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06-03-2014, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by worffan101 View Post
This is why IGE should never be PUGed. With a smart team, it's easy enough, but with all goes to hell in a handbasket.
Actually you can do optional pretty much alone with every class (engineer is of course the easiest), if they do even a little bit damage. The only problem is then the last room, where you need 3 ppl knowing what to do.

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06-03-2014, 02:39 PM
IGE is the one STF I have the most problem with involving PUGs.

The optional for this STF is the hardest one to PUG, it often fails within the first two groups.

For the same reason everytime, someone runs in ahead before the rest of the team is ready to engage the workers, crosses the trigger line and when the rest of the team tries to follow them in, a zergrush of Borg drones distracts them long enough for the unfortunate Starfleet officer to get assimilated.

This is usually my benchmark for failure, if a team can't follow direction enough to beat the optional, they can't defeat Becky Borg either.
Because it requires structured teamwork to beat the optional and if you don't have that, you're not beating the boss either.
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06-06-2014, 11:26 AM
This last ISE was kinda bad, using my Rainbow Phaser Atrox. (I got 3rd on Crystalline Elite the last time I used my Atrox, so it's not terrible, but Atrox = Fed Drama, LOL)

I warped in after the bonus was lost, and they were cleaning up Nanites on the left side. So, LOLlercoaster, I can't help but finish it off at this point (THX CRYPTIC). We wipe the Left easily enough. I figure it was just unlucky of them, they didn't have Sci & didn't have DPS to wipe the Transformer, so the Right side should be easier.

Right side, not so much easier.

One generator blown early for a low DPS group... mistake #1.

So, okay, I drop a GW3 on the Nanites, help wipe the generators, focus on the Transformer. Transformer is not dying. Someone, or multiple someones, aren't focusing on the Transformer. Definitely mistake #2.

I drop a GW1 (with GW3 on cooldown) on the Nanites after my GW3 wears off. Transformer still not dying. I mean, SERIOUSLY?

The Tranformer is like 15% by the time both of my Grav Wells run out... and I can't drop a third on the Nanites before they get on the Transformer because of cooldowns. Oh well, bonus blown already on the Left side, so all that's left is the whining & blamestorming

The rest goes easy enough... but c'mon! 2 Grav Wells should be enough time to kill a Transformer.

Someone had a DPS logger... I think I ended up 3rd in DPS with my awful Rainbow Phaser Atrox, although my total damage is low due to starting after someone else ragequit due to losing the bonus.

CombatLogReader—Infected Space[14:31]— Dmg(DPS) —
XXXXXNOTme 5.476.292(7.605)
XXXXNOTme 2.410.615(3.614)
XXXXNOTme 2.233.280(3.457)
Me! 1.791.672(3.478)
XXXXXNOTme 1.594.862(2.671)
XXXNOTme(Person who ragequit) 325.466(1.972)
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06-07-2014, 01:01 AM
Pretty much the same thing happened to me last night too. Flying a vesta so I went to do CC duties.

Left side went ok but the other 4 players seemed to have very low dps and struggled with the transformer, should have spotted the warning signs there.

It took ages to clean up the spheres though, I couldn't help as I was unlucky and got caught in a core breach after spending a lot of time in a battle with all the spheres as nobody else helped me. I just had no heals left after the extended battle with all the spheres, really should not have taken so long for them to kill the transformer.

Right side goes even worse. I help with the cube, then knock down a generator to low health to help out. Didn't kill it as I thought after the problems left side we'd need to keep things well timed.

We somebody kills a generator and spheres start swarming in. I drop GW3 on them and the hammer them down with my cannons and torps. After killing them all I hope the team is onto the transformer. Nope, they are shooting it but there's still a genny up and nobody has noticed.
I kill the genny and then another wave of spheres arrives and I go drop GW3 on them again. Takes me a bit longer this time so I need to use a GW1 too but the team still haven't killed the transformer.
By now I'm out of CC tricks and getting shot from all sides by the spheres and the gate but nobody comes to get the spheres so the optional fails. I was doing everything I could but the rest of the team seemed oblivious to the incoming spheres.

