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03-30-2012, 02:21 PM
Some questions about Fleets and some changes that would be nice (especially with the revamp to fleets coming up):
1) Can we have more potential ranks for fleet members?
2) Can we get better bank logs? The ability to copy/past from the logs would be fantastic as well as a timestamp. (I know the log in the Fleet popup has timestamps, but it doesn't go back as far as the one from the actual bank IIRC)
3) Not really Fleet change, but would help a lot, the ability to send more than 5 items at a time in the mail (don't need 50, but would like more than 5) and the ability to withdraw specific items rather than the all-or-nothing way it is now.
4) The ability for Fleet Officers to see when members have joined the fleet (good for those fleets with time requirements for promotion) and if possible who invited them to the fleet.
5) currently an account can only send one Fleet e-mail a week as I understand it, if the amount of information is long that means they have to split e-mails over multiple weeks, or multiple officers and if for instance they are leader of a Fed and KDF fleet they can only send a fleet mail to one or the other, I would like to see ability to send more than one per week (even if changed to one per character rather than per account) and/or the ability for longer e-mails
6) Grouping by @Handle as well as seeing the @handle of those who leave the fleet (rather than just character name) would be great.
Lt. Commander
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# 212
03-30-2012, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by KnightTemplar_99 View Post
60% is still a majority so I'm not sure why I am wrong... And the game definitely isn't 60/40 in term of sectors.
You're wrong because you said the majority of the Federation by way of 80% was in the Alpha Quadrant.
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03-30-2012, 02:58 PM
Can we have a rough timetable as to when we'll get Katanas as Melee Weapons?

Nothing specific, just a rough timeframe would work, such as Season x or month y.
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03-30-2012, 03:06 PM
Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions for the April Ask Cryptic! I am going to ship these questions over to Dan so he can pull some of them out and respond. The answers will appear in an upcoming "Ask Cryptic" Web Feature that will be released in the beginning of April., as well as at a special in-game event.


Brandon =/\=
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