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03-23-2012, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
We keep hearing from the devs that running around your ship while warping can not be done. Or at least not without rebuilding the whole game. But I think this can be done, and would be very popular now that the interiors are getting more functions.

Travelling and looking out at the stars? No, that is too hard for them.

But imagine this:
You beam to your bridge, run over to the conn, and get a list of destinations. You choose one, and the following happens:
1. The system starts a timer (either fixed, or varying according to the distance you travel), say 5 minutes for fixed time)
2. When the timer hits 0, your ship is transwarped to your destination point (without you leaving the bridge)

I know the tech permits this, as you can beam from your ship in Sol System to SFA, and beam directly back out to your ship in sectorspace. The only thing needed is the contact and the timer.

So how about it? Spend 5 minutes talking to your crew, instead of sitting 5 minutes looking at the same stars rush by!
I proposed this same idea a few months ago, having a psudo travel when you are inside your ship.

Viritually it's the same idea, you set your destination, there is a database that has the time it takes to travel to that destination, you stay inside doing roleplaying, crafting, or DOFF work. And when the timer is up, you get "you've arrived" message and you zone out to be at that location. Maybe even entering the mission that's at the location.

And I think it's very plausible for Cryptic to do. The tricky part is having to add in star streeks out the windows and in the viewscreen when you are in route. And at the destination, having the proper location outside the window.

But also in my proposal I also mentioned a speed setting, so you can decide take your time going to the destination or go faster. So you should think about that as well.
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03-23-2012, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by stevieboysw View Post
We dont need a 3d model in space, just a bunch of numbers counting down in the background.

I was thinking the same thing about having it just for major waypoints in each sector block. ESD, DS9, Qo'nos, Memory Alpha, K7, and ect.
Exactly! I just don't want to have to sit and click a button ever 2 minutes for what feels like an eternety, to get from Iota Pavonis to Zenas, or from Psi Velorum to Pelias. Even The Picard could go to his quarters and stroke the old flute, while his ship travelled to the destination! (you know, the flute he got from that memory-array)
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03-23-2012, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by Aries2507 View Post
its not quite that easy, you see when you are inside your ship your ships itself (externaly) isnt ecactly your ship anymore it basically ceases to exist bar a place holder on the sector/zone server. it cannot be interacted with. While you are inside you are in an specific instance, that you can invite other players to but while you are there you are for all intents no longer a part of the game in general and do not return to normal play until you choose to.

to have you held both in this instance server and the main server both under a timer while your ship is (for all intents) under autopilot in a dynamic player zone would mean you would have to be made aware of the following while you were inside your ship instance:

- all Zone specific "tells"
- random encounters
- zone shifting

Now as you are suggesting a set timer and then a trans-warp style shift while you only see stars on your viewscreen you would be specifically negating the very reason sector space exists and would be removing any and all interaction with 90% of the passing player base. But worse than simply removing the MMO out of the MMORPG you would be handing a very lazy option to an already quite lazy game. sector space is already navigable by auto pilot but at the very least you can look at other players and interact.

The interiors are there for Role play and a decent place for small meetings for fleet officers but they simply are not well enough developed to function in the way the classic PC game Bridge commander did nor will they every be due to the combat and interactivity dynamic of the game in general.

sorry but i honestly dont see this happening
He's not suggesting the ships also be on the sector map, afaik

Think of it this way: due to the inconvenience of going into your ship, many people will still be in sector space. However, for those who wish to roleplay and see what to itneract with in sector space, they'll still have this option.
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03-23-2012, 08:03 PM
It is a feasible idea, an mostly a good one. I think a flat 5 minutes is a bad idea. I would suggest they should already know how long it takes each ship to travel between two systems in sector space (or should easily be able to come up with a formula for it based on how fast your ship moves in sector).

Viola! there is he amount of time it takes at standard warp. By allowing you to select your warp speed, you can increase or decrease the time to arrival.

I think the problems is however what do they do about if you suddenly decide to leave the bridge or set a new course. How would it know your exact spot in sector space to make the new calculations?

It's so simple! They make a scaled down map of full sector space (kinda like the minimap already) and as you move between two points, it would track you on that map much like the minimap does now, then it would know where you are in sector space. It really wouldn't be that difficult if they would just measure out the maps. A grid system would even be close enough. Just so long as it knew what grid you should be in and not the exact spot would work.

I just don't see why they insist it can't be done.

EDIT: Sorry Azurian, didn't see you idea. i think we both the the same thought line here.
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03-23-2012, 09:37 PM
"Timer Travel" is really no ones idea, many people have come up with the same idea over the last 2 years. This idea was brought up on the Tribble forums in the Shipboard Doff Feedback thread just two days ago. Its just a logical thing to want in the game.

Early exit was discussed in more detail a few months ago. They could just have you exit where you enter, thats the lazy solution. But they could do he the minimap solution that you suggested.

