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# 1 Space Skill Revamp 2.0
04-08-2012, 11:42 AM

The first space revamp made STO switch from a skill based system where tactical, science and engineering skills each had multiple complex stats and skillboxes where the players had to choose and specialize their templates into a system where tactical has all its primary stats reduced to three basic skill boxes to maximize their damage-dealing potential while science and engineering were left with the same complex, multiple-stat/Skillbox requiring template building options.

This has caused the severe focus on DPS-centric ships over anything else...simply because its the only thing that works effectively in the game. Science and Engineering, the very core of star trek , have been reduced to mere support skills for the ship's weapons.

Therefore a second space revamp is required to fix this issue.

I have drafted a proposal for such a revamp. The changes to it not only enhance tactical skills but also brings back engineering and science ships into the fold of effective vessels.

Major Changes:

1 - Addition of a new captain type & skill set: Operations. This captain type comes from a career path that focuses on how science, tactical and engineering elements available to the ship interact. Crew performance included.

2 - Operations Captain unique skills I'll leave up to Cryptic... in my opinion this capt. type should receive crew & BO performance boosting skills as well as some space and ground abilities that low % bonus from science,tactical and engineering capt abilities. A sort of jack of all trades but nowhere near as effective in them as the specialized capt. types.

3- Re-vamp of science,tactical and engineering skill boxes. Some skills moved to other sections, other skills removed completely and replaced by one skill that encompasses 2 or more of the old skills. Most important aspect is that the revamp includes the ship's crew into the skillsets.

4- BO abilities change ownership.

Image of the revamped space skill set:

Detailed Explanation of changes per skill section (aka engineering,science, ops, tactical):


Operations received what is essentially the bridge crew's control of the ship itself and the crew performance.

Shield Systems
Starship Manuevers
Starship Power Distribution (aka, electro-plasma systems)
Damage Control Teams (replaces subsystem repair and increases in-combat repair rates of hull)
Inertial Dampeners (new stat role: enhances ship turn rate from the base Thruster Control bonus and resists the turn-rate debuffing effect of attacks)
Sickbay (significantly boosts crew recovery rate and death/injury resistance)
Threat Control
Countermeasures (new stat role: boosts 50% strength of sensor based attacks, increases resistance to sensor attacks)
Crew Efficiency (boosts crew recovery rates, speed of subsystem repairs, boarding party attack/defense stats, energy and torpedo weapon re-fire times and power transfer speeds). This skill also modifies combat pets (carrier and non-carrier combat pets) by increasing their power levels for better performance.
Bridge Crew Efficiency (decreases BO timers and increases duration of BO abilities)


Engineering remains mostly the same except it has been given Shield Emitters into its skill boxes and the old impulse thrusters skill has been split into two components: Impulse Engines and Thruster Control. Some skill boxes were shifted around to provide appropiate access to repair-based skills early on. Too many low levels reach VA not knowing how to tank on their ships so early access to these skills should help.

Shield Emitters- Does the same it does now except the stat and the console are now engineering. As it should be.

Impulse Engines- Boosts acceleration and top speed of ships. Does not enhance turn rate.
Thruster Control - Determines a ship's turn rate.


Science is receiving a major change. Science no longer will have tank-based abilities..those are shifted to Operations and Engineering. As it should be. Science skillsets are focused on the trek-centric role of modifying the ship systems to provide solutions and unconventional abilities.

Flow Capacitors- Determines the strength (aka 'damage') of tyken rift,tachyon beam and power drain of subsystem targeting attacks (tactical).

Starship Sensors- increases cloak detection range and determines 50% of targeting (tactical) skill and 50% of any sensor-based attack (other 50% is countermeasures from Operations)

Starship Deflector Modifications - This ability determines the duration of Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift and tachyon beam abilities. determines effect of feedback pulse and charged particle burst.

Subspace Decompiler- Same as it does now: determines disable duration of attacks. Science Consoles will be added to game to boost this stat.

Starship Shield Modifications- enhances effect of reverse shield polarity, extend shields (which are Science abilities now).

Photonic Systems: Increases effect of photonic based abilities. Photonic Officer gets reduced timers, Photonic Fleet increases in hull and weapon power strength and duration, photonic shockwave damage and kickback increased.

