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In addition to my thread located here, regarding additional interior customization options, i'd like to request the following:

Many months ago, DStahl hinted at additional ship "parts" being made available via packs, possibly sold via the C-Store.

I'm curious whatever happened to this plan, and if we might see additional ship parts for every ship in the game, made available "somewhere down the road". Frankly, i'm surprised that players aren't given access to the parts "unlocked" for each tier of ship purchased, but I also understand the horridness that would ensue if players were given full freedom to use any nacelles, attached to any pylon, with any secondary hull, and saucer.

But there are also plenty of valid options available, that should be made available to ship captains (atleast at max level). The Odyssey for example, is in many ways an upscaled Sovereign Class (Assault Cruiser). Why not allow an Odyssey-variant "parts pack", for players who fly Assault Cruisers?

CO has a bunch of "costume packs", made at regular intervals. Why can't STO get something along those lines, but replaced with "parts" ?

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