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Spend an hour, played 5 times, failed every time.

The very last time, we managed to get to the end, where we fight the large Romulan ship. We defeated it but the mission still failed because it hasn't completely exploded yet. Why do we have to wait until the ship blows up for it to be register as a kill?
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04-20-2012, 12:47 AM
The team I went in with had no real problems. We did however all have mk XI purple gear on our shuttles; MACO shields, [acc]x3 dual beams, 3-piece borg set, etc. If you went in with just the standard shuttle gear, I can see you having significant problems. Even though we were all on TS together, we didn't need the coordination that much.

Another key trick is to bring along at least one science officer so that you have a sub-nuke available. There was a sci officer from TSI on our team, and being able to take down the 13-second RSP on the end boss makes that fight a lot easier. Also be sure not to be near to Obisek's ship so that the thalaron beam doesn't get aimed at it.
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04-20-2012, 05:01 AM
done it 3 times , all 3 times we finish it.
why... because we listen the Obisek and what he tell us we done it , its very easy for finish if you listen him.
i will now just set and tutorial for it.... it will not be awesome because im bad at english so il try.

First room = 3 guys protect Obisek , 2 guys hack 2 consoles what are on left and right sides of room( you can done it however you want) , when you hack consoles kill the remain hostile NPC-s before timer goes off , you need to secure the room.

Second room= Romulan birds of pray will spawn , protect Obisek and hack all 4 consoles( these consoles are guarded with 2 turrets on each one) .... but in this room there is two heavy turrets at doors and one heavy tractor beam at wall behind Obisek when he goes on location for hacking(that tractor beam does more dmg than anything so you need to take care of it.
when you done with all you need to kill any remain hostile NPC-s to secure the room.

Third room= Romulan D'deridex class ship and thalaron weapons , romulan ship will attack obisek immediatly and you need to take care of him( i tanked him in my yelowstone runabout before we start to hack consoles).
thalaron weapons shoots like last boss in KASE , so you need to take care of them by hacking them , kill romulan ship and clean room of any remain hostile NPC-s to secure the room.
when the event is done you need to take loot and finish the event.

you need to listen obisek because when he told you your objective it will show up.
this is the vault event little help XD , I hope you understand my bad english writing.
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04-21-2012, 02:15 AM
well im sitting in a premade team but its says " waiting for host to start" even when hiost clicks

whats teh trick to start this?

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