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# 1 Elite STF's and AFker's
03-28-2012, 07:08 AM

how lazy can you be to AFK in Elite stf's

I have made my fair share of mistakes in Elites dont get me wrong but now the shoe is on the other Foot !!!!

There needs to some form of voting system that if you get vote banned out of enough Elites you need to complete All the St'f Again.

I wanted to report the player today but other players on the game just said meh nothing you can do the Devs dont care about it.
Is this information correct ?? i have fraps of the event.

Please some form of protection for Actuall Elite STF players.

By my own admission i am not an Uber Elite STF player.
But saying that. i ask for tactics before we start. I dont blow nanite generators and Duhhh why we loosing Hurdur .... i take cubes to 10% and leave them alone.

I am still working on different ships with different setups, one day i will find something that completly pwns
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# 2
03-28-2012, 08:10 AM
they are going to change elite but will not happen till season 6 update I know it is frustrating with the amount newbs.
I think they willhave to play normal several times before unlocking elite

whet newbs do not get is you need to grind out the 300 accolade to get 12

by having to grind ou accoldes to unlock will give them time to get the good borg gear they need for elite
I am leveling an alt and runningSTF's the one thing you will not see is me in elite untilI get 300 accolade

and mark 11 space and ground set
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# 3
03-28-2012, 08:25 AM
i did a bit too many normal ones before entering elites and i did so much reading about tactics that i could remember them at any time.

I think you need to finish omega or maco xi accolade that unlocks elites. That way you have good enough geat and you probably have enough skills and minimizes afkers.

Last elite i was in had a guy who told hi this is my first stf. Well i was like omg but he did not screw things up. At least he was honest and did try to do something, altough lack of gear he died every time borgs shooted at him.

We really need some kind of vote for afkers and accolade for noobs.
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Anyways let me be devils advocate in this post. Some people in Elite STFs run at warp speed away from the majority of the team to get the optional and forget the occasional Heavy or Elite drone the rest of the team has to fight. Then activates the timer for the shield generators which puts preasure on all team members and they think the "Vets" know what they are doing just because they have the fancy armor instead of the guns which by the way are worthless and the ones who wear the Omega armor or Maco are down before those who do not have that armor, namely me, still fighting. Look for tough STFs you have to slow methodical and most of all efficient and stay with the group if i wanted the team to split i would have used my boffs. So it may seem that these guys are AFK but they are really left in the dust by hothead armored guys that think they have a license to go there own way. Would Data run off into a Borg crowd without his group? we all know the answer don't we. I train in Otha everyday i know how the Borg oppereate so i'm a true Vet and not an STF junky.
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# 5
03-28-2012, 08:40 AM
I have never done most of the normals but I can do all Elites. Your logic is invalid and a voting system would just be abused.If you don't want a bad team then don't pug the missions.
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# 6
03-28-2012, 12:27 PM
agree with not Pugging being a relativly reasonable answer but not enough of my mates like STO.

i have to admit i did about 1 normal STF and found it pointless as i had done all the missions on hard i was used to needing some form of tactic whilst fighting.
although doing the ground elites gave me a wake up call lol.

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