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# 1 Your Starbase Ideas?
04-04-2012, 03:09 PM
Generate and share some your ideas of things you would like to see and do with Starbases.

My own ideas:
WARNING: Still under construction.

Welcome to Starbase.

First, the fleets leader will select a Star Cluster or Nebula to set up a Starbase. They can chose from Khazan Cluster, Aefehirr Nebula, Hromi Cluster, Arucanis Arm or Rolor Nebula. Such star Cluster like Delta Volanis are inappropriate because KDF forces can not get there to attack those Starbases, neither are the Nebulas and Clusters in Klingon space appropriate for the same reason.
When entering the chosen Cluster, they select Build starbase. As long as they have the materials required (see below) then he enter the system space the fleets "new" starbase.
I say "new" because I envisiion something that looks more like the old and busted Draozana Station.
"Gee, Thanks Admiral/General"

5 total Tiers.
Tier Requirements to build or upgrade Starbase:

To build a T1 Starbase: Fleet, 7500 Unreplicateable Materials Common, 75 Uncommon Unreplicateable materials, 1 million EC, 100 Industrial Energy Cells, 100 Communication Arrays, 100 Shield Generators, 100 Provisions, 50 Medical Supplies

Tier 1 Unlocks: Starbase Name (this name will be Permanent thru the rest of the upgrades)
and Starbase Bank 1 slot, Food and Drink Vendor
Apperance: Old Station

Upkeep sustainment costs: 0

To ugrade from T1 to T2 : Fleet size 10, 1000 Common unreplicateable Materials, 100 Uncommon Unreplicate Materials, 1 million EC, 250 Communications Array, 100 Entertainment Provisions, 100 water Purificaton Systems, 100 Industrial Replicators, 100 Astrometric Probes, 50 Medical Supplies, 50 Antigens, 100 Shield Generators, 100 Provisions
Must have built: 3 Built Shipyards, 1 Communication Satelite, 1 Support Vessel

Tier 2 Unlocks: Tailor, Ground Equipment Requisitions, Fleet bank access, Mail
Apperance: Refurbished Station

Upkeed and Sustainment costs: 250,000 EC/month

To upgrade from T2 to T3 : 2000 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 200 Uncommon Unreplicateable Materials, 5 million EC, 300 Communications Array, 150 Entertainment Provisions, 150 water Purificaton Systems, 150 Industrial Replicators, 150 Astrometric Probes, 100 Medical Supplies, 100 Antigens, 150 Shield Generators, 150 Provisions, 100 Self Sealing Stem Bolts, 50 Warp Coils
Must have built: 6 Ship Yards, 2 Communication Satelite, 1 Asteroid Refinery, 2 Support vessel, 1 Interceptor Vessel

Tier 3 Unlocks: Sickbay, Shipyard, Commodities Broker, Exchange access
Sickbay: Minor Injury
Shipyard; Starship selection, Starship Equipment Requisitions, Starship Repairs: Minor
Apperance: Federation Starbase, KDF Starbase
Upkeep and Sustainment Costs: 500,000 EC/month

To upgrade from T3 to T4 : 5000 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 500 Uncommon Unreplicateable Materials, 10 Million EC, 350 Communications Array, 200 Entertainment Provisions, 200 water Purificaton Systems, 200 Industrial Replicators, 200 Astrometric Probes, 150 Medical Supplies, 150 Antigens, 200 Shield Generators, 200 Provisions, 150 Self Sealing Stem Bolts, 100 Warp Coils
Must Have Built: 9 Shipyards, 3 Communication Satelite, 2 Asteroid Refinery, 3 Support Vessel, 2 Intercetor Vessel

Tier 4 unlocks: Boff Requisitions, Boff Trainer, Transwarp to Starbase, Starbase PvP
Sickbay: Major Injury
Shipyard; Customize Ship, Starship Repairs: Major
Apperance: coming
Upkeep and Sustainment costs: 1,000,000 EC/month

