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04-02-2012, 08:07 AM
I'm just repeating what Roach said.

The idea itself like many throughout the forums are interesting and cool, but it won't really apply that easy to the model we have in the game.

Currently, there is no real worth to the vessels themselves; meaning like how it was for instance in DS9 where Dukat and Kira captured a BoP.
Hate to be perpetual on the phrase but "the game is too WoW-like in mechanics" that boarding hostile player-controlled vessels would simply not make any sense.

For such a neat idea to happen, ship fights would have to be something like Uboot style, a lot more of tactical and slower than hard-n-fast-paced - to begin with.
Coupling that idea with having more players controlling a single vessel would have been cool too, but this too was most likely something that was dropped or simply not possible.
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04-02-2012, 08:10 AM
Originally Posted by bmr1580 View Post
Pretty much.

This could work if a new PvP mode were implemented that involved only 1v1 combat... or a complete overhaul of the entire space combat system that would slow combat down to a crawl, eliminate you from the game if you die, and switched the captured vessels allegiance. Neither of these are viable or attractive options.

Space combat in this game is fun at its current pace.

1v1 should never be the focus of Game-driven PvP, in any MMO. Private matches sure, but the queues, never.
It will work really nice with completly diferent pvp system, 1v1 is great if certain situations, what about a dinamic space sector where is allowed engagements if you are in a ''red zone'' where enemys can be attacked or ambushed forcing to fight if you dare to cross the line? with a maximun group of 5 and a minimum of 1 allowing reinforcements to max the group cap in a defined time and allowing scape by fleeing of your attackers heading to escape points , a more situational pvp system where the space sector becomes board of game.

Well i will love th see boarding fights implemented somehow, i will brings really nice fun situations and will add to the game.

(Actually i play POTBS also love the pvp in there)

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