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This week...

In an effort to communicate better to the Star Trek Online community on the Holodeck server, we have decided to post articles here on the forum on a regular basis.

A little about the SF41 The Black Sheep and the KDF41 The Ghostriders.

We are not a large fleet, but all our members have been with the fleet for two years. At one time, we were a large fleet with over 60 members. I think we were 76 members strong at some point. However, I think the fleet is much better now that it is a smaller social group.

Most of our news can be found at our Forum page located at the link:

Our fleet is set up to mimic a television production company. So, the rank structure consist of executive producers, merchants/traders, ambassadors, full-time writer, part-time writers, guest-writers, and stand-ins.

We run our own internet radio site located at:

Our radio station which we call "the Fleet Broadcast" is designed to be an entertainment tool for our fleet members. We mainly broadcast videos and music during the week. The radio station is coming up on its two year mark as of May 2012. I like our station in that we do not feature a radio personality. For me, the Fleet Broadcast is like the old TV set or radio that would sit in the background at an old hobby shop, while the players are off playing their role playing games.

Role playing

We approach role playing as if we were actors on a sound stage. We use the Foundry to create the sets or stages we need to perform on. While we play, we record the footage using FRAPS. Then, we take those clips and make a video episode out of.

If you go to our site and look at the video tab, we just posted the pilot episode for our first adventure story.

Current Star Trek episodes are:

Episode 1 - USS Peking - part 1 -
Episode 1 - USS Peking - part 2 -
Episode 1 - USS Peking - part 3 -

On the Foundry we have released several stories.

1. Call of Chluthu - in production - Novel - 6 Act story
2. Terror in the Patch - Novel - 24 Chapters that intertwines both factions through different time periods
3. A New Hope - Short Stories
4. Where the Brave Dare not Go - Short Story
5. Man Trap - This is a TOS story based on the actual TOS episode

Most of our shows we release to the public while we are producing the stories to get feedback. And we walk through the stories with the players to see what exactly they are having issues with to see what needs to be fixed.
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# 2 What an interesting article
04-07-2012, 08:23 AM
I read this article and found it to be fascinating.

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