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Been doing grinding community missions to get accolades. Work my way through several kill accolades, but partway through nausican accolade i stopped getting credit for kills n stopped getting loot drops. I had run it twice before with no incident so it is not the map that is the issue

This has now made the game unplayable for me. No loot means can't get sft equip, no credit means no more accolades and i am bored of storyline missions.

I need this resolving asap. I have sent a ticket in but given the average 2 weeks to one month response time and the urgancy of this i am posting it here too as it needs fixing asap.

Honestly i am fed up a this point and am considering just quitting all cryptics games and going back to wow. I only came here cuz i am a huge star trek fan, n to be quite frank the bugs and lack of gm support is putting me off more and more. At least in wow when ya have a prob n send a ticket in you get a quick response. Where as here half the time they don't go thru n when they do u have to wait weeks.

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