Astrometrics - Makes a comeback! Astrometrics skill this time around enhances the outcome of anomaly-scanning minigames (more loot gained from them and longer time to complete them). It also increases the size of disable-effect explosion radius from weapons like tricobalt and photonic shockwave torpedos. Increases speed of gas-sensor torpedo. Increases sector space flight turn rate. Overall this skill benefits resource collectors and a narrow set of ship/weapons/abilities that canonically required some astrometric based stuff.

Graviton Generators- Determines the strength (damage) of gravity well and the repel strength of tractor beams/tractor related items (repulsors, grav well pull-in strength).

Starship Weapon Modification: Determines the effect of Directed Energy Modulation, Aceton Beam and the chance to disable of subsystem targeting attacks.

Starship Sensor Modification: Boosts effect (duration & debuff strength) of any sensor based attack as a bonus on top of what is determined by the sensor/countermeasure skill boxes.


Tactical lost a few abilities that were not weapon-specific (like maneuvering) and received new skill boxes which enable it to completely focus on tactical job.

Energy Weapon/Projectile Weapon - same as before.

Attack Patterns- Determines the damage bonus of attack patterns.
Evasive Patterns- determines the defensive bonuses of attack patterns.

Advanced Energy & Weapon Specializations - These boxes grant the missing bonuses lost from the removal of basic weapon training box and add a new bonus. Energy weapon bonus: If ship uses one type of energy weapon (all phaser for example) it increases the secondary effect's chance to proc up to 10% (@ 9 points trained) and lowers weapon power cost by 20% (aka not -10 but -8 power consumption per gun). Projectile Bonus: If ship uses one projectile weapon type (plasma or photon,etc) the secondary effect proc increases up to 25% @ 9 points trained and decreases the timer by 25% @ 9 points trained.

Bridge Officer skills changes:

No changes or adding of new BO abilities. Only change is they are switched around to other officer types.

- All science shield and hull repair abilities are now handled by Operation BO. (Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength)

- All AUX power transfer abilities are now Operations BO (Aux to SIF, AUX to Battery, Aux to Dampeners).

- All TEAM abilities are now Operations BO (Science, Engineering, Tactical Teams).

- Tractor and Repulsor beams are now Operations

- Polarize Hull is now Engineering skill

- Reverse Shield Polarity, Aceton Beam, Directed Energy Modulation are now Science abilities.

Granted, Engineering itself gets rather gutted out but it will gain new BO abilities that cryptic will add to compensate. I hope you agree that engineering does need more engineering-based stuff rather than being a sidekick to science abilities. Things like engine-based and hull-based abilities would be most welcome.

END of the Holy Wall of Text.
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# 2
04-10-2012, 07:14 AM
I think you shot yourself in the foot by adding a new Bridge Officer Type. You would have been better off doing your revamp without the creation of a new Bridge Officer.

If I were you, Id go back to the drawing board; because your idea is in a lot of respects good, but it will not hold water if it is dependent upon creation of this new Operations Bridge Officer. Think about how many ship Bridge Officer station configurations would have to be totally re-done in order to make this idea of yours work!
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# 3
04-10-2012, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by Teleon View Post
I think you shot yourself in the foot by adding a new Bridge Officer Type. You would have been better off doing your revamp without the creation of a new Bridge Officer.

If I were you, Id go back to the drawing board; because your idea is in a lot of respects good, but it will not hold water if it is dependent upon creation of this new Operations Bridge Officer. Think about how many ship Bridge Officer station configurations would have to be totally re-done in order to make this idea of yours work!
That's actually not a problem at all. Each ship would receive an extra bridge officer station for the OPS BO. Remember, the OPS BO is not getting any new bridge officer abilities, its actually using existing BO abilities from other BO types as its own.

The OPS BO would be ship type -1 rank station. Aka a science ship tier 4&5 has a commander level science BO ... and it would have a LT CMDR level OPS station added to it.

Ops captain types also open the possibility of adding new classes of ships. I would guess its ideal capt. type to assign the 'hybrid' ships as 'Ops' ships.

The new flagships would be OPS ships since they hybrids; the Tier 5 nebula would be an Ops ship, carriers would be Ops ships, etc.

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