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Yes another 'Help with my build' thread. Just looking for advice on what I should look at switching around. I have looked at the others but their builds included doing some PVP, which I won't be; and weren't specific for me.

Some notes:

I don't PVP and have no plans to.

The Science skills (Starship Power Insulators, Starship Intertial Dampeners, and Startship Sensors) have points in them for the resists they supposedly give.

The 3 points in Starship Auxiliary Performance are to bring my Auxiliary Power to 47 from 41, this was done to help with my Shield Heals/Buffs.

The 3 points in Starship Weapon Performance are to bring my Weapon Power to 129 (when set at 100), so I can put an additional 5 points into Engine Power (which takes Engine Power from 69 to 72) and leaves Weapon Power (set to 95 power) at 124.

My two Tactical Officers have counterparts that are set for AOE attacks.

I use Shield Batteries just as much as the other Shield Heals/Buffs I use.

While I haven't done any Elite space STFs yet, they will be in the future; once I get more experience on the normal ones.

At present, I don't have any points into Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization.

I run 3 AntiProton Dual Heavy Cannons and 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher up front, and 3 AntiProton Turrets in back.

If the Resistances from the Science Skills aren't all their cracked up to be, and I am not sure they are, I would be open to getting rid of them.
Lt. Commander
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04-03-2012, 11:04 AM
Builds that work for PVP more likely than not are awesome for PVE. Look at those builds over again and think about actually trying PVP. I find that it's a lot of fun (even if I get blown to Kingdom Come a lot).

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