To upgrade from T4 to T5: 10,000 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 1000 Uncommon Unreplicateable Materials, 25 Million EC, 400 Communications Array, 250 Entertainment Provisions, 250 water Purificaton Systems, 250 Industrial Replicators, 250 Astrometric Probes, 200 Medical Supplies, 200 Antigens, 250 Shield Generators, 250 Provisions, 200 Self Sealing Stem Bolts, 150 Warp Coils
Must Have Built: 12 Shipyards, 4 Communications Satelite, 3 Asteroid Refinery, 4 Support Vessel, 3 Interceptor Vessel, 1 Combat Vessel

Tier 5 unlocks: Respec Trainer, Prototype Console Purchaser, Dabo, GPL Vendor
Sickbay: Critical Injury
Shipyard; Requisition Starship, Starship Repairs: Critical Damage
Apperance: Federation Final Starbase, KDF Qo'noS shipyard (coming)
Upkeep and Sustainment Costs: 5,000,000 EC/month

Complete Add-on Build Totals: 15 Shipyards, 5 Communication Satelite, 10 Asteroid Refinery, 5 Support Vessel, 5 Interceptor Vessel, 5 Combat Vessel.

If every Add-on is built, unlocks Transwarp Gate.

Add-ons and costs:
Shipyard - Build Time 1 Day - 150,000 EC, 25 Warp Coils, 25 Shield Generators, 10 Industrial Replicators
Produces and Deposits a random Starship repair Component into Starbase bank, once per day, each. Must be activated(clicked) to collect. After collection, a 23:59 hour cooldown timer starts.

Communication Satelite - Build Time 2 Days-150,000 EC, 750Common Unreplicateable Materials, 50 Comminications Array, 50 Astrometric Probes
Recieves and intercepts Data Sample transmition, Generates and deposits random Data Sample into Starbase Bank. Must be activated (clicked) to collect. After collection, a 23:59 hour cooldown timer starts.

Asteroid Refinery - Build Time 3 Days - 250,000 EC, 2,000 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 50 Self Sealing Stem Bolts, 50 Industrial Replicators, 50 Industrial Energy Cells - Generates and sells refined products and deposits 7500 EC into the Starbase Bank, once per day. Does stack with multiple Refineries. Must be activated (clicked) to collect. After collection, a 23:59 hour cooldown timer starts.

Support Vessel - Build Time 3 Days - 250,000 EC, 2000 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 25 Warp Coils, 25 Shield Generators, 25 Medical Supplies, 15 Antigens, 15 Industrial Replicators -
Conducts Shield and Hull repairs on Starbase, Starbase Add-ons and fleet Member Ships. Low combat capabilty. Slow speed. Medium resiliency.
25,000 EC and 25 Common U.M./month Upkeep.

Interceptor Vessel - Build Time 3 Days - 250,000 EC, 2000 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 10 Uncommon Unreplicateable Materials, 30 Warp Coils, 30 Shield Generators, 30 Medical Supplies, 20 Antigens, 20 Industrial Replicators -
Defends Starbase facilities. Fast. Medium combat capabilty. Medium resiliency.
25,000 EC, 25 Common U.M., 1 Uncommon U.M./month upkeep.

Combat Vessel - Build Time 4 Days - 250,000, 2000 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 25 Uncommon Unreplicateable materials, 35 Warp Coils, 35 Shield Generators, 35 Medical Supplies, 25 Antigens, 25 Industrial Replicators -
Defends Starbase Facilities. Medium speed. High Combat capabilty. High Resiliency.
30,000 EC, 25 Common U.M. and 10 Uncommon U.M./ month Upkeep

Transwarp Gate - Build Time 5 Days - 5,000,000 EC, 2500 Common Unreplicateable Materials, 100 Uncommon Unreplicateable Materials -
Allows Transwarp to any sector block except "enemy" block. 500,000 EC 25 common U.M. and 10 Uncommon U.M./ month Upkeep.


