their pitiful dps.
They didn't have enough dps to do this very fast so there were swarms of npcs on the Kang with only 2 sci ships to defend it from 3 sides.
I'm pretty certain on of the 3 was an Obelisk carrier and he didn't relaunch and hanger pets so his dps was gone once the fighters were all dead.

Then they eventually pop a cube so now were are overrun with Raptors so the Kang is losing health fast. We both try to keep the Raptors off the Kang but there must have been 9 of the attacking it from all angle and no amount of grav wells will sort that mess out. Its dead in less than a minute despite 2 of us trying to heal it constantly and letting our ships take a pounding as we have no heals left for ourselves.

I don't mind healing or defending the Kang but i object to using all my heals on the Kang so i can't save myself. An i also object when the team pays no attention to what is going on and lets a ton of npcs through without even trying to kill them.

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