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# 1 DOFF Suggestion
06-20-2013, 10:14 PM
First off, let me begin by asking for the traits on DOFFs to be shown as modifiers on the exchange, e.g. DOFFNAME [Efficient] [Logical].

This would align with the already existing system in place on the exchange and would allow for easy quick searching.

Secondly, please allow the faction filter (aka "only show usable items") to completely erase the items that you cannot use instead of merely hiding them from being seen. That way you can actually go beyond the 400 total items and maybe have a shot of finding what you are looking for.

Thirdly, allow for multiple copies of the commendation DOFFs to be purchased. They're nothing special besides the fact that a few of them look pretty cool on my roster. Keep the price the same and them being CBOP (Character Bind on Pickup). Adds a dilithium sink if players desired to obtain more than one of the same DOFF.

Fourthly, even out the officer exchanges across the board to have the same amount of critical/success/failure/disaster base traits. At the moment Bajor has 1 critical trait on their officer exchange program, but 3 on their asylum. This makes no sense. Please be consistent with the amount of traits.

Fifthly, do the same as 4, but for asylum missions. Why does Trill only have one critical trait? Trill is a part of the Federation or at least it was when I watched the TV Shows. Even everything out to have the same amount please.

Sixthly, introduce good missions elsewhere outside of Cardassian Space. If one is heavily into DOFF Missions you realize that the best things are in Cardassian Space. CS has rare commodities that no where else has. Other sectors have commodities of their own I am sure, but only the ones from CS exist in the game. CS has officer exchange programs, and again I have to be sure that officer exchange programs exist elsewhere. Why isn't there a Ferengi Officer exchange program? I could go on, but I am sure that by now you get the drift so I will just name the unique CS DOFF missions: Negotiate Delivery/Additional Delivery of Rare Commodities, 3 Exploration Sectors, Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar Chain, Recover Jem'Hadar Supply Cache, Give Sanctuary to Anti-Dominion Cardassian Agent, 4 Officer Exchange Programs, Colonial Team Assignments, the only NPC Trader that I know of outside of lockbox ships, 4 Asylums, Haggles for Rare Commodities, and TONS of assignments that use those rare commodities.

Adding good rewarding DOFF missions outside of CS, would promote exploration to these other places and therefore making the game feel more authentic because you're actually traveling the galaxy looking for more cool stuff instead of camping DS9 or Beta Ursae waiting for the next thing to pop up.

Seventhly, introduce a trait specializing system for DOFFs, Cryptic has already set a precedent that they will be "selling" Character Traits via lockboxes for players to obtain so why not include DOFF traits in this as well? Nothing to lose for sure. Make it another Dilithium sink, lockbox prize, or C-Store item.

Anyways these things were just off the top of my head, there's so much potential in this "Mini-Game" and I would love to see it be expanded even further.

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