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Originally Posted by JXC View Post
Okay... you see my build and worthless or NOT I have 8000+ shields
I can get almost 10k on a BoP with the proper set-up and skills

, 42000 hull (which were both full)
but not anywhere near that hull.

WHAT weapon and buffs do 16666.67 points of damage each!? NONE!
a fully tactically buffed Beam Overload one, two or Three or a fully tactical buffed THY one , teo or three. A fully buffed Alpha strike against an unprepared foe. There are others.

Or there should be none... it makes NO SENSE AT ALL... you are missing the point here... something is NOT balanced -
Somethings are not balanced but Damage versus Healing and resist capabilities is fairly well balanced. If you do not understand how they work then you will die.

I love the ship in PVE and I dominate...
Which is your first mistake in assuming you will do well in PvP. PvE does not prepare you for PvP in any form or fashion.
PvP has a harsh but easy learning curve. Check the PvP forums for many threads that can help you get better. I've seen players like yourself learn to excel in PvP when they take the time to learn the ropes.

I don't even get to use any officer skills or anything before I die
A reason why we ask for your BOff set-up to see if you are set for PvP play and know hwo to use them pro-actively to stay alive longer.

- if Starfleet OR in real life if you build a ship like that it would be RECALLED and scraped... I don't know if it is an exploit or a cheat but something is DEAD wrong with that amount of damage in THREE hits...
In the proper setting with a chance to get prepped and if I get a lucky critical hit, I could easily do upwards of 45+ damage with a single weapon strike destroying your shields and half your hull and follow it that with a barrage of cannon fire and a THY quantum torpedo to finish off the debris field that would remain.
And I am only a middle of teh road PvP'er. Many of teh best out thier could do it without having to focus that much attention to it.
No cheats
No exploits
Just good old fashioned understanding of how things work.
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I see a lot of people talking about the fact that PVP is not balanced. But looks like a lot of them are Feds who have 46 ships to choose from over the Klingon 23 and Romulan 13. Fed ships are simply better than all but the Romulan Scimitar so I really cannot understand a Fed moaning about balance. I am not trying to start a fight (even though I just did... sorry). I am just trying to understand how you can think it is not fair when you have better hull, more tac consoles and more choices?

Yes Klingon ships can cloak but they blow up as soon as they de-cloak because they have a paper thin hull. So what good is a cloak when a lot of players have emission seeking torpedoes, and all mines will find a cloak ship that passes near. There is so many ways to de-cloak a ship that cloaks are not viable in PVP when facing a seasoned fed ball.

Romulans have... the scimitar. Other than that they get toasted in PVP. Not a Scimitar? They you are dead. Fed Patrol Escort then you have an instant IWIN button.

I do not see Cryptic every making any attempted to balance the game. They are simply not that smart. If they did then all sides would have more ships to buy so they would make more money. If they are so stupid that they have NO TEIR 5 RAPTORS in the c-store then they are pretty business stupid and balancing PVP actually requires some major brain power. They can't even figure out how to make money. They can't balance the game. More ship equal more money. They don't get that. Sorry guys.

Still as unbalanced as it is I still manage to have fun and score more kills than deaths. Sadly I see very few KDF in PVP and I think anyone with a reasonable amount or common sense knows why. I PVP every Friday and many times I am the only KDF or only a small amount of others.

I blame F2P personally because every game I played that went F2P totally disregarded any form of balance and went pay to win. Except this lot is not even smart enough to do pay to win properly and made it Fed to Win.

Ok now that I pissed everyone off I have to say that it was NOT my intent. I am just venting because I have every whip available to KDF and nowhere to go from here. I feel like they do not want my money. I mean no tier 5 raptors in the c-store? Does that even make sense? People would buy them. Now there are 2 mirror raptors and I have them both. I do not have the fleet raptors because the seating is not as good as the mirror universe raptors.

I do have a fleet Hoh'Sus and it is a decent PVP ship as is the B'Rel both fleet and c-store version. But we have nothing to compare with the Fed Patrol Escort with that nice tail gun. They are well armored and hard as hell to kill. I do love fighting them but I have yet to kill one.

Honestly I think they need PVP gear in this game but they would only put it on the Fed side making it even more of a waste of time as no KDF would show up in PVP and the feds would eventually get tired of flying around in circles with nothing to do.

Balacing the game creates healthy competition but Crippled Cryptic has no interested in that. All they care about is micro transactions and putting the screws to anyone who does not have a fed as their main. It is a stupid business model. I thought when the greedy Chinese (Sorry Chinese dudes. I still love ya), got this game they would try to make money off us all. But that did not happen.You would think Prefect World would let go of the screw the Klingon thing at least try to milk us for every dime by offering things to buy. It did not happen.

Now another game is lurking and promising balance and that they will not choose sides to bless and sides to screw and I foresee a flood of KDF types and many bored Feds leaving when it is released. Dang shame because I actually like STO but this lack of concern for paying customers is very annoying.

Yep this is a long rant. I am frustrated. SO I am going to rant on their forum. My rant will no absolutely no good. I get that. I only play KDF so they only thing I can ever expect from Cryptic is maybe a polite FU note or maybe they would just ignore me altogether as they laugh a the idiot who wishes they would do silly things like fix bugs, add some story, actually finish the half voice overs on the KDF side or add a few KDF ships. They think it iis funny because they are getting plenty of micro transactions from the fed players so screw the rest.

I feel better now. to top it off, they are not getting any more of my money. Protest? NO I have nothing left I can buy. I got everything KDF has to offer and I am not making a Fed unless they finish the KDF side.

There is something to be said about greedy companies who just want to take our money: They want everyone's money so they sell to everyone. But what can you say about a company so stupid that they do not want everyone's money and only sell to a single side? Well you say nothing. You just hang your head and walk away lol. When they get hungry enough they will figure it out on their own I suppose.

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Hey hey now!


Seriously folks, if a thread hasn't been responded to in 30 days please don't bring it back up If you feel you need to continue the thread by all means make a new one!


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