I also think they could have a few waypoints on the map and not track your exact position if thats too much work. Basically if you travel from Memory Alpha to DS9, it would track maybe 10 waypoints, and if you exit before the trip is complete it pops you out at the last waypoint passed.
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03-23-2012, 10:12 PM
I honestly wouldn't mind if when you traveled, you did so via Bridge. Below I will explain how and why...

For starters, whey your transport to your ship, it takes you to the bridge and not the exterior of your ship.

From inside the ship, you can set a course and a countdown will being.

Upon hitting 0, you and your ship zone into where you set a course for. If it was a mission start point, you would zone into that mission and begin as normal. If it was just some random planet, you would go into orbit.

Instead of zoning into your bridge to check things out, you would be able to zone outward to the exterior and look at your ship.

Switching to this system, you would be able to completely dump sector space entirely, thus saving server resources and further limiting lag.

Travel Timer and everything similar to what I posted above is not a new idea. It was in Bridge Commander.

Yes, yes.. I know what the negatives are on this and I really don't need (insert random forum troll) to tell me how much they disagree with what I am talking about.

The truth of every suggestion in this thread is that none of it will end up in game, as Cryptic has committed themselves to the sector space travel system. That requires you to fly your ship manually from the ships exterior, not from the bridge.
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03-24-2012, 12:33 AM
I think it'd be easier and just as functionally useful to simply allow you to exit the ship interior via the captain's chair and "zone" to any number of space zones nearby. It might take a few such "teleports" to get say, from Earth to DS9, but that's not really a hindrance, because it'd still be nice and fast.
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03-24-2012, 10:16 AM
What they said was that basicly your Ship and your character are ONE. Asin, you cant be on the bridge of your ship and visible in sector space as your Ship only. At least thats how far my understanding of it goes. Personally i find sector space to be a beauty, and would be rly sad to see it go. But given the choice ide rather spend time on my ship and with my crew with a timer on my screen to my destination and a warp animation on the main screen. Then having the many loading screens of death that comes with all the various sector block walls.

Wonder if the Devs still plan on adding that one Sector space to rule them all deal. Would be nice.
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03-24-2012, 10:34 AM
I can see issues with it still, primary social.

However, between transwarps, dilithium store transwarps coming soon, and sector space being capped at, what 75 people per instance (which is now a fragment of the people IN sector space), sector space isn't a social hub.

My overall feeling is:

Exploration should be handled via ship interior.

There are many perks of this, the most prominent of which is that current exploration is moving around inside a box. Shifting exploration to ship interiors gives you a feeling of not knowing where you are. (There's also the problem that exploration clusters tend to conflict with where some real places should be on the sector map. This will become more pronounced if they find a way to start merging sector space into larger chunks.)

I think they should nuke the clusters and have exploration take place within your ship.

Beyond that, making interior-based exploration could allow for a measure of player control as to what type of content they experience in exploration. You LOOK FOR certain things in my ideal model, which means, for example, LOOKING FOR crashed probes, distress signals, M-class planets, etc.

I could go into a full on design doc for exploration but I don't really see the point right now.

The key idea is, I'd have a button on the UI that says "explore." Click it. Go to your interior. Warp effects are visible outside the windows. You supervise your crew through tasks, directly and DOff based, and these provide "skews" that shape the kind of mission you get. The existing exploration missions would be available without a skew, on a 30 second timer or so that will either load the anomaly minigame or one of the existing exploration maps. However, by doing certain DOff assignments or other activities, you can load more engaging mission scenarios.

One key factor in socialization is that having more real players participating in some of these games loads more interesting (and sometimes group oriented) scenarios.

For example, maybe an STF with a random enemy group that is possible to access through exploration only when you have a team of five people on a ship interior.

Another feature I'd have for socialization is to have several ship slots that a ground weapon can be locked into. By locking a weapon into one of these slots, you add the ability to replicate the item... but copies cease to function after an hour. Call it an "Emergency Weapon Replicator" and have it accessible via a weapons locker near the transporter room where you or your teammates can loot nice weapons. After 60 minutes, the replicated weapons degrade into an object that is mostly useless but can be recycled for a small amount of dilithium ore.
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03-24-2012, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by CedricO
What they said was that basicly your Ship and your character are ONE. Asin, you cant be on the bridge of your ship and visible in sector space as your Ship only. At least thats how far my understanding of it goes. Personally i find sector space to be a beauty, and would be rly sad to see it go.
This is why i would use the timer approach. You are your ship in one zone -> you are your char in the bridge zone -> you exit the bridge to a different zone.

But I would only make this available for inter sectorblock travel, and as people here suggest, for special mission types. Not for travelling inside one sectorblock! I also like sectorspace, as long as I don't have to hit a wall and then zone to get more space...

So zones are kept populated by anyone moving inside them, but the people who want to leave the sectorblock will not be there. They will be in their bridge instance, doing something.

I like best the idea of having a spawnpoint in the middle of each sectorspace, so you would have to do the local travel, but would be spared the long hauls.

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