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Having tried Elite STFs, many of which proved fruitless (Kang got destroyed, optional fails and about half the team drops... etc), can I suggest a change to Cure Ground?

Instead of the Borg defence turrets, can I suggest instead the optional is to destroy all the forcefields (apart from the one at start) and reach the end generator in 15 minutes?


1. Can the Borg be given a slight nerf for Cure? I doubt all the Borg would have shields and the combination of the turrets and drones with shields is causing the teams I'm in to quite often get "stuck in the mud" mid-STF, stuck trying to destroy the turrets, the borg workers,

2. Can you stop the turrets re-spawning? It's fine the first few times, but once you nearly get all the 4 Borg towers linked, the first turret re-spawns... and the whole process restarts within a minute.

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