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Sorry, I know this is "game play" bugs, but no forum for web site bugs.

I tried to login to my account on the web side with my iPad - here is what happened:

First, that Captcha is unusually finicky and difficult - it usually takes me two or three tries. Then I realized on Safari iOS: the CAPTCHA is not taking NUMBERS. - I will type the number again and again but nothing. Only Alpha and symbols (like the pound symbol: #).

I shrugged, passed the issue along in Twitter to Community Manager.

Here's the problem, though: I get home and want to login to get a little KDF time and every time I try to login I get an "Invalid name or password".

I am locked out of my account - both on the Web side and also STO Web Site - I cannot login. Nothing has changed - except that glitch when trying to login on iPad.

I had to submit a ticket - but that support portal is Perfect World - but I have a CRYPTIC account - which is incompatible. So I did a lot of "hoop-jumping" on the STO Main site, managed to submit a ticket on the Cryptic side, then the auto-response email finally gave me links to reset user name - I did (it took three tries before it finally kicked-in.) - then when my (always had it) password failed, I finally got a link to reset password. Agin, it took about three tires and finally worked.

Just as well as we all should change passwords often anyway.

So this is what I experienced:

Tried to login to web account (STO site) on iPad.
CAPTCHA was not receiving typed number digits (only alpha and symbols)
THEN on Windows desktop machine, tried to login to game launcher
Received an error that User name or password is INVALID
Tried to login to web site to submit a ticket - SAME ERROR.

One suggestion though: please make it easier to find the "reset password" link in support side.
Yes, I know there is a knowledge base with Q&A etc, but I could;t find that subject (I *could* have just missed it, I admit).

Anyway - sorry this is a "web bug" and not "game play" bug. But wanted to post it somewhere so devs can look into it.

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