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Cryptic has a chance to fix two of its major and one of its minor issues in one fel swoop. Two are a matter of Game Design and other an issue of PosTOS canon. What I speak of is the matter of ground and space traits and the ways they limit the viability of a particular character build as well as the increased leveling speed. And that our captains are doing the grunt work. So the single stone solution is simple:

Focus your Captain on space traits and allow us to use our first officers vicariously for ground content (captain still used for social zones with your FOFF as a 'social pet').

You design your First Officer the same way you design your main (and you can choose a different class). Your FOFF levels up through ground gained xp, while your captain levels up on space xp. Mission xp is split 60/40. Your FOFF takes your captains' ground skill set. Your FOFF will level to 50, but will only have the class skills of a 30.
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04-03-2012, 08:34 AM
As an option players could choose when they want it I would have no problem with. However, this Captain enjoys leading his away missions and would not want to see that removed.
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04-04-2012, 08:38 AM
Certainly, and perhaps a reversal as well if players prefer their Captain to be Kirk rather than Picard. Your FOFF gets your space traits while your captain gets the ground traits... would help those Caitian and Gorny Toads out.

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