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Hi gang,

I have just Published a Foundry mission called "Yes, Abercrombie. Yes, it would.".

I would like, if I may, to dedicate it to everyone who has ever made a Foundry Mission. It is my way of saying "Thank you for all the fun missions I've played so far, and will probably play in the future."

The storyline was inspired by the Foundry Challenges, which I think are an awesome idea.

Here's the Mission Description.

"Yes, Abercrombie. Yes, it would."

3 very unique Starfleet Academy cadets have created an entry for the very first Starfleet Holodeck Challenge, and you have been selected to preview it to make sure that it is of a high enough standard to be entered.

Genre: Parody/Drama
Playtime: EPIC. 1.5-2 hours.
Reading: Lots
Combat: Lots

(Begin the mission via Wanda Yarbo at Starfleet Academy, which is in the Sol system, which is in the Sirius sector.)

So, if you Foundry authors out there need a break from making awesome missions, then please consider this as a way to unwind.

My last mission got a bit of flack for taking liberties with the player's crew - that doesn't happen here. At every single point, your crew is treated with the dignity it deserves. You yourself have the option of replying quirkily, but there is always a 'dignified' response available. That is my promise to you.

People who should enjoy it:
- Other Foundry Authors
- People who have played many fantasy/rpg games
- People who like Star Trek holodeck episodes like ''Fistful of Data'
- People who like reading
- People who like pop-culture references, including old and new school stuff.
- People who like quirkiness, but don't want their crew to act out of character.
- Meta fans

People who won't enjoy it:
- People who hate quirkiness. But please remember, this time I don't force you or your crew to behave quirkily
- People who hate reading, and just click on continue, because the story may not make sense then
- People who hate memes and everything they stand for
- People who didn't like meta
- People who don't like ground combat

And there it is!

So, go and enjoy it my fellow Foundry users - I made it for YOU!

(Well, for me, a little bit. But mainly for you. )
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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04-15-2012, 03:56 AM
I really liked this mission, it was a parody of what we do, but it had it's own unique charms. Using a holodeck mission making theme within a mission making thing.


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