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What are the possibility of having weapons slots that are not forward or rear?
Is it possible with in the game's engine to have side or top and bottom weapons slots?

In the Dominion War game, Achilles class ship has an micro torpedo array that only fires from the top.

Having new firing arcs for weapons in new escorts or large cruisers would add a new spin to space combat.

Think about if they release an huge cruiser with broadside canons with 130 degree firing arc on the sides, new tactics will be needed for slower ships to avoid being encircled by this ship.

Or a new escort having an topside, ships will have to try to attack from its blind sides.

Is there also any way to introduce hard points into the game? Different ships will have different hard or weak point. Galaxy class's weak point will be the neck. Defiant class will the bottom of the ship.

These suggestion will encourage more maneuvers on the player's part to get at the weak points of the ship and have their own hard point facing the enemies.

Good, bad, or stupid ideas?
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# 2
04-01-2012, 09:53 PM
If they ever make T6 ships.

They could add a single special mount to the middle of each ship, that converts the weapon placed there into a 360 arc.

DBBs DHCs and DCs excluded of course, Singles fine.

Note I think T6 ships should be any currant T5 ship with the Lt.Comm and Ens slot upgraded once, hull and shields adjusted and 2 bonus console slots.
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04-02-2012, 05:57 PM
It's difficult enough as it is working with the z-axis without true "ascend/descend" control, corkscrewing up and down the z-axis isn't ideal, and while firing arcs work well with the z-axis, not much else does, 99% of maps are completely flat.

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