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Originally Posted by DKnight1000
At this level due to the layout of Cannon skills I recommend running

Torpedo, Quantums would be better than Photon.
Dual Beam Bank
Dual Beam Bank

2 Turrets, since rear facing weapons and broardsides are not something escorts do.

Carry a Shield battery, since you have an empty device slot. Detrium is better but.

The Biofunction console does a great job of keeping your crew levels up, shame Crew does next to nothing for any ship in this game. Get a Countermeasure Console since you have Jam Sensors.

Phaser relays or even generic energy console in the Tac slots, Having them empty is costing you DPS and as an Escort that's your bread and butter.

Redo your BOFFs
Tac Lt.Com
Tac Team 1 > High Yield Torp 2 > Beam Overload 3
Tac Ens
Tac Team 1

Beam Overload, Beam Fire at Will and Torpedo Spread are all valid options but, I recommend Tac Team 1.

Eng Lt.
Emergency Power to Shields 1 > Reverse Shield Polarity 1

Sci Lt.
Jam Sensors 1 > Hazzard Emitters 2

When you start an Attack run, Pop Tac team to auto redistribute your shields, than hit Alpha Pattern, Beam Overload and High Yield. Kill shields torpedo Hull and it should be dead or close to it. Keep hitting the Tac team to keep your shields under control and you can Use Tac Team and Reverse Shield Polarity as an Emergency Shield regen. Hazzard Emitters is because there will be lots of Hull fire and it's a better heal than Eng Team. EPtS for when shields take a bit of damage.

If it lives and you start taking damage run away with Evasive Manuvers and do another attack run.

You can use an Aux battery to boost your heals or a Weapon Battery to instantly recover from the Beam Overload.

The Jem'Hadar set is fine, but Polaron are late in the game so you won't have access to them and Tetryon could be quite expensive. If you want you can use a pair of Dual Heavy Cannons and Cannon Rapid Fire 2, but Beams might be the way to go now. Although Cannons will boost both your turrets and DHC's while BO3 only helps the first beam shot but it is at 850% damage.
This is probably the absolute best advice. Thanks so much. Worked PERFECTLY.
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03-24-2012, 07:56 PM
Glad we can help.

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