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# 1 It's simply amazing...
04-05-2012, 10:51 PM
how awesome PVP can be. I was hanging out in Kerrat with my Tactical KDF officer in his Qin Raptor, just planning to shoot a few Borg for the fun of it when I had a Defiant Retrofit open fire on me. Naturally my Captain ordered battlestations and seeked to fight this Defiant like a true Klingon Warrior. The dogfight was glorious, reminding of several shows I watched on the History Channel or the Military Channel, and in my opinion, we were pretty evenly matched (my opponent stated he had more hull healing than I did, which I find hard to believe as we both have the same BOFF slots) but in the end he won because an Advanced Escort joined the fight and double teamed me.

After exchanging pleasantries with my opponent, we warped into the next zone and fought again. This time though, I got the unexpected backup instead of him and he got destroyed instead of me.

The point of my Warrior's tale is I only got a taste of PVP playing....and I want more. And to say I finally got my first kill in PVP (not solo, but I fired the last few disruptor shots that killed him).

Another point of this tale is with the right skills, a Qin Raptor can match a Defiant despite the fact it turns on it's ***.
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# 2
04-06-2012, 05:09 AM
Congrats and welcome, you have been bitten with the pvp bug. Hull wise I think they are the same. Defiant can out maneuver you. If you see a jem hadar ship don't 1v1 it :p
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04-06-2012, 05:32 AM
I'll keep that in mind.

I have figured out how to nearly match a Defiant's turn rate despite me turning on my ass: at the same time I'm turning left or right, I go up or down a bit to bring my nose towards him faster, thus allowing me to unleash my cannons quickly.

Doing this I can nearly match a Defiant in turning.
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04-06-2012, 08:59 PM
this is how it starts, there really is nothing like the pvp in this game, all other content cant compare

your raptor has a few disadvantages, its pivot point at the very back of the ship is sort of far away from the weapon hardpoints, and it seem to me that gives you a fireing arc penalty. the arc should be calculated at the pivot point, but i doesn't appear to be as far as i can tell. on fed ships the pivot point is almost always in the middle, so are its weapon hard points so it doesn't mater. its part of what makes a rapter so hard to duel in.

the other problem is its unremarkable turn rate. 15 is good, but with the awkward pivot point it seems worse. you don't have to give up a console slot to cloak at least, and you have 3k more hitpoints then your average fed escort, but the defiant gets a turn rate 2 better then you at 17.

as far as the bug ship goes its hilariously OP, it has a turn rate of 20 and an impulse modifyer .02 better then other escorts. it also has a total of 20 bonus energy, 15 to weapons and 5 to engines and the same higher hitpoints your raptor has. if that's not enough, it has 4 engendering consoles, 2 universal LT stations, and a ENS engineering station to go along with its COM and LTC tactical stations.

if it were me, i'd stick engineers in the universal stations and use 2x EPtS1, ET1, RSP1, and ether A2S1 or DEM1 if i'm feeling cheeky. all at the cost of not having science team, or a tracter beam. the engenering heals are more useful to en escort then the science heal imo. so ya, leave those alone if the user looks skilled, but they die like everything else if the user isn't competent.
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# 5
04-06-2012, 10:24 PM
Still the fact that I, a noob at PVP, took a ship with such disadvantages against a skilled opponent and held my own is enough for me to begin focusing more on PVP.
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04-06-2012, 11:45 PM
yay star trek space PVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have fun kill bad guys!


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