Starbase Bank:
The Starbase Bank (SBB) funtions the same as the Fleet Banking system, but is independant and only accessable at the Starbase. The SBB will have additional repository slots that first need to be unlocked by upgrading the Starbase to higher tiers and then purchasing the slot. The new slot purchase should be the same pricing as the Fleet Banks, with the first slot being "free" with the creation of the Starbase.

Upkeep would be an automatic payment that is drawn from the Starbase Bank, slot 1. Payments would be every 30 days after the creation of the Starbase. The payment order is: 1. Starbase, 2. Support Vessel, 3. Interceptor Vessel, 4. Combat Vessel.

If the payment is not met by any one system, then that system becomes "disabled" and will not function again until the "Enable/Repair" payment is made. If vessels payment is not paid, the vessels will not conduct their normal patrols. If the Starbase payment is not made, then ALL systems are disabled, except the Tier 1 Functions which include the Starbase bank which would be needed to make up the Upkeep Payments and to renable systems.

The "Upkeep" is designed toward being a self cleaning system. If a Fleet starbase goes unused/unmaintained by a defunct fleet that had lost interest in it's development, then the Starbase's unlocked functions would be locked, which would include the PvP unlock at Tier 4. Thus the unused Starbase would not show to the other fleets with the intent towards attacking. A defunct Starbase would never go below the Tier 1 setting thou since it's upkeep is 0, so it will never be lost.

Some of CM Alecto's interior ideas:
Fleet Starbase Summary Concept Beta - Read more / View video[/quote]
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# 2
04-04-2012, 03:17 PM
i really like this, its pricy, but i am fine with those huge prices ONLY if there is no upkeep, i dont want to have to spend my time playing just to be grinding EC and Unreps just to keep my starbase, in any game i play i hate those upkeep costs. i dont think it would really fit well into the game either, but everything else sounds pretty good
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# 3
04-04-2012, 04:05 PM
I like the overall idea a great deal however more choices needed for appearance of starbase as fleets do like to be individual and not look like everyone else out there.
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# 4
04-04-2012, 04:59 PM
i had a really cool complicated idea for starbases but I think it is something heretic and cryptic are doing.

Basically it is empty space your guild owns.
You zone in. You get assignments. Each assignment costs a bunch of stuff. Each assignment creates a little bit of the star base.
At one point, you can actually, in your guilds space, beam abord a small room that your guild build with assignments that has all the air and power it needs to keep alive.

Then you build more rooms. More power. More features Each room, you can build to have certain things in it. Like a crafting thing. A refinery. A place to improve ships.
Defense. Energy Weapons. Photons.

All with doff assignments.
It gets bigger and bigger and more expensive until Heretic decides enough is enough (memory and database wise).
But you can also create defense platforms outside the star base (it works the same as how the borg tranformers work as well).
As well as NPC Patrol craft.

What good is all this, you ask?

Ok, here is how I envision PVP starbases goes.

There are empty PVP maps. A fleet gets together and says "Let's DO ITTTTT!" and turns there startbase to red alert.
That makes it attackable for an hour.
You need to defend it for an hour.

How do people attack it? Other than a queue system, I have no idea. I also don't know how to "win" because, population wise, a KDF starbase won't withstand an hour against a million feds.
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# 5 Boff Trainer
04-05-2012, 04:48 AM
I like to have Brige Officer Trainers on every Starbase... not only 1 in the entire Universe!
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# 6
04-05-2012, 07:55 AM
Yes that would be awesome.. I too feel its a little expencsive... even with a large fleet you'd have most members spending all their time grinding, and it would still take forever to have the resources to build a tier 1... jmho
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# 7
04-05-2012, 08:37 PM
I'm not in favor of this proposal for 2 reasons.

1) It is much more favorable towards big fleets

2) Its ridiculously expensive given the very little benefits imho.

Imo, take out

1) The upkeep.

2) Lower the prices

3) Make add-ons independent of Tier.

4) Implement a Fleet-Doff like system so the smaller fleets can collect resources quicker. (but make the things collected through the system locked to the fleet only)

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