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# 1 $50 cruisers
03-28-2012, 08:55 PM
I want a refund of the 4000 Cpoints i spent on those useless ships. I bought the 3 pack and that was a total joke and they are complete trash. i'm not askin someone to post on here saying its against policy yada yada to give refunds. I'm saying you WILL give me a refund on those pieces of trash or youll never see another cent of my money period. The ships have been deleted from my shipyard so just disable them again on my account or don't i dont care i'll never fly them again but I want my 4000 Cpoints back. I'm not asking for you to send me a check for the $50 i spent but I want those Cpoints back immediately.
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# 2
03-28-2012, 09:20 PM
You spended 50$ to virtual items ?! Why did you not just earned it by Dilithium exchange ?
Tip for the future - Gather informations about a product before you buy it
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# 3
03-28-2012, 10:06 PM
I still find it sad that such recurring problems arn't news anymore because the playerbase expects them. ReBeL some advice from an old player, Don't buy anything on the C-store until you have spoken to people who have either already bought it or are talking about it on the forums. Get all of your questions answered.
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# 4
03-28-2012, 10:09 PM
Always try things out on Tribble first before spending money if possible. Your "demand" will be filed away in the appropriate bin, but if you are serious, you need to contact Billing.
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# 5 TIp for the future.
03-28-2012, 10:16 PM
2 tips,

1. Before you buy, try it out first. How do you say? Tribble. You could have tried those ships and many new things that come into the game on tribble, and it will not affect your actual account whatsoever.

2. For a situation like this. You should go to the STO website, customers service. The forums are for other players to read what players opinions and views on the game, not thier refund requests. Not to be harsh, but you wanting a refund has nothing to do with us. You can post what you think about the ship, its trash yada yada, but if you ACTUALLY want your c-points, and your not just complaing about it. Customer service is your bet

I am basically saying, if you post that you want a refund here, and you don't submit a ticket to customer service about it, good luck on getting it.
On the other hand, you could have submitted your post to customer service without putting it here, and if your going to get a refund from them, then you will get it.

I actually just tried the ship for the first time today cause I finally built up enough c-points and I bought 500. Personally I think it is a beauitul ship with good functionality. Will I buy it? No, its too much for what it has, and I have the POS free one to look at. I wouldn't use it. I will probably buy the klink one since it is so OP nothing can stand against it.
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# 6
03-28-2012, 10:34 PM
You won't get a refund, since, legally speaking, you purchased them in good faith. The description of the ships are simply that, they are not magically "I WIN" items and don't claim to be.
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# 7
03-28-2012, 10:57 PM
This has Mommy and Daddy promised to buy you a car for your 16th birthday, you told them you wanted a porche and they got you a pinto so you blew it up and then tried to take it back to get a refund.

50 Dollars is a LOT of money, there's no question about that, however there were so many possible ways for you to find out if they were worth it or not before you spent the money.

1st) All the stats for the ships have been listed in several different spots

2nd) All the information about the universal consoles including abilities and limitations have been listed in various places

3rd) 10 gazillion posts about the Odyssey since it was even released on Holodeck from players that tried it on Tribble. Don't think it's really changed all that much

4th) Not really all that different from the one from the 2 year anniversary. If you didn't get one then I'm sure you know plenty of people you could have asked or even just all the random players with them.

5th) You basically spent $16.67 for each unique console, and minor changes in three separate ship classes, but it's essentially the same ship duplicated.

6th) People have been complaining about the Odyssey in Zone chat since day 1, did you really expect them to change it that much, and if they had you would have heard about it in zone chat.

Basically what all this boils down to is sucks to be you. Not trying to be mean, but buying something virtual is no different then buying something from a store or mall. You have to compare prices, weigh out the pros and cons and find out about something before you buy it. And since you didn't do any of that, how much time and effort did you really spend trying out the ships and adjusting the load out to see if maybe it's just the skills or equipment your using on it.

I've purchased the MVAE, the D'kyr, the Yellowstone, and the Thunderchild. I asked everyone I possibly could about both the MVAE and the D'kyr for a good week before I even decided on buying those, cared more about the appearance then the stats with the Yellowstone, but still studied them and accounted for it incase I wanted the actual yellowstone and not just use the skin, and even though several people told me it was worth the 800c to get the thunderchild just for the point defense console I still took my time to decide if I really wanted it or not and if I would actually have any use for the ship itself. All in all I've spent more than $50 on c-points for everything on my characters, and I definitely don't have the money that 50 or more isn't nothing big, that's a huge amount for me as it obviously is to you. It is very clearly stated in several places that refunds are not given so why wouldn't you have made 100% sure it was exactly what you wanted before you bought it. You may not want to hear it that there are no refunds, but that's only because you think you're entitled to one despite your impulsive stupidity and buyers remorse.
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# 8
03-28-2012, 11:14 PM
End of the day, we're all human and we're not perfect. Impulse purchasing is believe it or not, human nature.

Just treat it as a learning experience and move on. Whether you support Cryptic or PWE or not, they don't really care. This game is a commercial entity and they're out to make profit.

It's definitely not an exclusive club or something where you purchase not just membership but rights to influence said club's future developments / your benefits in said organization. If you want that kind of authority you'll be paying not $50 but hundreds of times more.

MMOs are no different from any other retail business out there. They have to earn enough to cover running costs, admin costs, development costs, and keep their respective companies afloat.

They don't give out invitations for you to play this game; they build the product and people come to try it.
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# 9
03-29-2012, 12:04 AM
Odyssey pack and the Bortasqu pack give you what you paid for.

Full set Odyssey is a beast to destroy and full pack Bortasqu is one hell devastator.

But I forgot to change my default power setting once on the Bortasqu set and it was easily defeated though still much stronger than any other ship on default balanced power setting.

You need to tweak the power settings of your ship to be able to make use of its full strength.

None of the two pack flagship is a bad ship but personally I like the Bortasqu better than the Odyssey

Don't get angry they are good ship. Unless u spent the amount u couldn't really afford meh u can always make another 50 bucks. I know 50 bucks is a lot but if u really like it why not. Just have to watch how much money in total you're willing to sink into STO. That's all.
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# 10
03-29-2012, 12:08 AM
there is nothing wrong with the ships you need to adapt to make the ship one with your characters abilitys i had the same problem when i got the excelsiour after using the nomad and then it all fell into place when i changed.

the reason people complain in a game is that things change alll the time and you need to modify your tactics and play style

fighting a BOP is completley different to playing one

have another go with them see what happens and then you will see the $50 you spent will be worth while
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