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04-03-2012, 07:55 PM
Originally Posted by deamond63 View Post
Well you dont have to retire your old beams just get a new ship i know that the new oddisy class has a hidden buff on it if you will it esentualy the more you shoot at something the more accurate you get this is mentioned in stoked 115 i beleve
its a unbeatable damage bonus that they have after a minute. i have encountered in many times in isolated cruiser duels, there is no way to counter the damage it causes after only a minute. i will never fly a sci flagship, they disgust me.
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Originally Posted by Shinkuu_Akagan
The fun thing is the Guramba Javelin is far superior. It hits more often and hits VERY hard.
now you see that frustrates me the Lance and the Javelin are supposed to be roughly on par with each other (with the javelin perhaps having a little more grunt due to the massive limitations of siege mode movement) but we are forgetting that BOTH of these weapons are supposed to be Star Trek WMD's and in the case of the Spinal lance...its simply not.

a Garamba can fly like an escort / light cruiser with the weapon disengaged and fight at a reasonable level without its Javelin and can shift its self out of danger and into a new combativly relevant firing position with shocking grace and ease and cut loose with a high fire power and incredibly destructive primary weapon who's cool down does NOT negate its effectiveness.

Compare this to the Galaxy X and the Spinal Lance and you find a ship that is under powered and intermittently useless due to a shocking 3 min cool down with a turn rate that borders on glacial means that 2 mins and 59 seconds out of every three mins means she is nothing but a big lumbering target when compared to the "fire and fly" nature of the Guramba.
With this in mind and looking from a Design and Development point of view the Galaxy X should be a monster in terms of shields and hull strength...she is NOT....she is barely much tougher than a Galaxy R and not even close to the Odyssey (not to mention her variants) and sadly does not share her sister ships turn rate or (at present) separation ability that in all honesty turns the dumpy frumpy Galaxy R cruiser into a monster of a little beam escort when geared around her now enviable combative prowess.

As somebody who Captains the Galaxy X as a PVE ship and a Galaxy R as a PVP ship i cant help but think that something is horribly wrong here. I mean I am flying a ship designed for piece and exploration as a warship and my warship for light combat and Exploration!

So how do we fix this abominable situation?

After long and careful though and comparing it to its KDF equivalent and sister ship of the line our options in how to fix the Galaxy X stand as follows:

* Lower the cool down on the Lance

-If the weapon is not going to be buffed to be the game breaker that many believe it should be with its monster 3 min cool down then let us fire it a little faster. As it stands the Lance is only effective when stacked with phaser consoles and even then only when used after a decloak to gain the buffed attack bonus. Simply halving the current cool down to 1.30 would mean the weapon could be engaged faster and to more effect without destroying game balance. The only way it could possibly justify its present cool down rate would be if it was a pretty much guaranteed shield breaker or even a one or two hit killer rather than something most players (even escorts) can shrug off.

*Separate the ship with the Galaxy R console
-Shifting the Lance to a drone saucer section and limiting it to the proposed "shotgun scatter blast" makes so much sense for a warship that can equip canons. This would offer an escort like experience while leaving the potential to man up and tank should the need arise in any given situation. You can even justify the massive 5 min re connect and disconnect cool down for the ability due to the nature of the Lance and the complications of reconnecting all those power relays.

With a 1.30 min CD on the Lance and the ability to separate and function as a heavy escort the Galaxy X could be made into an effective and deadly Warship on par with the Defiant Retrofit or even the Gurumba even if this means sacrificing the Lance's range simply so we can keep up.
She is supposed to be a predator not the prey, its long since past time our lumbering sleepy beast woke up and fought like the ship she is supposed to be.

Now before some while that "shes an old ship" or "shes a retrofit of a 60+ year old ship" i would like the following taken into account.

#1. The Excelsior is still effective and in service and in many opinions is the finest DPS cruiser in the game

#2. The Galaxy class isn't the only ship design to receive the Dreadnought treatment. The Venture (a much younger ship designed to replace the Galaxy class) and potentially the Monarch class (if they ever get the skin working) can and are upgraded to Dreadnoughts with state of the art tech and combat systems.

#3. The tiny number of star fleet "warships" are shocking limited in there combat potential limited only to the modified escorts and fleet escorts The Prometheus class and Dreadnoughts. why then in a war situation would not the vast majority of the R&D be directed toward defence and the improvement of these classes of ship.

just my humble opinion here folks, feel free to ignoer or troll or whatever but it seems a little silly to have a ship classed as a dreadnought sitting on its hands while its baby sister does all the heavy lifting
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04-04-2012, 03:47 AM
Just wanted to say neither weapon is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. They are just a powerful weapon of finite destruction. A Tricobalt Device is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
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04-04-2012, 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by Shinkuu_Akagan
Just wanted to say neither weapon is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. They are just a powerful weapon of finite destruction. A Tricobalt Device is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

ok how about "Weapon of Potentially Ridiculous/Random Destruction" or WPRRD

although i'll be honest i wouldn't want a Lance or a Javelin pointed planet side at a major city...

...i mean could you imagine the destruction?

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