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Hello All,

I was just wondering what actual % increase that you are all getting from 1 Field Generator console.

I ran numbers of my escort using the Borg shield array has a base and found that 1 Field Generator console was only giving me 13.964% increase to my shield cap.

Others have been saying that they are getting the full 18% and I知 curious to find out if the Field generator console gives you a different % based on what type of vessel that you have it slotted in.

It might be set up like the shield array system that we already have where for example one shield will have a different capacity based that may be higher or lower depending on which vessel type you have set has your current.

Using all T5 vessels

Borg Shield Array (just sitting in inventory)

Base shield Capacity with Science vessel set has current vessel being used is 6037

Base shield Capacity with Cruiser set has current vessel being used is 5250

Base shield Capacity with Escort set has current vessel being used is 4725

My Science numbers might be off a bit because I have not used my Science captain or any of my science vessels in quite some time and I知 going off memory for it.

I知 going to post the numbers that I got with my Escort Captain using the Defiant Refit:

Borg shield array cap base not equipped 4725

Equipped on my Escort without Field Generator shield cap = 5927

So my skill points give me a + 25.45% increase to my shield cap

With the 1 Field Generator equipped my shield cap is 6754

So one Field Generator is only giving me a 13.964% increase in cap not 18%

If I were getting a full 18% my shield cap would be 6994

I知 not perfect and my numbers could very well be off but I致e checked them over many times and in the case of my Defiant and they hold true.

Is anyone else seeing similar or different returns?

I値l be pretty upset if it turns out that the Field Generator % varies based on the type of vessel that we have in slotted in.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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04-02-2012, 04:27 PM
Never mind all,

I thought the Field Generator took into account your skill points that boost your shiled cap as well but it only boost your shields original base, so it is giving a 18%.

Sorry to waste your time

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