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Originally Posted by marhawkman View Post
Personally i think the current market for purples is a bit inflated.
Actually the price for purples has come way down since the expansion of the Doff system as there are more ways to get them which leads to increased supply. The cheapest purple used to be roughly 5 millionish. Now you can get them for two and three million.

The only exception is the specific purple Doff's that have the traits to crit on a purple MK-XII console in the Toy's chain. In that case the prices have skyrocketed astronomically.

I paid 16 million for for a Purple Engineer with the efficient trait awhile back and now you could not touch one for less than 50 million; if not more.

Even if its not an engineer, but has the trait they are going for 20 to 30 million if its not a civilian and can be used in creating a console prototype. They were only 8 to12 million not too long ago. I got a few of them off the exchange before the price skyrocketed.

You can't call it inflated when they are essential to make those consoles. It is in fact fair market value for Doff's that are in short supply and high demand.

Even the Blues are going for nearly 10 million for the engineers with a crit trait while Blues with just the trait are 5 to 6 million now.

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