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Not sure how re-posting works around here but I wanted the folks in here to take a look at this , kinda new to forum ethics.


What if ??

Completing a special duty mission has a chance to generate a playable mission start point or generate an immediately playable instance.

- Mission start points could be placed in any nearby locations that are relevant to the completed duty mission. Going to this location would access the new mission.

- Immediately playable instance pull the ship out of warp (sector space) and put the ship into and immediate mission instance.

- The Instance could be take place on board the ship or in space or a combination of both.start on the bridge , receive a mission on the main viewer, then the mission would appear in your regular missions log or an instant instance would carry you to the location.

idea's for Instant instances

Approaching ship,
Open hailing frequencies (onboard)
receive orders, (onboard)
detecting anomaly,
friendly ship needs help,
trade ship approaching,
planet calling for aid,
player ship crisis, or malfunction, technical , personal (onboard)
using ship facilities to solve the mission (onboard)
Local anomaly
Signal detected
Ships attacking local system

- Missions that are used in exploration sectors and foundry could be used here. Until more missions are developed through foundry.

- A simple "yes/no or later" dialogue could bypass or accept the missions as they come up.

- Mission start points could be available in the missions " in Progress " area.

- Instances could be available only in the instant ( creating urgency )

- Missions could be shared with teams.

Examples and usage:

Duty assignment about studying a spacial anomaly,
Duty assignment completes with critical success, Yellow alert goes off, with a message anomaly off the port bow , should we investigate?
if no, then carry on
if yes , then "sir, the anomaly its pulling us in"
bam ! mirror universe mission instance starts.


Duty assignment to track jem hadar movements
Duty assignment completes with critical success
Message, Captain Jem hadar decloaking , should we engage ?
Instance begins ( Jem hadar attack mission of some sort )


Duty assignment about Local diplomatic peace talks
Duty mission completes with critical success
Message box appears saying "Sir, incoming secure communication from starfleet " click to recieve
click yes starts and an instance in the Captain's ready room, where your receive a communication about the mission from your desk computer.
bam! a diplomatic mission start point is created at some random system.

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