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# 1 NPC AI Behavior
04-09-2012, 07:48 PM
Okay, I've seen some really cool and often hilarious things from the NPC's in this game since I started playing but this one took the cake and I HAD to share. I just created a 5th character, Fed. Quick bit of background, I created him based loosely on one of the alias's of Robert Heinlein's beloved character Lazarus Long. His name is Aaron Sheffield but he goes by the nickname "Lazarus". (Actually Lazarus' birth name was Woodrow Wilson Smith... if you're unfamiliar with the character you can Google Lazarus Long). I've tried to edit my bridge characters after members of the Long family, especially Lazarus' twin sister/daughter/wives, Lapis Lazuli and Lorelie Lee (they were actually clones of Lazarus that had been manipulated to be female instead of male). Now, if I do say so myself, I did an excellent job and they are a couple of redheaded, firecracker hot fems. Dynamite in very short skirts. One in science blue (Lap), the other in tac yellow (Lor).

We were running the mission where you rescue the Orion informant, Marta. We were battling our way thru waves of Kleenex warriors. We'd reached the room with the big pit in the middle. I was crouched popping off Kleenex's as fast as I could (we're all equipped with TOS phasers) when I noticed that Lap was in a bit of trouble at the edge of the pit. She was grappling with a big Kleenex swordmaster trying to get a clean shot, he was in close swinging that big cheese slicer. In the meantime Lor was to the right of me in her own battle. Lor has "Lunge". She looked over at Lap then turned back to her own Kleenex. She finishes him then takes a run at Lap's foe and does a flying drop kick, which sends the Kleenex over the edge into the pit (now remember, they're identical twins). She picks herself up... her and Lap look at each other... they take a step towards the edge (mirroring each other's movements exactly... just like twins) peer over the edge then whip out their phasers and *ZAP*... they fry the Kleenex. I saw the top of his little dreadlocked head flare out heheheheh. They take another quick glance over the edge... look at each other... then run back over to me and take up defensive positions just as the fighting ends. I was laughing so hard I had to take a moment to catch my breath. They looked and acted SO damn real and JUST like twins would. I SO wish I'd been recording at that point... dammit! I've played several other MMO's and many RPG's but the NPC AI in this game can sometimes be some of the best I've seen...

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