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08-03-2012, 07:09 PM
Cure Ground, first group with the Heavy Tac Drone.

Well I got cursed and cussed at for running around with a sword (yes you are reading right I am using a SWORD!. It may sound wrong to most people but it is actually really awesome if you spec it properly which probably 90% of the puggers don't even know about)

So it goes on and on before we even reach the first group. We get there. They all focus their fire on 1 normal drone. It took them longer to kill that 1 drone with the 4 of them than for me to kick all the other borg with sweeping strikes.

Then some more complaining about why I melee... After they died 5 times to the elite tac drone I took the penalty and wept inside how there will never be a mk 12 weapon drop for me on that mission.

I do fully agree on the statement that if players do not know what injuries are and accumulate 30+ of them or don't know what a remodulator is good for (except if you run a melee build where you can go without)
They should not be able to enter.

Heck why can't cryptic implement a filter preventing people with 5+ injuries to queue for elite stf. That should weed out around 80% of really bad puggers right there

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08-04-2012, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by eldiora View Post
Heck why can't cryptic implement a filter preventing people with 5+ injuries to queue for elite stf. That should weed out around 80% of really bad puggers right there
Because they are just as entertained by this thread as I have been and they want it to go on and on and on.
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08-04-2012, 06:21 PM
now these are not the worst stfs, but the worst (or rather most strange ppl) I have met.

so on ISE there was a guy who was shouting at us in the chat. I was happy when in the beginning everyone said hi in the chat, and acknowledged (4 of them) the 10% tactic. now we go for the gens, and this guy starts shooting at the transformer. meanwhile he is also shouting what idiots we are, for attacking the gens, which will spawn nanites, and that will fail our optional. now he is the best kind of ****** tbh, because he is not doing any damage, since he is shooting at the transformer, plus afterwards he stays there (we explained the situation, but he just did the same thing, without shouting at the second transformer too, he atleast gave thought to our method)

also in ISE I met two guys. one had more than a dozen injuries on his ship, and when I brought that up (I dont see this all the time, so am gonna bring it up ) we started talking, and turned out to be a nice noob, even thanked the chat.

now why we could chat, is this other guy. basically your usual ody insta admiral. pretty rainbows, with skittles in the back, he also had some injuries, but he got them in our game, because he spent most of his time in respawn oblivion. first thing he did, he tried to pop a generator, first time he obviously had not enough DPS to get one going, because he attacked the cube with us, so we could do normal 10%. however he learned, so second time he ignored the cube (and one of his friends too, though he changed when we said to attack the cube), popped the generator (though I think the work's hard part was done by the other guy), and went for the incoming spheres.
he had two problems though. he had no DPS, and he had no gear to back that. so in the end he died a lot. I dunno if the spheres or the gate made short work of him, but I would imagine, he could have been oneshotted even by a nanite sphere.

my third experience was in a cure space normal (I dont pug elite). so I warp in, to see the optional failed (yeah, I was in the line which had 10+ ppl for minutes, so I can get into a situation like that), one guy dead, the others are struggling with BoPs. I did not want leavers penalty, so I guessed three of them can defend the Kang, while I do the job (all cubes had the bottom nanites destroyed, that was a nice touch). so I bring out the raptors for the cube, which was a problem, because the dead guy came to help me. that meant, he turned on his repulsors, and whenever I had a clear shot at one of the raptors, he just pushed them away far enough, so I wont go after them, but not far enough to not bother me in seconds. plus he died pretty often and fast (we played this through with all the three cubes), so in the end I had to deal with the raptors (without buffs, since my buff attacks were useless thx to repulsors).
in the end though, with my help and an additional 15 minutes (I did not lose much time at least) I could finish the cubes, and save the Kang (it had 20% when I could return to destroy the negvahrs).
I did not ignore them, since most of them were not even lvl 50, but I thought I would share this (I think the game should have some restrictions though, like with 5+ injuries you cant join, or no more than 2 sub lvl50 should be on a team and such)
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08-04-2012, 09:27 PM
I'm thinking just keep people on your ignore list from being in an stf w/ you.
Anyway, on to the juicy sh*t...
My klink just hit lvl 44, and I'm doing a 2 pc klinnk+aegis deflector (don't laugh yet)
This is normal, remember.
Immediately when we start shooting at tha cube, I take names: 2 feddy rainbow warriors, a kling in a broadside borta build (probably the best of the four), and another guy who had a cannon build, he did alright. Needless to say, we didn't do 10 percent, rainbow noobs die a lot and do pathetic dps, and optional is lost. However, I got mk X klink shield, so I'm happy
When in doubt, (hehe) c4!
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08-06-2012, 12:33 PM
PuG last night on Infected Space normal, on both Transformers they sat there transfixed on destroying it despite the fact it was being healed by at least 1 probe and sphere...*facepalm* One guy calls out at the start he'll take care of the spawning probes and spheres but then suddenly he's at the transformer plugging away leaving the gate wide open. By the time I realized this and was able to get over and start taking them down after an announcement in chat I think 5 had already spawned and it was way too late. I very politely told everyone how to take down the transformers and honestly I didn't care that much about the bonus since I've been having crap lucky with drops anyways. Next transformer, same thing. We get all the generators down and the probes and spheres are coming out of the gate in droves, same guy said he'd really watch the gate this time is just chilling, shooting at the transformer. Other than me, I go to destroy the probes/spheres, everybody sits there trying to destroy the transformer despite watching it go from 40% hull to 94% hull in a matter of seconds and two healing beams clearly visible they just all stand there and keep shooting.

