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07-12-2012, 08:15 AM
almost happened again last night with IGE. Had one guy popping off shield generators left and right. Any time I'd get a clear shot there would be a shield in the door way. At one point he put up a shield and trapped a team member in it and they had to wait out the game until it went away.

dude threw up a shield on captain ogden that trapped him 1/2 in the shield and made him unable to be targeted. So we had to wait for the shield to disappear before we could kill him. When I told him to be careful with the shields he came back that we has helped us with Ogden.

Get tot the final room and he immediately spawns pets and agro's the whole room. Then when we all had to respawn he told us jumpers we need to move faster on the consoles. When we did the second run I noticed when he died (we won't get into the list of damage his toon has listed) I noticed other team members were ignoring his calls for help. I think it helped the team. Had he gotten the PSG at the end I was going to kill someone.
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07-12-2012, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by mandrake45 View Post
That's Infected, not Cure
Oops - amended accordingly - thanks for the headsup!
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07-12-2012, 08:27 AM
I think the worst recent STF I had involved a Klingon player (piloting a Vor'cha, I think) accomplishing very little for the team beyond intentionally failing the optional (at least according to the combat log, since he was dead last in dps). How he intentionally failed it, you ask?

I play an engineer in a sci ody, and I get pretty good dps (according to my combat log parser, anyways). So good that I can (and often have to, due to how retarded most pug teams act in elites) switch between grinding down fixed assets and killing probes (KASE, for anyone wondering). So, I manage to catch a few probes with warp plasma before they're about ten seconds or so from reaching the gate, again due to getting no help from the idiot in the Vor'cha (rest of the team is on the other side), and from behind the probes, he pops tractor beam repulsors.

You can guess what happens next.

Oh, also, before I forget, my worst all-time STF, also a KASE run, this happened about two weeks ago (before I got the sci ody, so I was flying a Galor). Team had pretty horrible dps, even mine wasn't particularly great (this is around the time I had just discovered combat logs and parsing them, so I hadn't yet optimized my build). We fail the optional due to time (oh boy do we ever, the mission itself ended up taking a good 40 minutes), because as is usual for KAS runs, nobody wants to do probe duty (I end up volunteering if only because I'm the only person paying attention).

Well, shortly before the optional is failed, one of the players decides to go AFK. He parks himself about 60km away from both gateways (so more-or-less dead center in the middle of nowhere), leaving me to switch between killing probes and trying to speed things along with the fixed assets. We somehow manage to avoid failing the mission altogether, and get to Donatra. By this time, I'm exhausted, in a bad mood, and thinking about revenge. None of us has any points in threat control, and I'm the only one doing anything approaching decent dps. So I get aggro on Donatra, and proceed to kite her the whole 60km across the map into range of the AFKer, at which point I (and the rest of the team, after informing them of my intentions) break aggro. Donatra dutifully selects the AFKer as her new target (for some reason, the AFKer must've had himself selected, because he starts firing on Donatra the moment she enters 10km range), cloaks from him being *right there*, and then decloaks maybe two seconds later almost right on top of him.

Again, you can guess what happens next. :p

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07-13-2012, 09:29 PM
I think there might be a couple kinks that are failing the optional on purpose. Like in ISE they will fly off to side two and start on the nodes before the gen is dead on side one. They almost always ignore the 10% or worse yet they will fly off into the distance and do nothing.

I can't really say though, the kinks just stand out in my mind. I'm sure there are pleanty of fed that will do the same thing.

Rainbow technicolor beams and skittles throw wenches into the works badly enough without having a saboteur on the team.
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07-14-2012, 07:32 AM
Worst stf experience ever was just now. CSE pug (I know I know), 4 vo'quvs specced out as skittle boats flown by tacs. Bad enough that 1 cube was popped early although the pets and the dps from my armitage managed to salvage things to the point where we popped the second cube.

Thing is, when the neghs started to spawn they come out wielding their latest weapons: Boarding parties, double tapped heavy plasma torps and isometric charges.

Now thanks to the decision making skills (aka lack thereof) of the carrier clowns decided to take the cube first, ignoring the newly increased negh swarms leaving me to try and deal with them alone. My please were ignored and one got close enough to hit the kang.

1 isometric charge later and *boom* goes the kang from full shields and 100% hull. Yes, the kang was one shotted. It wasn't the first time in the game that people were hit for more than 1 million non crit by an isometric charge while fully shielded!

Not kidding. Kang was one shotted.
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07-15-2012, 02:31 AM
Infected Ground Elite

Today we had some guy called Panda who charged straight into each room and threw grenades at his feet. He also didn't ever remodulate his weapon, used a minigun and didn't reply to chats.

