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Originally Posted by JXC View Post
Okay... you see my build and worthless or NOT I have 8000+ shields
I can get almost 10k on a BoP with the proper set-up and skills

, 42000 hull (which were both full)
but not anywhere near that hull.

WHAT weapon and buffs do 16666.67 points of damage each!? NONE!
a fully tactically buffed Beam Overload one, two or Three or a fully tactical buffed THY one , teo or three. A fully buffed Alpha strike against an unprepared foe. There are others.

Or there should be none... it makes NO SENSE AT ALL... you are missing the point here... something is NOT balanced -
Somethings are not balanced but Damage versus Healing and resist capabilities is fairly well balanced. If you do not understand how they work then you will die.

I love the ship in PVE and I dominate...
Which is your first mistake in assuming you will do well in PvP. PvE does not prepare you for PvP in any form or fashion.
PvP has a harsh but easy learning curve. Check the PvP forums for many threads that can help you get better. I've seen players like yourself learn to excel in PvP when they take the time to learn the ropes.

I don't even get to use any officer skills or anything before I die
A reason why we ask for your BOff set-up to see if you are set for PvP play and know hwo to use them pro-actively to stay alive longer.

- if Starfleet OR in real life if you build a ship like that it would be RECALLED and scraped... I don't know if it is an exploit or a cheat but something is DEAD wrong with that amount of damage in THREE hits...
In the proper setting with a chance to get prepped and if I get a lucky critical hit, I could easily do upwards of 45+ damage with a single weapon strike destroying your shields and half your hull and follow it that with a barrage of cannon fire and a THY quantum torpedo to finish off the debris field that would remain.
And I am only a middle of teh road PvP'er. Many of teh best out thier could do it without having to focus that much attention to it.
No cheats
No exploits
Just good old fashioned understanding of how things work.

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