Then against the tac cube half the team is dead most of the time an I'm the only one doing any damage. But in a vesta it's a tough fight and takes an age to kill it.
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06-16-2014, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by catliketyping View Post

The Attrox can accomplish 12k+ rather easily, if you use it as a full-fledged torpbomber (friend of mine optimized his so he can easily score 17k+ in pugs on the point (as opposed to faw-firing on everything)). His pets alone do more dps than you did in that stf, which is rather slow.
And I dont want to give any offense to you, but blaming the attrox, which can do very well with the right setup, is kind of a trigger for me. Rainbow or not doesnt really make that much difference (though its very noticeable).

If you think a ship is underperforming, than think outside the box. Even something like the obelisk carrier can go over 15k rather easily on non-tactical toons.

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06-16-2014, 08:59 AM
Looong time player here. Had my worst STF experience the other day. Was doing KAGn and everything was going great until we hit the shield room. 1 player immediately went into the control room and started hitting buttons. Asked them to come out so we could clear room first. No cooperation on strategy. People dropping SE's and just aggroing everything in the room. Finally finish clearing room and as I was closest to the control room, popped in to start dropping shields. Starting hearing the "enemy near (insert every spot here)". Asked them to start at the bottom and work their way up. Figured one person would take the lead out there. 1 dropped back into control room. Asked him to leave as I could handle it. player said "lol transporter" and proceeded to kill summoned drones. Still no shields had gone down. Ended up with 3 players in the control room and nothing happening. I had to drop the mission. I probably should have gone out and directed people to the strategy but by then was so frustrated I couldn't think straight.
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06-23-2014, 10:28 AM
Not worst, but kind of silly. Went into ISE with my turret Voquv. First transformer is taking a bit long to die, but no prob, I got GWs(rare that it's actually needed these days). Then I see why two of the others aren't there, one is shooting the spheres, the other in a galaxy is fighting the right cube. Optional blows. Turns out the galaxy was actually shooting a gen on that side, his health was just a result of the cube busting him up for it. One guy books it, I ask "Why?", asking at once why the galaxy did that, and why the other player left just because of a blown optional.
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06-23-2014, 06:01 PM
Just got dropped into a CCE that was in progress after a couple of the players had quit. It had obviously been going for a while, but it was at 100% health.

Well I stuck it out, but it did take some time. One guy in a scimy was exploding every 30 seconds. He would literally spawn, full impulse over and park next to the entity shooting it and would get pounded by shards and die.

I did learn that my bastion is actually a really good tank and that the immunity shield can absorb the entities blast completely . Managed to get second place aswell in the end, so not too bad, just looong.
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06-24-2014, 07:32 AM
Not really the worst... but the worst i've run lately. Was playing viscious cycle, elite, with my klingon engineer, with an outfitted Risian Cruiser (what can i say, my KDF likes insulting the galaxy :p) anyway, shortly after starting, one guy rage quits and PM's me calling me an "F-ing Moron" everyone else carries on, not caring im in the partyboat. it takes a while, but we get it done, with both optionals, we all blew up quiet a bit. One guy was in a plesh brek.... another in some type of Vo'quv (blew up more than me incidently.) the other ship i forget.

It was funny though, I was doing better than most and i only had some exchange equipment on it, mk XI blues at best for weapons, and the eng/Deflector/shields off my vo'quv (Assim eng and def, KHG X shields.). but Like i said, others did worse than me. I was tempted to PM the guy and tell him off, but instead i ignored him, as long as you can compete and have fun at the same time, who cares what anyone else says?

i've run 2 KSE's and 3 CCE's and 4 ISE's since i got the ship and no one else said a damn thing.
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06-24-2014, 08:56 AM
Originally Posted by tenkari View Post
It was funny though, I was doing better than most and i only had some exchange equipment on it, mk XI blues at best for weapons, and the eng/Deflector/shields off my vo'quv (Assim eng and def, KHG X shields.).
I've always said I'd rather have a good player in a gimped ship than a head case in the best DPS boat.

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