Suffice to say that didn't go very well for the rest of us. The profanities in Teamspeak would have made an Irish Dockworker blush
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07-15-2012, 10:52 AM
I have not been playing forever but I notice since I have started that any glitch that favors a player is squashed fast while others, even in the same instance, are ignored. Cure Ground is a perfect example. Players found a way to kill the boss without him noticing they were there and now little force bubbles will pop up and push you out of the blind spot. But before you can get to the force bubbles that push you into orbital strikes, you have to get past the Borg at the nodes around the turrets, you know... the ones you only have 15 minutes to disarm... that you can knock back +22 with your MK XII pulsewave that you had to grind for the rare drop for them to only fold space and appear right back at the node before you can even fire a second shot. Not only that, they can stand up at the spot you knocked them to and not be disengaged from killing your node nor interrupted meaning that the whole time they were laying on the ground, getting back up, and failing to fold space via above mentioned bug to get back where they were, they were still killing your node. I have filed many many many bug notices via the bug interface in the game for a long time. 6 months later, every single one of them is still there. I made an alt and went back to the missions. The bugs that griped me the most were just as alive and well today as they were then.

Before I get called ungrateful or anything, I do realize there is a lot of code in that game and the devs work hard on keeping things going, in line with the IPO as much as possible, and do their best to make it a great game. But the accounting devs get more input than the coding devs it seems. Gotta fix any issues with lockboxes and other micro (lol if you can call some of the prices micro) transactions before anything else. And no, I don't play for free so they don't depend on me buying keys to get money from me. I pay a sub in hopes that money goes to devs so that the game gets better. Of course, keys probably have better income than subs so the accounting devs win again. Sell a toon costume t-shirt for off-duty or something with a smashed bug on it and make it so that all proceeds can go into a voluntary over-time fund for the devs to be able to 1) make some overtime and 2) fix bugs. That way the accounting devs are delighted because they can sell something else PLUS they don't have to pay for over-time because we pay for it through the toon shirt drive. Hey, it works for little leagues. Why not here? Or a candy bar sounds good too. Just no candles. I have to buy those from nieces in school things too often.
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# 708 I'm so lonely.
07-16-2012, 03:21 PM
There I was......

Cure Space Normal.

I pugged in...

Looked around...




Where is everybody?

The Game looks ok, three Cubes, a bunch of Nodes, the Kang...

Where is eveybody...

I'm all alone!

So I bugged out...

That eerie, spooky feeling of being all alone was just too much....
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07-17-2012, 04:32 AM
Not my worst by any means, but queued for a CSE PuG with my science toon, in my T5 Bellerophon. It loaded up, and found myself with four engineers - two Odyssey's, a Galaxy-X and a Bortasqu. No escorts at all.

Now, to be fair they were a great group of players - no rainbow boats or anything of the like, but it was still hard work for me as was the only ship present with real manueverablility, so found myself chasing the BOP's and popping GW and TR all over the place to slow the BOP's/Raptors down so that the cruisers could whack them. Thankfully, by the time the Negh'vars appeared the Odyssey's decided to utilise their saucer-seperation abilities, which made things easier.

The optional failed (time expired) but the mission itself succeeded - just seemed to take a while!
Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.

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07-17-2012, 04:36 AM
Cure Space Normal.

I log in with my oddy beta build. I had tested already, it had good numbers, I just needed some data on the different console setups. two of us go right, the rest go forward. I assume they wanna defend the Kang, and they will come help us, when they realize their numbers. no, they attacked the forward cube, that means I have to get back defend the Kang, between the left and right cubes.
now that is not a hard thing to do, but it was very uncomfortable, because I was in my frakking oddy, and not an agile ship.

after a while I noticed that the guy on the right still destroyed only three probes, and starts to go on a death streak (not helping the ones in the middle). I cannot help, because I have a hard time manouvering between the two cubes on the sides, so this goes on, the guys start to get the raptors on them, so they go one on one, making the fight as long as possible. I myself got some of those (after some time I had 3) raptors, which I dealt with faster than they did with their ones.

finally the middle cube is gone, so I have to manouver between the two cubes against raptors. still not a big problem, but then a guy started to balme us for failing. first it was everybody who sucked (he was lvl 47, so I highly doubt he had such awesome weaopnry, especially since he was in a DSSV, which I love, but his weapons were both rainbows, and single beams, so this was not maximized DPS anywhere), but then he found me. he started to tell, that I in my oddy (as all in oddies are noobs ofc) am to blame. at this point, I stopped shooting, just so he can demonstarte how to use a DSSV (I told him to defend the Kang, because noone else did, so I had no influence on anything). he went, and when he had 6 raptors around him, and died, I killed those, and then he stopped the flaming in the chat.

we finally got to the final fight, which was another story. they all sat around it, so I got a whole side of the ship alone. when the ship was at 50%, I realized that they are all on the other sides of the ship, and only on my side is the shield down, so in the end it was not me, who failed the valuable optional loot.

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