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05-30-2012, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by Ithaqua
I encourage ALL Federation players, especially all those Defiant Jockeys out there, to switch to RAINBOW immediately...
Will do!

But frankly, I fully agree with aestu, and I also agree that rainbow ships ARE NOT the worst possible thing you can encounter in an STF - they are in fact one of the mildest problems you can ever encounter. Besides, tbh, I think that even with a full phaser build, I'm not a match for a good Cruiser. Why? Because I'm not capable of gearing myself properly in the first place.
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05-30-2012, 01:17 PM
Well, we all know the argument against it is that you can't max your DPS. BUT, if that isn't your main firewall (eg tanking or support)... then, why not?

If you are not in an escort, you don't have a lot of tactical consoles anyway, and you might feel your science vessel or tank makes out better by using the tactical consoles for a special universal console, thus maximizing the number of available eng or sci slots.

Also, if you are building a torpedo boat, you may be devoting tac slots to them instead.

Also... keep in mind that if you aren't maxing out your weapon power setting, you are getting a diminished return on your consoles anyway... it might not be worth the slot if your power is at 50.

I have a science build that makes out aux & shield power, with the rest to engines. My energy weapons are weak no matter the console. I use science powers to drain shields, then hit the hull with torps. Not the best build for PVP, but she's a great ally to have alongside you. And with no energy tac consoles, I'd lose nothing by going full Little.

Personally, I would like to see a little more emphasis placed on weapons procs, less on straight DPS... it might make it worthwhile to look for synergistic combinations. For example, if crew recovery were more important to getting subsystems back, and phasers procd more often, a phaser/polaron combo might be worth using.
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05-30-2012, 01:25 PM
PLB82, have you tried swapping to transphasics, negating the use of sci shield strip and use teh two torp doffs to spam em?
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05-30-2012, 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by LEONHART View Post
PLB82, have you tried swapping to transphasics, negating the use of sci shield strip and use teh two torp doffs to spam em?
I did, but I felt like I got more bang out of just regular torpedos, and pulling the shields down.

Now, I'm not a stats guru and haven't done extensive testing, but just looking at their stats:

Quantum Mk X: 3006 Dam, 8.5 sec reharge (354 DPS)
Transphasic Mk X: 1956 Dam, 10.5 sec (186 DPS) Quantums only penetrate 10% against shields (unless it's a resilient), and transphasics penetrate 28%. But that raw difference is so large that the penetration doesn't seem to help.

Q MkX = 3006 x 10% = 331 (35 DPS)
TP MkX = 1956 x 28% = 548 (52 DPS)

...So while the Transphasic was doing more with the shields up, the quantums hit so much harder with the shields down, I was destroying stuff much more quickly. At 52 DPS, it takes forever to kill something through the shields, so I just did the 35 DPS and pulled the shields down, then hit for the big DPS once my science abilities had done their trick.

Now... to your point about the DOffs... haven't tried that yet, and I would need the Rapid Reloads (do they work with DOffs?) for maximum effectiveness. With 3 VR Projectile Officers, a RR vs Quantum would be 110 vs 69... yeah, that might work. I may give it a try.
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05-30-2012, 09:53 PM
Originally Posted by avarileria
I run a rainbow boat. I used to run all AP weapons, maximizing consoles etc. And I got bored with it. So I decided to make a rainbow ship. Did I lose DPS? Yes. Do I get a kick out of the skittle boat? Yes.

My question is, beyond the console stacking, is there a real arguement against the rainbow ship? I see tons of abuse on these forums and in chat channels, heaped on folks with skittle boats. I can see one argument (the consoles) and I do agree with it, don't misunderstand me but... is there anything else?
I don't care what anyone thinks the second they see those skittles burst out of my front end (groan* nooob) - I just want to know if there's anything supporting that thought BESIDES the consoles.

And yes this is for real, not trolling. I tried to find the answer here but I just found disparaging remarks with no numbers to back them up.
If you're just doing PvE, don't care about it. Fights will be slightly longer. Big whoop.

PvP and STFs are the land of the minmax glory build.

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