Had another PuG on Infected where some guy in a skittle boat just sat there blasting the gate the entire time while everyone else was trying to do transformers, it was pretty hilarious.
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08-06-2012, 01:19 PM
There I was..... (LOL)

I've just started a fleet (1st Fleet of Wyoming) and the members have been working on building a few Fleet Marks.

To do so we've been doing the Federation Fleet Alerts and some other Fleet activities in the PVE's.

The Fleet PuGs in there are NO different if not WORSE than an STF.

Technicolor/Rainbow beams are rampant.

Skittles are rampant.

Zero communication is the norm.

And you don't dare say a word.
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08-06-2012, 04:05 PM
Today I did a Starbase incursion where we got 14/4/no.

How we got 4 on stage 2 I'm not sure.... though I remember killing the fourth personally. Why is it odd? A member of "Richer than You" was in the match. This guy did nothing but stand in the spawn point. the 3 guys that were actually playing with me must have been awesome to get the other three saboteur in stage 2.

I can haz joystick!
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08-06-2012, 04:38 PM
I just had one.

I was playing Cure space with a bunch of worthless players.

They were afking and doing nothing while leaving me to complete the objectives.

At first I thought they were utterly clueless, but I saw them just wasting time and running low weapons power. Then when we get the final objective they decide to start being active. They probably were trying to get people to quit, I'm guessing.

Even the most clueless pugs I've played with had the sense to attack and not screw around.

These pugs could not possibly have been anything but griefing tards.

I reported them just in case. I doubt anything of consequence happens.

While I enjoy the queue system for it's fast accessibility, I think it makes it easier to to mess with people because if you force a guy to warp out, he's locked out of that queue for an hour or so.

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08-07-2012, 02:42 PM
Cure space, normal. I'd run it before on my VA science and I'd just finished Infected with only four people, so I didn't really expect it to be a problem, even though my tactical only just reached STF level.

I took the Kang - even said in chat that I had it and for everyone else to go do the main objective. They fly off, and I handle the Kang just fine. Then all of a sudden three of the four other people come racing back to the Kang, all dragging raptors behind them. No time to tell them to cut that out (too busy killing the crap they dragged over with them).

One of the three leaves, just before we lose the optional (not sure if it was the time limit or if the Kang hit 74%). The team leader is off by himself trying to take down the second Borg launch bay, so I go to help him. Then one of the other two wanders over.

Couple minutes later someone else bails, the Kang is destroyed, and the whole thing is a bust. Still no idea what happened.
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08-07-2012, 02:56 PM
KA Space (Normal), just finished 2 minutes ago

We destroy the cube, i go 1 side and 4 go the other, ive destroyed the lil healers and 1 of the 2 spheres as well as 2-3 sets of the probes, next thing i know when im hammering the 2nd sphere they have let 2 probes through..................and theres 4 of them

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