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Here is an idea for a Heavy Cruiser Retrofit. As the Stargazer class is brand new, and as demonstrated with the Odyssey, that Starfleet tends to add bells and whistles to the post prototype vessel, we have a tier jump. The idea is to make an alternative to the Excelsior while using existing artwork. To satisfy those who really like the Constellation, make an upgrade, ala the Exeter if desired, and make type 6 hulls available to them if possible (a stargazer would look pretty nice in type 6 I think).

Well back to the nuts and bolts of it. The Bridge officer structure is functional, but harkens back to the older version. The universal BO station adds some versatility to the design, and allows an over to customize their ships function. The ship pays for this functionality by not having large numbers of high end BO powers, again compete with the Excelsior, not OP her. The hull is a bit less then most tier 5 cruisers, but that should be countered out be a bit better maneuverability, which in this case should be slightly
higher then the excelsior. I thought this would be a good point to have 5 engineer consoles, as it feels more heavy cruiser, and would allow the application of more armor then most to partially counter the reduced hull.

For the console, although I'd like a Picard maneuver, I think a better one might be a shield similar Barrier Field Generator off the Klingon Phalanx Science Vessel. Well thanks for your time, just something to think about. I mean how cool would a four nacelle starship at tier 5 be. Yes I know about the Prometheus lineup, but I think a cruiser version would be good, and this should be able to be done with minimal resources, provided a new Constellation Retrofit isn't added, which personally I'm sort of torn about.

Heavy Cruiser Retrofit

Hull: 34,500
Shields: Per Cruiser
Front- 4
Rear- 4
Crew: 600
Bridge Officer (12 total)
Engineer Comm
Science LT, Ensign
Tactical LT, Ensign
Universal LT
Device Slots: 4
Engineer 5
Science 2
Tactical 2
Turn Rate: 10
Impulse Modifier: 0.17
Inertia rating: 40
Power Bonus: +5 all

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