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Hi, I'm a retired RA-lower-half returning back to duty after one year. I'm overwhelmed by all the changes, and find now I have to respec (thanks, Cryptic, repec'ing is so much fun!).

I usually play just PvE, though if I jump into fleet engagements I usually try to buff and heal other player's ships.

Even one-sentence replies to my wall-of-text are fine, and to aid you, I'll list out what I know so far.

* My past build: I could easy handle Elite mobs with this at Captain rank, though I had not gone on a lot of Borg missions, yet.
- Gravity Well 2
- Energy Siphon 2
- Sci Team 1
- Hazard Emitters 1 and 2
- Tachyon Beam 2
- Emerg. Power to Aux and Weapons
- Reverse Shield Polarity 1
- Torpedo high yield 1 and 2

I used mainly disruptors and photon torpedos. Sometimes I would try tachyon beam banks in the rear. I kept my Aux power up, also used Efficient bridge officers (Saurians).

I would use energy siphon and gravity well to weaken the enemy ships' shields, along with my disruptors, then deal heavy damage with the HY torpedos.

* My current state
Ship: Deep Space Science Vessel - not yet fully equipped
I had picked the DSSV before I retired and not really crazy about it.

* Assumptions and questions so far:

* 2 X Emerg. Power to Shields seems ideal since you can keep shields reinforced indefinitely (from what I read in forum postings). Should I replace my Emerg. Power to Aux and Weapons with those? I can always use batteries for my weapons and Aux.

* Is anything broken with the Graviton Generators skill? I saw a posting from this year that the Graviton Generators skill was no longer having an effect on the Gravity Well ability. Devs were aware, but wasn't sure if this was fixed. Here is the related thread I found:

* Should I get that C-Store Vulcan D'Kyr ship? any benefit over the DSSV? Or not worth the money?

On consoles and DOFFs I can probably figure that out, but will take any suggestions. I was going to see which Sci skill affect the Sci powers I have listed above, then review against the table of deflectors and go from there. This Deflector dish to Sci Skill table seems helpful:

I'm going to use this skill planner to help rebuild my Science player again:

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