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# 31
03-29-2012, 10:00 AM
What has been the server uptime for holodeck shard for the past 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days?

How many active users are there using STO at this time?

How many "support tickets" are filed in the average day for STO?

How many Cryptic employees are dedicated to STO? How many work on STO part time along with other Cryptic projects?

What controls, if any, does Perfect World have over STO content?

Have profits been up, or down, since F2P?
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# 32
03-29-2012, 10:00 AM
1) will we see a revamp of the ship Tier system that makes sence of the ships we have?
2) will we see a additional sectors added to the map?
3) When will we see the ambasador, New orleans, Yeager and Andorian ships?
4) Can we please have upgradeable warp cores and Computer cores?
5) Can we please have the ability to send the ships in our bank (The ones we dont use) on assignments through the DOFF system?
6) Will we ever see Terrordome / Starbase 24 Ground and the DS9 fleet actions returned to game?
7) What ever happened to the "Children of Karn" and "Into the Hive" STF's?
8) What happened to the terrority control?
9) What happened to the Convoy mission that was mentioned before christmas 2011 (the PVP 1)
10) Could Lock Boxs be used to offer softcannon ships?
11) When will Duel Torpiedo launchers be introduced?
12) Will there be an APP for the DOFF System?
13) Will we see more Cannon Ground weapons?
14) Will we see more ship skins added to the game?
15) When will season 6 be released?
16) Will we see 2409 versions of the Miranda / Excelsior / Oberth ships?
17) When will the T4 Galaxy skins be added to the T5 versions?
18) Will we see +1 versions of the Older T5 ships like the Soverigen, Hermes ect?
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# 33 Hey Cryptic
03-29-2012, 10:05 AM
Hi Cryptic, great game overall guys, really you made a long time ST fan proud and it makes up the void that Star Trek left when most of there syndicated programs are off the air.

Here are my questions

1. Ive been trying for weeks to get the Dillithum necessary to get me a RSV or Recon Science Vessel. It costs 120K in dillithum which is hard to get due to the low 8000 refining a day cap. So my question is, i already paid $300 to be a lifer (which is worth it) but i don't want to put anymore money in game, any idea how to speed things up a little? Why the switch from Energy Credits for ships to dillithum?

2. Ive been facinated with into the Hive the new STF thats coming out. The Queen sounds intriguing, i really hope you get to talk to her and outwit here and instead of going guns blazing. The Queen i believe deservers more attention so my question is (since im so stoked its insanity) when will this be coming out? Also will you bring in some Queen voices prior to the game from Voyager for voice over like Alice Kringe (VOY: Endgame) or Susana Tompson (VOY: Dark Frontier)?

3. I also wish to ask about new vessels down the road and i see you guys have gone C-store each time and i was wondering if and when you make the Ambassador Class or the New Orleans Class (please do this one soon) it will be open to the general public like the Odyssey class free version (great idea btw) was before putting it on the C-Store. Theres a big fanbase for the Ambassador and New Orleans and im one of them so can you give us a little hint if you make one?

Thanks for your time and i hope to hear from you soon

Captian Jake NX-925653 USS Atlantia Promethus Class
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# 34 New Faces or uniforms
03-29-2012, 10:06 AM
Hey Dan any thoughts about a new base face preset? Right now we only have 2 base face options.

Also how about a Cardassian uniform?

Or a TNG or Voyager ship interior?
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# 35
03-29-2012, 10:07 AM
Merging PWE/Cryptic Accounts: When is the resolution to the previously declined to merger people going to get another chance to merge their PWE and Cryptic accounts?
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# 36
03-29-2012, 10:09 AM
Will we see Klingon or Federation-issued EVsuits? It seems like the Cardassians are at it again, they'll sell anything to anyone. (Ships, weapons, EVsuits.....)

Also, will we also see more EV-Suit missions? And will they (and the holographic guard costume) be available on the Foundry?
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# 37
03-29-2012, 10:11 AM
some questions from a fed player

1. Can it possible to have a cross faction sjip sale for t4/t5 ships i.e klinks can have feds one sci ship and feds can have one carrier for limited time??

2. when we are going to see balance for the +1 consuls or nerfing to the fed ships??

3. will the klinks ships from the c store be into normal circulation for dilithium purchases??
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# 38
03-29-2012, 10:11 AM
Hi,whene we well get Official Verison of the game for MAC,
iHave MAC PC and i want to use it for playing ST:O.


Will you pleas ReDesign Earth from Space. . .
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# 39
03-29-2012, 10:12 AM
1. Thanke you Dan for Enlightening us on trying to make Foundry missions into "Cryptic" missions for Klingon Progression. Is there any additional Information you can give us on that?

2. Thanke you Brandon for Updating the Calendar regularly, and the candid information when plans change. Pertaining to the Items on the Calendar, is there any additional information you can give us regarding any of those things. (Specifics)

3. Can you Enlighten us as the the second Visual update planned for the STF Ground Armor?

(Far Ahead)

4. if and when the tech. falls into place to convert foundry missions into Cryptic missions for the Klingons (thus helping to flesh them out), will not the same Tech. be usable to spearhead the Romulan Faction?

If that Is the case, I am assuming that the Romulan faction would be developed as an expansion none the less...meaning Cryptic would charge for it. This is acceptable.

5. In a playable Romulan faction it would contain: Romulan, Remen, Hirogen. Are there any thoughts about which others? Might I suggest the Breen? given their proximity to Romulan space, and their "cough" cold nature?

6. Has any thought been given to the fact that the current Romulan capital is located within Federation space (per cryptics sector blocks) ?

Also I would like to recommend the new capitol (if conceived) be located on a massive mobile Starbase (much like the Vault). A sort of Mobile command center that can travel to oversee Romulan and allies space, something that would strike fear in any Rebels when it appears with hundreds of escorts. It would be a new ideal for a new Romulus, a Reborn Romulus, might I even suggest it could be called "Romulus II" after the home planet.

7. I digress...but thanke you for all of your hard work, it is nice for players to finally see what I know you people have been aching to show us for so long.
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# 40
03-29-2012, 10:15 AM
I think it's adequately clear that your team's beautiful work on environments and new mechanics take time.

Are there plans to leverage existing features and assets for new mission content aside from The Vault and Facility 4028? And have you considered advancing the game's storyline through non-episode based approaches such as a story "crafting" system that reveals story details and advances the player characters' and factions' storylines through item or clue gathering? (Ie. collect 5 random rare drop items that happen in specific places and assemble them at an intelligence or conspiracy theorist hub for a very short cutscene and a choice dialogue. Then repeat for additional story progression.)
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