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# 1 Ten problems I have noticed
03-28-2012, 10:14 PM
1. The lack of copy/paste functionality makes dealing with complex dialogue extremely difficult.

2. There is no way I've found to change a "pop-up dialogue" to be a "speak with contact" interaction or vice-versa. I created a deep speak with contact dialogue but it should have been a pop-up dialogue because of the way dialogues work in space. So I have to rewrite and recreate the entire thing because there is no copy/paste and no way to simply change the interaction type.

3. Switching from alien to human (or back) wipes out all model customization, including clothing. Since the clothing options are the same for humans and aliens, why wipe everything out?

This makes missions that involve disguise pretty much impossible to create. There was an episode of Next Generation where Counselor Troi was changed surgically into a Romulan in order to infiltrate the Tal Shiar. Not only can we not change clothing to the KDF faction (let alone Romulan) for a Federation character, we can't change the racial features without wiping out all customization and starting from scratch.

I want to create a mission where a human Starfleet officer is captured by Orions and put into an Orion uniform against his will. This shouldn't be difficult to do in the Foundry, but it's not currently possible.

4. Cannot assign outfits from both factions to characters regardless of faction affiliation. This makes missions that involve disguise or uniform change for whatever reason impossible to create.

5. The Risa beachwear is not available in the model customization tool, so I can't create crew on leave or make them look sensible if they visit a place like Risa. Please also enable the ability to automatically change into beach attire for visiting a Risa-style beach area -- or at least give a prompt giving the user the option.

6. Placing people on maps is not very precise. Map customization should be able to be done within the map itself in addition to the "big picture" NPC placement and such that we have now.

7. There should be group NPC placement settings that make them look natural as part of a group. Make them look at each other instead of staring into nothing. If there is something like this already I haven't found it.

8. Missing emote: If women can dance seductively, then why don't men have their own seductive dance moves? Men who are dancing can certainly be seductive.

9. I haven't found a way to place landmarks on a planet, like a large structure that is viewable from space. We can see the Great Wall of China from space, why can't we see anything in STO?

10. Missions that involve multiple outcomes don't seem to be easily crafted. Dialogue, for instance, offers just "success" and "fail" as outcomes. Why not outcome A, outcome B, and outcome C?
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# 2
03-28-2012, 10:21 PM
Oh, one more thing:

I was able to change the initial contact (mission giver) to a different outfit/appearance at one point but can't anymore. I can only choose from the list of pre-made people. Unfortunately that list doesn't have any good-looking men in it so it's not ideal. The two men from Risa in particularly are amusingly ugly.

I also haven't yet figured out how to get the mission to start properly -- how to place/deal with the mission giver. It's not very intuitive. I'm going to find a FAQ and hopefully it will clear this up.
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# 3
04-17-2012, 06:39 PM
1. CTRL-C is copy. CTRL-V is Paste

2. nope. got to do it the hard way. to do that see answer 1

3. Becaues someone fell asleep at the computer

but you can use the alien to make a klingon in a FED uniform

4. See answer 4

5. Sadly no. dont hold your breath on it ither

6. any good mission editor would be in real time ingame. unfortunitly dont hold your breath on that ither

7. try grouping NPC together and going over the diffrent animations. avalible

8. Becaues cryptic wants to attract the kids.

9. Planets are objects. to do what you ask would requier texture editing. given that the foundry is babys first mission editor, i dont think you will ever see that. would be cool thoue

10. Becaues its very linier. other than diffrent dialogs, you cant have diffrent endings some times it may seem like they do. but sadly they dont. its only a trick that some smart pearson is doing. they all end the same every time

Message to all: i am never on this fourm. yell and scream all you want, i more than likly will not reply to any post responding to mine. Good day all.

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