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04-11-2012, 11:26 AM
I have always wondered why there were not more item slots on ships for things like warp cores and what not, but I don't think it would be very feasible to add something like that to the game but I don't know. It would be awesome though.

I did want to point out a few interesting numbers about KA though, esp about the unshielded targets. (numbers rounded to nearest 1,000)
Total Unshielded Hull HP: 6,416,000
Donotra+Tac Cube: 2,644,000
Ships(4 cubes, 2 spheres, 30 probes): 3,624,000

The 30 probes is an estimate I never bothered to count them. But as you can see nearly half the shielded target HP has nothing to do with the optional, in addition the station damage accounts for nearly DOUBLE the ship HP. And here is a really scary pair of numbers.

Estimated Attack Pattern Beta II Damage vs Structures: 1.48 million. (1762 DPS)
This the number I get assuming APB increases the damage by 30% vs structures (conservative) and that you complete the optional in 14 minutes. *warning math might be wrong*.

Kinda messed up that a single rotating boff ability by itself can account for that much damage I thinks, especially since it is a group wide effect.

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