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Three years into the game and missions are still not being properly tracked and progressed when teamed up.

I've been trying to do some missions with a friend so we can get some expertise for the reputations on our fresh level 50s. Both missions we tried we had to redo because one of us didn't get proper credit (sometimes both of us). It got to the point where my friend logged off in frustration because we spent the same amount of time doing two missions that we could have spent doing five or maybe even six.

When is this going to be fixed? Teaming up to do missions with friends is almost pointless, because it's an absolute crapshoot when it comes to getting credit. Sometimes you do, oftentimes you don't.
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05-02-2013, 10:49 PM
For a proper answer more details would be needed. However, some things I noticed on this (mainly in invasion/adventure zones) that may clear it:

1. All team members picked the mission: everyone gets reward, but on some missions (do wutever x times) everyone seems to have it's own counter resulting in some finishing earlier, some later. - There are exceptions though e.g. epohh tagging, tholian (hard) etc.

2. Only some (but not all) team members picked the mission: they whole team is participating but only those who picked it get reward. - This can be frustrating for sure.

3. One team member (leader?) picks mission and shares it (window: missions/in progress): All participate, share the same counter and all get reward. - IMO the way it is intended to be done properly (though many seem not even to know about or how to do it).

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